Allowing citizens to vote on an issue threatens democracy

Presidential cheat sheet: "YOU take YOUR seat"

Why police do nothing while kids are killed

Biden lets in 1 million illegal border crossers. Maybe 2 million

Joe Biden’s energy jihad

Experts question CDC's approval of COVID vaccines for under-5s because Pfizer study used just THREE children to prove it works and Moderna admits it is only 37% effective

Victor Davis Hanson: Biden and oil: destroy America in order to save it

A tyranny brews in Washington

The citizenry’s willingness to surrender their freedoms risks a potential dissolution or civil war

The UK's decision to extradite Assange shows why the US/UK's freedom lectures are a farce

Don't read this if you're vaccinated

Your misery is all about their power

Victor Davis Hanson: The selfish Californian

Gas prices are the new COVID

The five stages of totalitarianism

So you say you want a revolution?

Freakout nation

The subordinate citizen

Everything is a weapon: The U.S. government is waging psychological warfare on the nation

You're only as free as you allow your world to be

The Sovietization of American life

There was a huge ‘mistake’ in the 2020 census… guess which party it favored?

The final exam

The government culture of death

How the COVID Vaccines Kill

Uvalde shooter wasn’t the only sniveling little coward — so were the cops

Government's secret plans for apocalyptic events include total shut down of citizens' communication networks

Sussmann trial is a black eye for the FBI

America’s pain at the pump is due to the ‘incredible transition that is taking place,’ Biden admits

Joe Biden’s border mess is killing Americans

The Sussmann Trial: fingers pointed at FBI leadership

A dark age in America

Biden Admin: K-12 schools must put boys in girls’ bathrooms to get federal lunch money

Angry migrants protest for their 'right' to be in the US illegally

The FBI is a corrupt disaster

Using war to assault freedom

Americans must reckon with what the courts failed to resolve.

They're worried about the spread of information, not disinformation

It sure looks like Joe Biden is trying to purposely destroy the country

The swamp must be drained

Tale of two trials: How Sussmann is receiving every consideration denied to Flynn

Biden plainly wants the border crisis to keep getting worse

The epic lie of school closures during COVID

Fauci’s deadly COVID-19 disinfo

FBI probed parents under counterterrorism ‘threat tag’ for protesting school boards

Progressives' version of 'democracy': 2 + 2 = 5

Victor Davis Hanson: Imagine the unimaginable

Pallets and pallets of baby formula for illegals, nothing on the shelves for Americans

California taxpayers to subsidize abortion tourism

The abundance choice (or, why California is dying of thirst)

The persecution of Julian Assange

If we cannot secure voting, we will perish

11 insanely corrupt speed-trap towns

The bill of temporary privileges

CDC tracked millions of phones to see if Americans followed COVID lockdown orders

‘MIT study finds COVID vaccines 'significantly associated' with jump in emergency heart problems

Biden puts illegal immigrants before our veterans

CDC and FDA 'altered' Covid guidance and even 'suppressed' findings while under political pressure, bombshell report suggests: Whistle-blower employees say they feared 'retaliation' if they spoke up

California to hike gas tax despite record high prices at pump

Former intelligence officials, citing Russia, say Big Tech monopoly power is vital to national security

Americans believe nothing is getting better. Biden feeds that disillusionment

More secret gender transition closets discovered In public schools

Biden administration creates a 'Ministry of Truth'

Foreign oil companies push for carbon tax on US consumers

Science deniers refuse to admit failure of lockdowns

“Pandemic Treaty” will hand WHO keys to global government

How America became la la land

Health experts: Hey, the vaccines were never intended to prevent infections

Biden’s immigration damage

The demand for political misinformation is a bigger danger than the supply

Ten steps to totalitarianism

‘We the people’ are the new, permanent underclass in America

Questions loom after Whitmer ‘kidnapping’ trial

Corrupt federal statistics cover endless cons

A massive migrant influx is coming

Biden admin quietly pushing anti-charter school policies

Drunk on power

The CDC made America's pandemic worse

More scandals envelop the scandalous FBI

The Biden administration declares war on charter schools

FDA, CDC guilty of clinical malpractice and fraud by inaction and omission on vaccine safety warnings

The coming federal weaponization of banking

Gavin Newsom signs law to make abortions free in California

Advice to help you deal with side effects from the mandated COVID-19 vaccines

California's big cities are shrinking

The coming disaster

COVID revealed America to be a nation of rulers, not of laws

Victor Davis Hanson: The real 'reset' is coming

John Stossel: Renewable failure

The three Cs preventing total state control

Civil Liberties in the Age of COVID-19 (PDF)

CDC responds after reporting fewer COVID-19 pediatric deaths

Letter from a young Canadian: Authoritarianism, media propaganda and repression

Beware of the government’s push for a digital currency

Biden just set another worst-ever record at border — and he’s guaranteeing crisis will grow

As Americans go broke paying for gas, Congress quietly increased pay by a whopping 21 percent

Now you're talking: Trump offers a proposal to destroy the Deep State

We are only beginning to deal with the damage from lockdowns, vaccine mandates and censorship

The runaway cost of virtue-signaling

Stimulus checks: The latest immigration scam

The massive spending bill Congress just passed is full of waste

Stickers blast Biden at gas pumps

The Stench of Spygate

The rise of global fascism and the end of the world as we know it

John Stossel: Cowards and leaders

Mask wearing is hazardous to your child's health

Congress just voted to overhaul the post office. Here's what that means for your mail

