Pew Research 2019 survey: ‘climate change’ still ranks as low priority – 17th place out of 18
Identity politics is really for rich (dumb) white people
BREAKING: Punxsutawney to retire Phil the groundhog, replace him with Greta Thunberg
Another Obama solar company burns out – solar owners plead guilty to huge ponzi scheme
The EPA wants to get out of puddles and ditches. Environmental activists are outraged.
Male trans MMA fighter who beat up women dubbed ‘bravest athlete in history’
Walter E Williams: Diversity and inclusion insanity
Denver Post columnist fired after arguing there are two sexes
Transgender activist can’t figure out why he was turned away by gynecologist
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Newspaper will stop reporting any news “traumatic” to snowflakes
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Why everything they say about California fires — including that climate matters most — is wrong
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CEO of Constitution Center wants to cancel First Amendment, pass hate speech laws
Canadian court won't force beauticians to wax the customer's balls
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Pointing a finger gun lands 12-year-old Johnson County student in handcuffs
51% of young voters believe humanity could be wiped out within 15 years
Parents told not to terrify children over climate change as rising numbers treated for 'eco-anxiety'
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Camille Paglia: Neo feminism teaching women to live in ‘a permanently juvenile condition’
Fear, loathing, intolerance – and worse
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New Jersey politician wants to ban all bags—paper or plastic
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The Immorality of student loan forgiveness and free college
Smollett case reveals the danger of DOJ’s “start by believing” push
Left-Wing Cities Going LAWLESS
Tesla driver killed in high-speed Florida crash and fire
California lawmakers propose soda tax, outlawing super-size sugary drinks
Walter E Williams: Hate crime hoaxes - the bad and the good
Victor Davis Hanson: Changing reality with words
Motive revealed In Smollett case: Actor concocted hate crime after racist letter failed to impress
You can't say that on Twitter
Majority of California residents want to leave: poll
Cory Booker: ‘This planet simply can’t sustain’ people eating meat
Study: voter ID laws don’t stop people voting
Welcome to the literal nanny state
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Walter E Williams: Demonizing white men
Record cold forces rethink on global warming
California governor calls for a tax on the very water citizens drink
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the voice of an ignorant generation
LA's battle for Venice Beach: homeless surge puts Hollywood's progressive ideals to the test
Woman’s march cancelled: participants had the wrong skin color
2018 saw a global revolt against climate change policies
Top 12 debunked climate scares of 2018
Feds spend $1,788,748 on virtual reality game for young gay men
44 numbers from 2018 that are almost too crazy to believe
California women's march canceled for being 'overwhelmingly white'
Missouri University says a man asking out a woman who's smaller than him could be sexual harassment
Walter E Williams: Disparities galore
NY Times Suggests Eradication of All Humans Not a Bad Thing—Because “Climate Change”
73% of top U.S. universities do not guarantee the presumption of innocence in sexual misconduct trials
Greedy California politicians eyeball text messaging tax as new resource to mine
Walter E Williams: Acceptable racism
What’s the matter with Portland?
Supreme Court sides with Planned Parenthood in funding fight
The violence against women act is an insult to fairness
For climate interventionists, new taxes are only the beginning
France's protesters are part of a global backlash against climate change taxes
Author's anger after his book about reducing plastic is sent out shrink-wrapped in PLASTIC
High Court rules whites have to give their land to black South Africans without compensation
America is addicted to outrage. Is there a cure?
Oakland University to fight shooters with hockey pucks
What government scientists are doing to make their insane extreme climate forecasts
Violence Against Women Act diminishes the seriousness of domestic violence
British school bans expensive coats so poor students won't 'feel stigmatized'
Walter E Williams: We have an identity problem
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Racism as a Political Tactic
San Francisco voters smack businesses with new tax to fund more homeless
CNN says biggest ‘terror threat in US is white men’ and ‘we have to do something about them’
We are losing the vital American value of tolerance
Defaming Muhammad does not fall under purview of free speech, European court rules
Political correctness is widely unpopular with Americans of all ages and races, a study finds
Amazon patents Alexa tech to tell if you’re sick, depressed and sell you meds
ACLU's opposition to Kavanaugh sounds its death knell
Anti-PC writers tricked seven academic journals into accepting hoax papers on dog rape, fat phobia, etc.
Your "privilege" level: how much we can steal from you in the name of equality
The Kavanaugh hearings are about reason versus emotion
Stormy Daniels and “peak oil”
Gov. Brown signs stupid straw bill
Marine Le Pen furious after being ordered to undergo psychiatric tests
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Newspaper Publishers Association honors Maxine Waters with ‘leadership’ award
The real reason that 30 is the new 20
A mathematician says activists made his paper disappear because its findings offended them
Coffee does not merit cancer warning label ordered in California, FDA says
California bill limits drinks offered in kids meals
Sexual assault accusation against #MeToo hero Asia Argento relies on uncommon age of consent law
The YouTube censoring of Stefan Molyneux
San Francisco is spending $750,000 on a ‘poop patrol’
Feds spend $1.1 million creating apps for transwomen and gay teens with ‘hooking up simulations
VIDEO: How Trump Transformed the Democratic Party Into the World's Dumbest Religion
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Liberty makes us unfree, says the ACLU
Walter E Willliams: Can we trust experts?
