Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chris Moody: The Libertarians' New Choice For President

Gary Johnson is back. You might remember him best as the scrappy long-shot Republican presidential candidate who made a "dog poop" joke from the far end of the debate stage in Florida last year. Perhaps his name rings a bell as the only Republican not named Ron Paul who supported marijuana decriminalization. Or maybe you recall that he's a super athlete and ... MORE


  1. I suspect that some hollywood democrat told obama that he/she was going to give Johnson a $25 million dollar contribution if obama did not get off the fence on gay marriage.

    1. What is the principled libertarian view on gay marriage? I'd imagine it is that the federal government should stay out of marriage altogether. Would that qualify as "supporting gay marriage"?

      Ironically, it seems that the libertarian view currently reigns with states deciding.