The state of our nation: Things are getting worse, not better

Biden under fire over reported intelligence sharing with China ahead of Russian invasion

The horror of Biden’s weakness

John Kerry: Putin’s useful climate idiot

Biden still wants government interfering in all areas of life

As Biden administration subsidizes Russian oil and stymies American production, price of gas surges and may continue as national average hits $3.72 a gallon and California races passed $5

The fantasy of anti-Democratic threats

Trump slams Trudeau for the 'tyranny' of Canada's treatment of 'Freedom Convoy' protesters

Push for green energy not Russia’s invasion of Ukraine driving up oil prices, threatening security

America is the exception — and we better make sure it stays that way

Why the culture of fear will outlive COVID

Leftists want to control your money so they can control you

Cancel the mandates, leave the workers alone

Anti-fossil madness funds Putin's Ukraine aggression

Victor Davis Hanson: The gathering storm in the West

The truckers’ revolt has exposed the left’s class hatred

The government's coronavirus response was a complete failure. Who will be held accountable?

From energy independence to dependence on Russian oil in just 2 years

U.S. truckers head to Washington D.C. in protest convoys ahead of Biden's State of the Union

Was the hacking of Ottawa trucker convoy donors a US-Canadian intelligence operation?

VIDEO: Without freedom to transact, you don’t have any freedoms at all

Justin Trudeau's crackdown will make Bitcoin and cash more popular

The treason of the ruling class

The neoliberal war on dissent in the West?

Why so many families are uprooting and fleeing to freer states

Canada's panicked government engages in undemocratic theft

The people’s convoy’ heading to Washington, organizers unveil their plans

When fascism comes to America, it will look like Justin Trudeau’s Canada

Trudeau’s trucker terrorists: why the rights of all groups from truckers to marchers are endangered

VIDEO: John Stossel - No, They Cant: Why Government Fails

Biden's pick for top nuclear waste job endured conversion therapy 'torture' at hands of missionary parents and is now non-binary drag queen who enjoys 'pup play' and worships 'Daddy Fauci'

Justin Trudeau said he admired China’s dictatorship — Canadians should have believed him

Truck drivers are the Atlas that finally shrugged

The government’s war on thought crimes and truth-tellers

VIDEO:Aldous Huxley - The March Toward Tyranny

Dystopia disguised as democracy: all the ways in which freedom is an illusion

San Francisco cops used DNA from rape victim to arrest her over property crime

The tyranny of Trudeau

Free speech becomes roadkill in the crackdown on Canadian truckers

Tucker Carlson mocks cowardly Justin Trudeau for fascistic response to freedom protesters

Ending mandates does not strip government of the ability to do this again

Oligarchy’s response to the Freedom Convoy bodes ill for them

Biden administration urges court not to allow release of ‘secret report’ on Dominion voting machines

Americans who question government now ‘threat actors,’ DHS Says

Our greatest domestic threat: pro-government extremists

Los Angeles wants to hide homeless crisis as Super Bowl approaches, community leader says

San Francisco's slow-motion suicide

Biden administration to fund clean crack pipes, other drug measures

Do you trust the U.S. Government?

VIDEO: Murray Rothbard - The Government Is Not Us

Clueless Newsom shocked at California's 'third world' conditions

All the institutions failed

At high cost, COVID-19 lockdowns saved few lives

US again tries to pass off government assertions as evidence

Andrew Napolitano: A new FBI attack on liberty

The government’s kill switch for your car, your freedoms and your life

“Hypocrisy at the highest levels” ATF asks judge to close Hunter Biden gun inquiry

VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Vaccine Mandates, Quarantines and Reason

Biden exposes the truth about progressives and the Constitution

Victor Davis Hanson: Joe Biden and the uses of Nihilism?

Why can't the CDC admit there is no solid evidence to support 'universal masking' in schools?

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Immigration Realties

Adult trans woman to serve two years in juvenile facility for attack on 10-year-old girl

Epic fail: Portland's Police Bureau

Biden has no plans for using military to evacuate U.S. citizens out of Ukraine if Russia invade

The reactionary political ethos of lockdowns and mandates

Fox News outlines fresh questions on what Fauci, government knew about COVID origin

An URGENT warning on COVID vaccines

The Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot looks an awful lot like entrapment

"A catastrophic moral crime" - Bari Weiss & Bill Maher 'say the quiet part out loud' on COVID

The 1/6 select committee witch hunt

VIDEO: AJ DePriest Uncovers The Enormous COVID Bribes

Victor Davis Hanson: Is America heading for a systems collapse?

Punishment by process

WHO crushes Biden COVID scheme: "No evidence at all" that healthy kids need 'booster' jabs

Study shows false-positive results in over 40 percent of positive rapid tests

IRS issues tax documents for side hustles transactions over $600

How the left uses fear to control your life

The lab leak: The plots & schemes of Jeremy Farrar, Anthony Fauci, and Francis Collins

18 more federal agencies eye making vaccine religious-objector lists

VIDEO: Great Moments in Unintended Consequences

Ray Epps: 5 fast facts you need to know

Justice Department planning to form special domestic terrorism unit

House Republicans release damning Fauci emails suggesting concealed knowledge of lab leak

VIDEO: The Soros D.A.s - A mission to decivilize America

Despotism is the new normal: Looming threats to freedom in 2022

Schumer's ugly 'voting rights' gamble

The histrionics & melodrama around 1/6 are laughable, but they serve several key purposes

Jan. 6 and the curse of whataboutism

The insufferable hypocrisy of western governments hell-bent on destroying Julian Assange

Victor Davis Hanson: Who are the real insurrectionists?