Non-citizens legally register to vote in San Francisco school elections
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - A System of Legalized Racism
Starbucks bans plastic straws, winds up using more plastic
Remember when sea-level rise was going to cause Pacific Islands to disappear? Never mind.
John Stossel: Dads needed
San Francisco’s crisis looks like New York’s future
California university works to reduce number of white people on campus
How government caused 'the boy crisis’
If civility is out of style, where do we end up next?
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Laws that are 'impossible' to follow can still be Constitutional, says California court
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30 years of global warming forecasts all failed
Walter E Williams: Diversity and Inclusion Harm II
The ACLU abandons its free-speech absolutism
CA Judge: Twitter can be sued for falsely advertising they allow free speech
Walter E Williams: Blind to real problems
John Stossel: Patriarchy defender
Liberal doctors claim gun ownership is a disease
Walter E Williams: Diversity and inclusion harm
Disaster arrives for climate alarmists
Tommy Robinson’s right to free speech morally trumps all laws that violate it
Trump has broken the spell of climate change mania
White privilege has become a religion, complete with church ladies
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Study: Voters worried about political correctness flocked to candidate Trump
Walter E Williams: Kanye and Democrats
VIDEO: Cathy Areu - Sherpa Guides Tucker Carlson Through Leftist Nitwittery
Man's joke video of dog giving Nazi salute lands him U.K. hate speech fine
Zuckerberg 'optimistic' AI tools to flag, remove hate speech on Facebook will be here in 5-10 years
If Laura Ingraham goes down for 'bullying,' you're next!
Columbia Student offended by professor who said negro was correct term in the '60s
Walter E Williams: Black political power means zilch
Walter E Williams: Discrimination and disparities
The psychology of progressive hostility
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: The Downfall of Men
Chicago dungeon master to teach college students BDSM practices
New law will make it illegal for people to walk and smoke at the same time
School district arms teachers with ‘bucket of rocks’ to defend students from mass shooters
PornHub takes up the slack after YouTube bans gun modification videos
VIDEO: A black man goes undercover in the alt-right
Judge makes Richard Simmons pay the National Enquirer $130,000 even though they verifiably lied
Katy Perry is obviously a hopeless pervert who should be executed
The utter stupidity of California in one project
Emotional learning will be the downfall of society
Justice Alito's fantastic line of questioning in 'political' apparel case exposes liberal bias
California bullet train cost surges by $2.8 billion: 'Worst-case scenario has happened'
Walter E Williams: Hidden Agenda or Ignorance?
State legislatures have a duty to protect free speech at public universities
Walter E Williams: Another Liberal-Created Failure
State takes child from parents because they refused to allow her to become transgender
A high school student faces expulsion for noticing the square root symbol looks like a gun
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What happens when leftist politicians have total control of a city?
Campus political correctness threatens our democracy and prosperity
Get ready for the war on meat
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Endangered gestures: the kiss on the hand
Trump proposes eliminating federal funding for PBS, NPR
The left is conditioning college students to hate free speech
Surprise! Dershowitz 'biggest enemies' not who you think
Why the origins of political correctness should frighten you
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New York legislators unveil legislation banning Tide pods
Students hate Trump's SOTU quotes...until finding out they're actually Obama's
Blackness as disability: the next level of victimhood
Real life has no safe spaces
Walter E Williams: Immigration Lies and Hypocrisy
Black woman sues Walmart for the ‘racism’ of locking up products that get stolen
Bill would allow suicidal Californians to block themselves from buying guns
New York governor wants taxpayers to fund college education for illegals
John Stossel: Selling Hate
Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America?
VIDEO: California's High Speed Fraud
Why should we hire women?
Time to defund the U.N.
