Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hans-Herman Hoppe: Ethics of Entrepreneurship and Profit

A saga of corrupted profits.   In the most fundamental sense we are all, with each of our actions, always and invariably profit-seeking entrepreneurs. Whenever we act, we employ some physical means (things valued as goods) — at a minimum our body and its standing room, but in most cases also various other, “external” things — so as to divert ... MORE

Monday, September 15, 2014

Rand Paul Would Repeal Every Obama Executive Order

He just needs to get elected.    In front of a boisterous pub crowd of young voters here, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) ripped into President Obama over executive overreach and even vowed to repeal “all previous executive orders” in one of his first acts as president, should he run. Paul’s comments came to the New Hampshire chapter of      ... MORE

Claire Wolfe: The State Of Freedom In America

The world is becoming less free.     In the Middle East and Africa, Islamist fanatics try to bring back the Dark Ages. Europe stagnates under new layers of regulation imposed by the EU. In the United States, a president who disdains the messy art of political deal-making increasingly seeks to rule by executive order and bureaucratic fiat.        ... MORE

VIDEO: George H Smith - The American Right To Resistance

Civil Forfeiture Laws Should Meet Same Fate As Jim Crow

by George Leef.   One of the greatest political philosophers, Frederic Bastiat, wrote that the law should exist to protect life, liberty, and property, but unfortunately is often perverted into a means of “legal plunder.” In other words, the law is used to legitimize the use of force to deprive people of their wealth. A recent Washington Post article  ... MORE

Jury Nullification Works In New Hampshire Marijuana Case

When a jury finds punishment is unjust.   Jury nullification is a weapon that most American citizens don’t know they have. During a jury trial, a jury can find the defendant guilty, not guilty, or they can nullify the entire trial if they think the punishment is unfair. This is exactly what happened recently in New Hampshire, where a Rastafarian man   ... MORE

VIDEO: Andrew Klavan - New Danger On College Campuses

The insidious evil known as MICROAGGRESSION.

Eli Lehrer: Hiking the Minimum Wage Won't Help the Poor

Doing more harm than good.    The ground has been shifting in the battle over the minimum wage. With President Obama's proposal to hike the national minimum from $7.25 to $9 an hour stalled in Congress, local labor activists have been aiming even higher, getting behind a vastly higher minimum wage of $15 an hour. The proposals are    ... MORE

Senate Democrats Fail to Amend the First Amendment

by Jacob Sullum.       A constitutional amendment that would have given Congress and state legislatures broad powers to suppress political speech in the name of "democratic self-government" and electoral "integrity" died a deservedly ignominious death in the Senate today. A motion to consider the proposed amendment, known as SJR 19,   ... MORE

Friday, September 12, 2014

John W. Whitehead: The American Delusion

A people distracted, diverted and insulated.    Caught up in the uproar over this year’s latest hullabaloo—militarized police in Ferguson, tanks on Main Street and ISIS—Americans have not only largely forgotten last year’s hullabaloo over the NSA and government surveillance but are generally foggy about everything that has happened in between.  ... MORE

Why Cops Take Your Property To Pad Their Own Budgets

by Corey Adwar.       A most disturbing study. Researchers with the Institute for Justice designed a game to test whether police have the tendency to abuse the practice of civil forfeiture, their right to seize personal property if it is considered more likely than not to be connected to a crime. Supporters of civil forfeiture hail it as an incentive  ... MORE

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - FDR and Social Security

Federal Regulations Cost US Businesses $2 Trillion

by Chad Moutray.   Choking out small business. Manufacturing leaders, like many other Americans, have been frustrated with the slow pace of growth so far this year, particularly in the first quarter. While manufacturers are mostly upbeat about demand and output over the coming months, they also remain somewhat tentative in their  ... MORE

Josh Hicks: IRS Finds More Key Hard-Drive Crashes

They say just bad luck, no tampering.      The Internal Revenue Service is missing e-mails from five more employees whose records could shed light on the agency’s targeting scandal, but there are no signs that its personnel have intentionally destroyed evidence, according to an IRS review. In a report to four congressional committees on Friday,   ... MORE

VIDEO: What Happens If You Give A Cop Some Coke

Why Illinois Medical Marijuana Patients Still Have No Meds

by Zenon Evans.    Good Intentions made a big splash last year when it opened its doors as the first medical marijuana clinic in not just Chicago but the entire state of Illinois. The business launched just days after Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. One problem: There was no medical marijuana.    ... MORE

The 5 Most Troubling Things in Congress’ New Spending Bill

by Romina Boccia.   Yesterday evening, the House of Representatives released its stopgap spending measure which blindly continues the bloated spending in the January omnibus bill that included special-interest handouts, wasteful and unnecessary energy spending, and transportation boondoggles. Instead of debating and voting on  ... MORE

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Washington Post: Police Intelligence Targets Cash

by Robert O’Harrow Jr, Michael Sallah.   The perverse incentives in play. During the rush to improve homeland security a decade ago, an invitation went out from Congress to a newly retired California highway patrolman named Joe David. A lawmaker asked him to brief the Senate on how highway police could keep “our communities safe from     ... MORE

Press To Democrats: We’ll Take Free Speech, Thank You

From the editors of National Review.    Senate Democrats are on the precipice of voting to repeal the First Amendment. That extraordinary fact is a result of the increasingly authoritarian efforts of Democrats, notably Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada, to suppress criticism of themselves and the government, and to suffocate any      ... MORE