“No one has followed their way out of totalitarianism”

California’s universal voting by mail becomes permanent

The unforgivable loneliness of Julian Assange

New York is using race to determine access to a limited supply of life-saving COVID treatments

Washington state Democrats want to pull back penalties for drive-by shootings

2021 year in review: Madness, mayhem and tyranny

Andrew Napolitano: The Deep State and its tentacles

Marines "crushed" by vax mandate as "thousands" denied religious exemptions in "political purge"

Growing research chronicles toll COVID lockdowns imposed on children

The everlasting COVID crisis

The year of living unreasonably

Fauci wants To kick the unvaxxed off of airplanes

No wonder why people and businesses are dumping California

VIDEO: Watch Joe Biden agree with ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

The time to counter the Jan. 6 Big Lie is now

The Pandemic isn’t about COVID anymore

Omicron: The lockdowners’ last stand

America is much more than its government

The Christmas baby born in a police state: then and now

The border surge continues, but the White House can’t be bothered

Biden's border strategy grows deadlier by the day

America’s real authoritarians

New York is trying to punish its way to 100% vaccine compliance

Fauci on your phone?

Sen. Rand Paul: COVID restrictions are 'about conditioning the individual to submit to government'

CIA’s extraordinary role influencing liberal media outlets Daily Kos, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone

'We can't guarantee your safety' LAPD detective compares Los Angeles crime wave to 'The Purge'

Julian Assange's U.S. extradition ruling strikes a blow to press freedom

A new bill congress would establish a federal vaccination database all across America

UK court permits Assange extradition to US on spying charges

How Greenwald, COVID and Rittenhouse exposed a plague among progressives

Why looting turned San Francisco into a ghost town

One woman’s six-year ordeal shows we must reform civil forfeiture laws

VAERS data indicates the COVID vaccines have killed at least 140,000 Americans

'Never seen anything like it': LA residents stunned as violent crimes creep into wealthy communities

A history lesson about petty tyrants & vaccine mandates

VIDEO: Our Government's Role in Human Trafficking

Oh, Oh, Omicron!

Glenn Greenwald discusses criticism of Fauci overseeing 'medically unjustifiable' experiments on dogs

Choices made for us . . .

The frogs have begun fleeing the government's boiling pot

Biden's dirty little secret: He wants higher gasoline prices

Stunning images reveal downtown San Francisco is boarded up amid mass looting

This is a leading indicator of a civilization in decline

Victor Davis Hanson: Third worldizing America

Biden administration still wants IRS to snoop on your bank account

Democrats impose vehicle kill switches

Chicago trying to surpass San Francisco in a race toward lawless anarchy

Who is the real Brandon?

What happens when the government breaks its own laws?

President of South Africa rages against travel bans over Omicron variant

Biden's total financial surveillance

How the Feds made rats into MILLIONAIRES

Biden wants to empower the IRS despite its track record of trampling rights and undermining privacy

Biden administration asks US Appeals Court to reinstate OSHA vaccine rule

Newly-released Jan. 6 footage appears to show Capitol police kicking young woman to death

The road to fascism: Paved with vaccine mandates and corporate collusion

2.5 million truckers say they'll quit over vaccine mandate, industry warns Biden

The metaverse is Big Brother in disguise: freedom meted out by technological tyrants

Why prosecutors get away with misconduct

FDA claims it needs 55 years before revealing data on approval of Pfizer vaccine

After 20 years of failure, kill the TSA

VIDEO: The Government is Not Us - No Control of Southern Border

Kyle Rittenhouse, Project Veritas, and the inability to think in terms of principles

FBI whistleblower reveals agency created 'threat tag' to track alleged harassment from parents

Biden’s dirty deal with the Taliban

VIDEO: Victor Davis Hanson: The Degradation of American Citizenship

Biden border crisis is the worst we have ever had

VIDEO: Our Government's Role in Human Trafficking

The CDC can’t prove a SINGLE instance of a naturally immune individual spreading COVID

'It's a workers' market': White House put on defensive as millions quit jobs

Government increasingly is asking citizens to turn each other in. Here’s why that’s so dangerous.

Los Angeles defunds police, uses money for guaranteed income experiment

U.S. households face biggest surge in electricity costs since 2009

Masked California's COVID rate is now twice Florida's

They just keep closing schools and mandating masks

COVID vaccine approval will endanger over millions of young children

Get ready for food rationing

Oregon Town Bans Church Soup Kitchens From Serving Meals More Than 2 Days a Week

FBI sat on bombshell footage from Kyle Rittenhouse shooting

Is climate alarmism an establishment attempt to restore social control?

Instead of facing extradition, Assange should have won the ‘Nobel War Prize’

Authoritarian monsters wreak havoc on our freedoms

New Tucker Carlson series Patriot Purge claims January 6 Stop The Steal protest was 'hijacked' by professional left-wing agitators and it only became a riot when cops fired smoke grenades

Vaccine authoritarians create a mandate meltdown as fire stations close, police are discharged and hospital staffs downgraded, all in the name of public safety!