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When leftist virtue signaling goes horribly wrong
Classic Thomas Sowell: Trickle Down Ignorance
VIDEO: Media Gone Mad - Trump Derangement Syndrome
Rosie O’Donnell could face 15 years in prison for attempting to bribe senators
University teaches white employees how to overcome the ‘discomfort’ of being white 
Have a statute of limitations for calling out men's behavior
Moral Values and Customs vs. Laws
Remy: Trigger (Thriller parody)
The fragile generation
The war on standards: illiterate teachers edition
Britain says no the term "pregnant woman" as it excludes transgender people
Cambridge University students given trigger warnings for Shakespeare plays
U.S. judge orders taxpayers to pay for illegal alien abortion
Ahead of Halloween, universities nationwide tell students what not to wear
A nigger and an Uncle Tom
John Stossel: Disabled by Government
California seeks ban on fossil fuel cars, laying the groundwork to ban human driven cars
Illegal immigration cost Americans a record $135 billion last year
Walter E Williams: Not a Day Care
Scientists go after the media for highlighting a study showing IPCC climate models were wrong
Sweden's 'man-free' music festival prompts response from transgender people
California demands money from Gatorade to protect water from slander
Unleashing the power of mockery on annoying social justice warriors
What does child porn smell like? DHS is training dogs to sniff it out
Feds spend $138,000 asking four-year-olds about their ‘internal sense of gender identity’
College activists march on the cafeteria: what do we want? hydroponic cilantro!
The greening of Gore's bank account
Frustration with political correctness was a huge predictor of whether you voted for Trump
Milo Yiannopoulos to launch Milo Inc., 'dedicated to the destruction of political correctness'

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Leftwing Nitwittery Exposed
Pigs trash the streets while carrying "protect the environment" signs
4-year-old brings shell casing to preschool, principal suspends him
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Has free speech been expelled from college?
Social justice syndrome: ‘rising tide of personality disorders among Millennials’
The mobbing of Milo
The hysterical left is creating the white tribe
Ohio State students now taught how they are victims of white privilege and microaggressions
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Universities cave to Snowflakes
Is it cool to call the President a bastard again?
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Trump and college chaos
VIDEO: The BLM Movement
Universities help the snowflakes cope with election stress
Halloween revenue scheme: Mississippi County will issue fines to anyone dressed like a clown
PC run amok: student accused of sexual harassment for getting teacher’s name wrong
Prosecutor wants to charge 14-year-old girl with sexual exploitation for taking PG-13 selfies
THOMAS SOWELL: 'Favors' to Blacks
Public school lunch lady and then cops harass 8th grader who paid with a $2 bill
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Incentives for Ethnic Division on Campus
NFL suffers ratings drop after pandering to the SJW narrative
VIDEO: Mark Steyn - Radical Islam and "the Basket of Deplorables"
College students attack man’s ‘make America great again’ hat as ‘hate speech’
In California, state-paid historians would rather cover up history than reveal it
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - The Most Diverse Country in the World
VIDEO: Keith Preston - The Politically Correct Totalitarians
USDA has new farmer recruitment subsidies for lesbians and transgenders
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - The Real World Effects of Preferential Policies
How Republicans feed the beast of political correctness
New Jersey nannies want to make drinking coffee while driving a crime
VIDEO: Vox Day - Social Justice Warriors Lie
Athlete with no womb and testes not ovaries will compete with women in Rio

Pew Survey: 68 Percent Of Independents Believe America Is Too Politically Correct
VIDEO: Wendy McElroy - Rape Culture Hysteria
The NBA is the National Bullying Association
MSNBC warns sensitive viewers before showing anti-Hillary buttons
THOMAS SOWELL'S nomination for the dumbest idea in politics
After Brexit: the myth of post‑truth politics
Microaggressions: political correctness run amok
Political correctness: an agent of ignorance
Something terrible has happened: A widespread campaign of disinformation
WATER E WILLIAMS: Purification of America (the discrimination liberals like)

Twitter is a Democratic Party and social justice operative
In wake of Orlando shooting, Libertarian Party calls for end to 'gun-free' zones
Cowardly Facebook deletes Pam Geller’s ‘Stop Islamization Of America’ page
VIDEO: George Carlin - The Self Esteem Movement
Climate change skeptics have rights to free speech and privacy, too
Meet the people who want to throw global warming deniers in jail
You won't believe the absurd college student demands of 2016
Senator questions why feds paid Cornell scholar to let bees sting his penis
Gender Pay Gap: Study reveals why women choose to earn less
NYC to fine businesses $250,000 who don’t use the correct gender pronoun
WALTER E WILLIAMS: You Are What You Say You Are
Justice Thomas: ‘World has gone mad with political correctness’
VIDEO: George Carlin explains how political correctness is fascism with manners
VIDEO: John Oliver lambasts TV's sensationalizing of silly scientific studies
John Oliver lambasts TV's sensationalizing of silly scientific studies
Obama orders school restroom confusion to appease transgenders
Choosing your identity: A horse is a horse, of course, of course
Taxpayer-funded research discovers a bee sting on the penis hurts
DOJ’s lawsuit against North Carolina is abuse of power
Measure to force women to sign up for draft passes house panel
The dangerous duplicity of political correctness
Town passes law to use cops to combat bullying by going after the parents
Fed overreach? North Carolina lawmakers dismiss DOJ’s bathroom law deadline
Islam 1 Free Speech 0. Ebay blocks ‘Draw Mohammed’ winning cartoon auction