VIDEO: The Government is Not Us - FBI as a Political Weapon

VIDEO: The Government is Not Us - Failure to Vet New Immigrants

VIDEO: The Government is Not Us - FBI Targets Concerned Parents

Dr. Fauci's lies about funding dangerous research in Wuhan corrected by his own agency

Calls to fire ‘demon doctor’ Fauci grow after ‘experiments saw puppies eaten alive by sandflies’

Global food prices set to soar as the oil and gas crunch continues

Chicago Public Schools proudly announce that students graduated at a record high rate of 84 percent even though only 26% of 11th graders are proficient in reading, math. Not from Babylon Bee

Victor Davis Hanson: The ignoble lie

The Fed-protected provocateur who appears to have led the very first 1/6 attack on the U.S. Capitol

Vaccine mandates decimating police forces across U.S.

The gaslighting of America

Jonathan Turley: AG Garland's testimony only begs more questions. Why is DOJ monitoring parents?

VIDEO: The Government is Not Us - Failure to Vet New Immigrants

Biden forced Americans into a game of chicken over their livelihoods, and they’re not flinching

Covid authoritarians are the cause of America’s problems, not the unvaccinated

Congress should say no to an IRS power grab

Deep State cannot stop unprecedented awakening

Taliban militants ‘BEHEAD women’s volleyball player and post photos of her head on social media’

Why Biden won’t tell you where the record number of illegal immigrants in the US are going

Gov. Polis tells kids to keep secrets, lie to your parents and get vaccinated

It takes a lot of education to keep us this stupid

The empire of lies breaks down: ugly truths the Deep State wants to keep hidden

The teenage girl who shall not be mentioned

Democrats are facing a growing backlash over their police state scheme that would force banks to report virtually every transaction made by American citizens to the IRS

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson/Douglas Murray - The Rise of Authoritarianism

When you buy into fear, you sell off your reason

Civil liberties are being trampled by exploiting "insurrection" fears

The unvaccinated are looking smarter every week

The irrational COVID regime is driving many Americans to a healthy noncompliance

‘F*ck Joe Biden’ goes global as protesters shout in Rome

Dems want to soak the rich by snooping on the poor

Thanksgiving travel chaos looms as TSA faces vaccine mandate deadline that could force it to fire anyone unvaccinated - currently 40% of its workers - days before holiday

The Left's psychiatric weapon

Loudoun County schools covered up rape to protect transgender agenda

COVID mandates were never meant for those who made them

The traits of the authoritarians among us

Tyrants of the nanny state: when the government thinks it knows best

The science of propaganda is still being developed and advanced

Authoritarian vaccination mandates have caused a mass exodus of hospital employees

Merrick Garland just tipped over the dominos

The chilling federal crackdown on concerned parents

While California authoritarians demand small children be injected with vaccine to attend school, Iceland stops using Moderna vaccine for any ages due to heart inflammation risk

VIDEO: Who really runs the US Government?: Glenn Greenwald with Tucker Carlson

Staggering 50 percent of small business owners cannot fill open jobs

Eric Peters: Opting out

While California authoritarians demand small children be injected with vaccine to attend school, Sweden and Denmark halt Moderna’s COVID shot for anyone under 18 years old.

Merck sells federally financed COVID pill to U.S. for 40 times what it costs to make

America's botched Afghanistan withdrawal: 'It’s even worse than people know

Fossil fuels are back – everywhere except in the USA

Trust Fauci and the bureaucrats? Four decades of fraud - from AIDS to COVID-19.

California business owners sue Gov. Newsom over the lockdowns

Without lockdowns, Sweden had fewer excess COVID deaths than most of Europe

Victor Davis Hanson: Our woke national icons

Our leaders look at Australia and say that's what we should be doing to our political enemies

Fed-up Aussies rally against their totalitarian masters

Australia's lockdown is a warning to America

COVID-19 detention camps: are government round-ups of resistors in our future?

Marine who criticized military leadership for Afghan withdrawal in the brig

Dump the draft forever instead of making women register

Police, fire, military being gutted by vaccine mandate: is this China's plan to destroy the USA?

Good morning, Australia!

VIDEO: Vaclav Klaus - The COVID Lockdowns

DHS Secretary: As many as 12,000 illegal Haitian immigrants released into the US in recent days

People don't understand how unfree we already are

VIDEO: What really happened on January 6, 2021

Renewables not so reliable as US hydropower plunges 14%

Freedom from fear: Stop playing the government’s mind games

Brutal treatment of asylum-seekers is the reality of government

Biden administration releasing Haitian migrants into USA despite promise to remove them

Everything you always wanted to know about masks, and the deadly falsehoods surrounding them

New York restaurant adds voting booth so they can allow people in without ID

VIDEO: Davy Crockett - Not Yours to Give

Victor Davis Hanson: The Afghanistization of America

The truth behind the Texas bridge migrants

Vaccine mandates: Who will comply, and why?

Number of Americans trapped in Afghanistan exceeds Biden admin claims, GOP lawmaker says

As Biden helps the border collapse, Texas mobilizes to build a wall

Mark Milley: Deep State poster boy

Biden's plan to crack down on tax cheating: snooping on everyone's bank accounts

“It can't happen here" - The down under edition

Toddler-masking Biden says governors are 'playing politics with the lives of…children'

FAA downs Fox News drone showing ‘out of control’ border crisis, cites ‘special security reasons’

The FBI’s handling of Larry Nassar’s sex abuse is awful – but sadly unsurprising

Treason if true, and so far, no denials

Our supply chain nightmares will get much worse

Jonathan Turley: Biden's Constitution workarounds

NY hospital puts baby deliveries on hold as maternity workers quit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Biden's vaccine mandate isn't about COVID-19

Biden adviser says president "will run over" GOP governors who resist vaccine mandate

Biden's total financial surveillance

Turley says Ron Klain's vaccine retweet is legal issue for Biden: 'breathtakingly daft'

Why don’t they believe us?

The other 20-Year anniversary: freedom and surveillance post-9/11

America's post-9/11 surveillance authorities were inevitably turned against its own citizens

Biden to federal workers: Obey or be destroyed

Four of Obama’s ‘Taliban five’ take top leadership posts in Afghan government

U.S. State Department is not good at anything — including lying

Congressional big-spenders plot to introduce new mileage driven fees

As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, President Biden's shameful Afghanistan disaster has made America look weak, spineless, cowardly, and disloyal – it should cost him his presidency

VIDEO: Virginia Tech crowd chants “f*ck Joe Biden”

Victor Davis Hanson: There’s a problem in the upper reaches of our military

When the Constitution fails us

The road to totalitarianism is paved with "vaccine passports"

The US government blew $787 million on gender programs in Afghanistan

The Taliban and Biden are on the same page on gun control

In secret texts, U.S. military officials lamented leaving Americans behind in Kabul

Biden’s catastrophic policies: immigration and Afghanistan

Follow the science . . . toward tyranny

California’s recall election has already been stolen

Deluded Republicans and smug Democrats offer little hope for people who want to be left alone

THE BIG LIE: As Biden repeats claim that ‘nobody could have known’ Afghan Army would collapse, bombshell transcript from July reveals he pressured Afghan President Ghani to create 'perception' Taliban wasn't winning ‘WHETHER IT'S TRUE OR NOT’

Victor Davis Hanson: Our Afghan nightmare - tanks for nothing

A judge asked a mother if she got a COVID shot. She said no, and he revoked custody of her son.

The new witch hunt: Dem Jan 6 committee demands data from 15 social media companies

Absolute power is no COVID safety net

Was the police shooting of Ashli Babbitt justified?

Breaking hearts and minds: the strategy of surrender

We are going to leave behind thousands of Americans in Afghanistan

Americans nervously hope and pray for evacuation after Biden's surrender to the Taliban

Biden administration gifted $85 billion of military equipment to the Taliban on its way out

Joe Biden's weakness puts American lives at risk

Vaccine mandates and the "great reset"

Tucker Carlson: Elitist Democrats want you to shut up and obey

Send the TSA to the southern border

Cowardly Biden hides from the press on Afghanistan

The rotten edifice revealed

Top Biden officials 'like a deer caught in headlights'

VIDEO: Great moments in American political incompetency and deceit

Biden claims 'no one is being killed' in Kabul airport chaos despite 12 confirmed deaths and can't 'recall' if he was told to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan in first interview on bungled withdrawal

Biden’s America last energy policy

Victor Davis Hanson: Ripples of Kabul

Biden Administration: No plans to evacuate Americans outside Kabul

'Joe's leading lambs to slaughter': Trump tears into Biden for abandoning Afghans to the Taliban and says fall of Kabul was a 'coup of incompetent people' and makes the border 'look like baby food'

The right to bodily integrity: nobody wins and we all lose in the COVID-19 showdown

Terrorist exchanged by Obama for Bowe Bergdahl played key role in Taliban’s return to power

How did we go from energy dominance to energy begging in just 8 months?

The U.S. government lied for two decades about Afghanistan

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Afghanistan withdrawl: "we are led by buffoons"

Checkpoints and “papers” for us – but not for illegals

Free society dwindles as permission requirements grow

Victor Davis Hanson: Are we in a revolution and don’t even know it?

Joe Biden Wants Americans to send their dollars to OPEC instead of buy American energy

Fauci: I can't guarantee that people won't need COVID boosters indefinitely

The media blackout on Hunter Biden’s laptop remains in force

The NSA's inspector general opens investigation into allegations of illegal spying on Tucker Carlson

Why do some people support tyranny while others defy it?

T is for tyranny: how freedom dies from a to z

California unemployment fraud scandal grows to $11 billion, with another $20 billion under scrutiny

Rand Paul implores Americans to ‘choose freedom’ over potential lockdowns: ‘time for us to resist’

Canceling the Constitution: Biden hailed for violating rule of law to extend eviction moratorium

Victor Davis Hanson: Vaccination Weaponization

Don't surrender to the pandemic control freaks

Liberals praise DeBlasio for barring 65% of black NYC residents from society

Senator Rand Paul: Resist. They can't arrest us all.

Professors: going to public places should be a “privilege” reserved for the vaccinated

The deeply flawed studies behind the eviction moratoriums

The masking of America

The CDC is a threat to science

Victor Davis Hanson: Incompetence + arrogance = woke

The Biden administration goes to war with the “non-vacs”: Is coercion the answer?

Biden's farm aid rules institutionalize racism

New mask guidelines trigger backlash

Biden looks to have federal government provide lawyers for migrants at border

House Democrats pass bill to pay for abortions around the globe with U.S. tax dollars

Biden’s ‘accomplishments’ so far: a troubling tale in 8 charts

Authoritarians drunk on power: It is time to recalibrate the government

Exploiting police emotions for partisan gain and security state power

American optimism drops 20 points to mark Biden’s six months in office

Coercion, COVID, and free will

Average teacher salaries rose almost 3% during year of school closures: NEA data

San Francisco rolls out "ridiculous" $20,000 designer-style trash cans

Lost religious exemptions a side effect of vaccine laws

FBI using the same fear tactic from the first war on terror: orchestrating its own terrorism plots

More voters want Congress to investigate Black Lives Matter riots than January 6 rio

BenStein: Goodbye America

Biden tells fleeing Cubans to get lost — while flooding the southern border

The controversial prosecutor at the heart of the Julian Assange case

The FBI might have another public relations disaster

Why did Georgia mail out 7 million ballots in 2020 election?

VIDEO: The Border is Closed" - Misinformation at the Southern Border

The state of our nation: still divided, enslaved & locked down

Experts warn accurate news articles are misinformation if they support conservative views

Rand Paul accuses Fauci of lying to Congress about gain-of-function research funding

Democrats’ definition of ‘misinformation’ is whatever hurts them politically today

Victor Davis Hanson: The American descent into madness

US surgeon general defends renewed mask mandate in Los Angeles

The government should stop telling Facebook to suppress COVID-19 'misinformation'

Andrew Napolitano: Does the Constitution mean what it says?

The right to be left alone: what to do when COVID strike force teams come knocking

This woman faces $165,000 in fines for three trivial code violations

Go away: Biden’s ‘door-to-door’ hunt for unvaccinated rejected

Special Report: Civil liberties in the age of COVID-19

HHS Secretary: It’s ‘absolutely the government’s business’ to know the vaccine status of Americans

Biden does not need a domestic “terrorism” agenda unless he is about to violate American rights

Multiple counties now lowering COVID death counts after reviewing actual cause of death

If the CDC can impose an eviction moratorium, why can't it impose a  vaccine mandate?

Section 230 facially violates 1st Amendment by sub-contracting censorship

Biden admin launching door-to-door effort to vaccinate Americans, causing backlash

Biden's gun, police policies embolden GOP, threaten Democrat midterm hopes

The Bay Area has become an absolute paradise for violent criminals

Lockdown lessons from America

Victor Davis Hanson: The genesis of our American collective meltdown

What is behind Gen. Mark Milley's righteous race sermon? Look to the new domestic war on terror.

COVID unmasked the public education cartel, teachers and school boards

Did cops attack and provoke peaceful protesters on January 6?

George Orwell’s 1984 has become a blueprint for our dystopian reality

Democrats versus America's founding documents

NSA whistleblower reveals to Tucker Carlson that Biden admin spying on his communications

Donald Trump: I built the wall; Biden built a humanitarian catastrophe

500K illegal aliens have breached the southern border since Kamala was appointed czar

Victor Davis Hanson: The cruel progressive creed undoing civilization

Are COVID vaccines riskier than advertised?

One nation under greed: the profit incentives driving the American police state

Mom faces felony charges for taking a drug prescribed by her doctor while pregnant

Why hasn't legal weed killed the illegal market?

There’s no way Kamala Harris visits this child detention camp at the border

The COVID lockdowns showed us how dangerous social engineers have become

WHO says do not give experimental COVID shots to children

Feds accused of seizing $85 million from safe deposit boxes without 'any legal basis'

Questions about the FBI's role in 1/6 are mocked because the FBI shapes liberal corporate media

St. Louis couple pay fines, lose guns in guilty plea over encounter with rioters

Consent of the governed?

Jan. 6 Suspects Held Without Bail More Un-American Than Capitol Incursion

The FBI’s mafia-style justice: to fight crime, the FBI sponsors 15 crimes a day

Dems need to make America afraid of the Jan. 6 riots

Biden administration asks Americans to report ‘potentially’ radicalized friends and family

FBI operatives are likely the 'unindicted co-conspirators', who organized the Capitol riots

Warning: The Constitution of the United States might be respected in two Nevada counties

CDC and Democrat politicians could be guilty of mass murder and crimes against humanity

Be very afraid: why today's bureaucrats love fear-based politics

Feds restore $929 million in funds for California's billion-dollar bullet train boondoggle

Texas will build its own border wall and arrest illegal immigrants

Johnson & Johnson vaccine shelf life extended as millions of doses near expiration

Girl, 14, accuses Virginia school board of putting her in danger by letting boys use girls locker rooms

Biden's border crisis: apprehensions increased yet again for a fourth straight month

Victor Davis Hanson: This isn’t your father’s left-wing revolution

A new study confirms that reopening Texas 100% had no impact on COVID-19 cases or deaths

Fauci DEFENDS China and doubles down on animal origins of COVID

The arrogance of one size fits all

No one will pay for COVID crimes against humanity

Bombshell: Fauci said risk of manipulating bat viruses was worth a potential pandemic

The forced COVID-19 vaccination of children: a crime in progress

Stop trusting the experts!

Fauci argued benefits of gain-of-function research outweighed pandemic risk in 2012 paper

Police use painful dog bites to make people obey

A Euclid cop killed a man who had been sleeping in his car. The cop can't be sued. Nor can the city.

Regime vs. regime

Total Tyranny: We’ll all be targeted under the government’s new precrime program

The rich and powerful thrived as the rest of us suffered in the year of lockdowns

Texas reports zero COVID deaths after Biden slammed re-opening as ‘big mistake’

New laws against domestic terrorism are unnecessary and dangerous

The age of fear: A graduation message for terrifying times

And just like that, masks are no longer necessary

Think gas shortages are bad? Buckle up

The dystopian future in which almost no one owns a car

Another California drought with no new reservoirs

The Supreme Court has taken up residence in the swamp

Vaccine passports will outlast the pandemic

Nobody wants to work

The origin of COVID: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?

A phony insurrection brings on a real purge

The era of small government is over

Optimism, Inc.: One too many lies?

The coming IRS reign of terror

Mississippi cops kill baby in barrage of gunfire

Biden’s migrant plan has cost taxpayers at least $3B, records show

Teachers unions use political clout to keep classrooms closed

Wisconsin farmer sues Biden administration over 'racist' coronavirus relief plan

Federal gov’t telling Facebook to silence those with vaccine safety concerns says lawsuit

From mind control to viruses: How the government keeps experimenting on its citizens

Victor Davis Hanson: Are Americans becoming Sovietized?

How tyranny came to America

Abolish the FBI

The COVID panic mafia's mask fetish just went up in flames. MIT researchers torched it.

The FBI just got permission to break into private computers without consent so it can fight hackers

The United States Of 2 Americas

The Feds are coming for libertarians

School choice picks up steam after pandemic closures

How much ruin do we have left?

The D.C. BLM insurrectionists get a pass

State law lets cops steal cars of innocent people and they’ve done it 14,000 times in 3 years

Why Maxine Waters wanted a mistrial for Derek Chauvin

Rule by fiat: when the government does whatever it wants

76 non-military, non-law enforcement federal agencies stockpile weaponry

We are now entering full-blown tyranny in the western world

7 reasons why a vaccine passport should give us pause for thought

I am a '2020 doubter'

Pentagon scientists claimed to have developed a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show any symptoms and a filter that will extract the virus from blood

Biden's latest scheme to fix border crisis: paying would-be illegals to stay home

Gun-makers face extinction under Biden

Liberal pollster shreds the current COVID panic narrative

Stand up to tyranny: How to respond to the evils of our age

Biden orders commission to study how Democrats can pack the Supreme Court

A nation primed to see racism in everything will think only about race

Can the police enter your house and take your stuff without a warrant?

What do mandatory vaccination and forced sterilization have in common?

Should government track the miles you drive?

'Don't tread on our personal freedoms': Texas Gov. Greg Abbott becomes second to ban Biden's vaccine passports because residents 'shouldn't need proof to go about their daily lives'

What would a real Capitol Hill riot look like?

After a year under lockdown, will our freedoms survive the tyranny of COVID-19?

FBI seizes safe deposit boxes with unconstitutional general warrant

The enduring terror of violent crime victimhood

The tyranny of the "enlightened" experts

YouTube deleted 2.5 million ‘dislikes’ from Biden White House videos, data indicates

The CDC vs. the Constitution

VIDEO: Kamala Harris musters fake accent, laughs hysterically when discussing struggling parents

Lockdowns worsen the health crisis by encouraging inactivity

Visualizing the history of pandemics

Free states faring far better than lockdown states in one huge way, new data show

Biden administration urges Supreme Court to let cops enter homes and seize guns without a warrant

Lockdown one year on – it doesn’t work, it never worked & it wasn’t supposed to work

The 9th circuit proclaims the right to bear arms does not extend beyond your doorstep

Voting rights clash hurtles Senate toward nuclear breakdown

When does it end?

5 White House staffers fired over marijuana use

Official U.S. Claims about Russia that turned out to be bogus

Death and lockdowns

Naomi Wolf: The end of America

The never-ending battle between Leviathan and liberty

Government censorship is the worst cancel culture of all

The 'great reset' — the animal farm version

The gradual return of good sense

VIDEO: Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci CLASH at Senate hearing on the Coronavirus

Biden issues gag order on border patrol to cover up illegal alien surge

Victor Davis Hanson: The legends of our fall

The war on free speech is about to get a lot uglier

6 questions officials still haven’t answered after weeks of hearings on the Capitol attack

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - The Vision of the Anointed

Biden's 'rescue plan' will sic the IRS on anyone who earns $600 in the gig economy

The real reasons why millions Of Americans will defy COVID mandates and vaccines

Biden justice department sides against free speech advocates in big First Amendment case

Two leading Swedish health experts explain that COVID lockdowns have killed millions of people

Biden justice department sides against free speech advocates in big First Amendment case

Democrats choose illegals over Americans

How the fight over American freedom will probably escalate

There’s only one news story, repeating over and over again

As the insurrection narrative crumbles, Democrats cling to it more desperately than ever

COVID-19 edicts highlight the importance of structural limits on government power

VIDEO: Naomi Wolf - The Constitution Isn't Suspended Because of a Pandemic

Lockdown skepticism was never a ‘fringe’ viewpoint

Experts warn lifting mask mandates could contribute to dangerous spread of freedom

People more concerned about violence in cities than Capitol riot

If states don’t roll back lockdowns, Americans will increase their civil disobedience

'COVID didn't crush economy. Government did'

Rand Paul, Ron Wyden want to end endless national emergencies

Judge rules Arizona county must turn over 2.1 million November election ballots to Senate

VIDEO: Naomi Wolf - The End of America

Machinery of death: When the government acts as judge, jury and executioner

VIDEO: Domestic Terrorism: The Persecution of 74 Million

The government censors are here

One year later our answer to lockdowns must be ‘never again’

Biden supports study on slavery reparations as House Democrats push bill

Our Descent Into Collective Madness?

Arizona sheriff sees fivefold increase in illegal border crossings

Everything they don't like is now a public health emergency

Lockdowns are killing us

Biden calls on Congress to restrict gun ownership

Troop deployments in Washington are a disaster waiting to happen

VIDEO: Edward Snowden - How the Government Gets Bigger While the Citizen Gets Littler

In Mail-In Impeachment Vote, Senate Convicts Trump 8275 To 3

As unlimited unscreened illegal aliens are welcomed in to the country by Joe Biden, he considers travel ban against American wanting to visit Florida, even though science says there is no benefit.

Supreme Court to decide if police can warrantlessly raid homes and seize guns of innocent citizens

The government’s war on domestic terrorism is a trap

VIDEO: "Absolute Proof" (video created by Mike Lindell) available for download

All hail the reopening!

Reflecting the authoritarian climate, Washington will remain militarized until at least March

Enemies of the Deep State: the government’s war on domestic terrorism is a trap

Biden effectively erases numerous U.S. immigration laws, may release 10,000 criminal aliens

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

If ‘Facebook is private’ why are they feeding private messages of its users directly to the FBI?

The new domestic war on terror is coming

Right on cue for Biden, WHO admits high-cycle PCR tests produce COVID false positives

Lockdown was never the only option

9/11 Was the Prelude. 1/6 Is the Holy Grail

Switzerland will hold referendum on whether to strip the government of its lockdown power

Institutionalized obedience: Americans & the lockdowns

The origins of America’s secret police

What to expect in 2021: Madness, mayhem, manipulation and more tyranny

2020: The year the tree of liberty was torched

Violence in the Capitol, dangers in the aftermath

Rules for rioters: It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s who you are when you’re doing it

School choice threatened under Biden

Questions about the chaos at the Capitol that desperately need to be answered

The threat of authoritarianism in the U.S. is very real, and has nothing to do with Trump

2021: The geopolitics of vaccination

Exclusive: Over 432,000 votes removed from Trump in Pennsylvania, data scientists say'New California laws going into effect in 2021

Is it any wonder liberal states are shrinking?

The Kafkaesque imprisonment of Julian Assange Exposes U.S. myths about freedom and tyranny

VIDEO: The Rise and Fall of American Freedom

VIDEO: The Tiny Dot

VIDEO: Citizen Vs Government - Vol I

VIDEO: Citizen Vs Government - Vol II

VIDEO: Citizen Vs Government - Vol III

VIDEO: Citizen Vs Government - Vol IV

VIDEO: Citizen vs. Government - Vol. V

VIDEO: Citizen vs. Government - Vol. VI

Elite hypocrisy is killing small businesses

Lockdowns so not control the coronavirus: The evidence

VIDEO: Rand Paul - Masks are "All About Submission"

Anthony Fauci told kids he went to the North Pole to give Santa the COVID-19 vaccine

VIDEO: Rand Paul - Masks Are “All About Submission”

Federal agency says employers can require workers to get COVID-19 vaccine

VIDEO: Mike Rowe - The Unessential American

48% of U.S. small businesses fear that they may be forced to “shut down permanently” soon

It’s time for mass civil disobedience against lawless lockdown orders

Los Angeles County banned outdoor dining. There's zero evidence it spreads COVID-19

‘Only a one in 17 billion chance hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work’: medical professor

Homeland security seized $2 billion in cash from travelers at U.S. airports

The alleged voting irregularities in Pennsylvania

Solar and wind power struggle as California faces blackouts

Lockdowners and "the desire to dominate"

Prosecutors' password-cracking conspiracy theory against Assange unravels at expedition trial

Something wicked this way comes: anarchy is being loosed upon the nation

Cuomo’s New York: police invade private homes of Orthodox Jews to crack down on gatherings

Rampant shoplifting leads to another Walgreens closing in S.F.

Lockdown: The new totalitarianism

John Lennon at 80: One man against the deep state ‘monster’

America's Constitution is our basis for liberty…

Why Biden and Harris refuse to give an answer about court-packing

How government literally drives people insane

Gavin Newsom beclowns himself finding nonsensical excuses to keep California locked down

Crumbling case against Assange shows weakness of "hacking" charges related to whistleblowing

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Masks, Science and Medical Authoritarianism

Prosecutor's password-cracking conspiracy theory against Assange unravels at extradition trial

Justice sleeps and ‘We the People’ suffer: No, the U.S. Supreme Court will not save us

It’s your money but you can’t have it:  EU proposes bank account freezes

Massachusetts drug bill would imprison you for having a hidden compartment in your car

Colorado cops used warrantless searches on the poor to imprison them and train police dogs

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a reaction to his attack on the sanctity of government

Obama ordered abuse of intelligence to sabotage Trump policies

VIDEO: Rand Paul: Audit the Fed

All crimes are legal when government is the perp: The FBI and child porn

FBI operated 23 child porn websites for stated purpose of catching offenders

Obama’s ‘hope and change’ has given us ‘fear and loathing’

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: What Happened to the FBI?

JOHN STOSSEL: The Ruling Class has a narrative and the media follows it

VIDEO: John Stossel: The Audacity of the Elites

People seeing government for what it is has the establishment in panic

The imperial President’s toolbox of terror: a dictatorship waiting to happen

How the FBI wound up destroying evidence (to benefit Hillary, of course)

DOJ abruptly drops case against gun-runner who threatened to reveal Clinton's Libya dealings

FBI allowed 2 Hillary aides to "destroy" their laptops in newly exposed "side agreements"

Is Hillary planning to put Loretta Lynch on the Supreme Court?

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: What is the FBI hiding?

The FBI distributes child pornography to catch people who look at it

California’s six figure pension club has more than 20,000 members

The case for American secessionwhy it’s time to disunite the states

VIDEO: Did Loretta Lynch Pass the Smell Test?

VIDEO: Did James Comey Pass the Smell Test?

Empower parents, not overlords: Abolish the Department of Education

VIDEO: Andrew Napolitano - The Lying Game

Why Hillary Clinton has privileges that Edward Snowden doesn't