Regulation Nation

Last Update: May 30, 2016
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Elitist Arrogance pushes away entry level jobs
Why can't Congress stop the EPA's assault on private property rights?
Bureaucracy is the biggest enemy of liberty
The toxic combination of bad regulations and lawyers in California
Licensing: How gov't takes away your right to do something, then sells it back
America's Other Epidemic: Chronic Untreated Pain

Politics & Other Official Acts Of Corruption

Last Update: May 30, 2016
Gary Johnson wins the Libertarian Party nomination
Jonah Goldberg explains why both Clintons are such unapologetic liars
VIDEO: Libertarian John McAfee's campaign to tear down the political system
VIDEO: Will the Libertarian Party seize its moment?
Getting the Libertarians into presidential debates via lawsuit
ANDREW NAPOLITANO: The contagion of government lying 

Government Is Watching Every Move You Make

Latest Update: May 30, 2016
VIDEO: Edward Snowden - Public Interest Vs National Interest 
Provision in Senate Intel Bill authorizes warrantless FBI Internet surveillance
‘Hatchet to liberty’New senate bill expands FBI’s warrantless surveillance powers
Hidden microphones are part of government surveillance program in the bay area
Philly cops used deceptive unethical tactics to track the movement of citizens
VIDEO: Should all locks have keys? Phones, castles, encryption, & you

Police State America

Last Update: May 30, 2016
In the public service: treatment of disabled man exposes shoddy police work
Mesa SWAT team shoots innocent family dogs for no good reason
Illinois racks up millions in property seizures by police
What it takes to be president of the American police state
New forfeiture bill would help keep cops from simply taking people’s stuff
Prosecutorial misconduct: anatomy of a snitch scandal

Government Economics & The Free Market

Last Update: May 30, 2016
THOMAS SOWELL: Socialism for the Uninformed
Welfare: The hand-basket road of good intentions
Human Flourishing Requires Energy—not Government Coercion
VIDEO: A Lesson from Atlas Shrugged
Venezuela is the victim of decades of losses in economic freedom
Federal programs keep people poor

2nd Amendment Assaults

Last Update: May 21, 2016
VIDEO: Donald Trump - The 2nd Amendment
The right to own a gun is the right to own yourself
D.C. must generally grant gun-carry licenses to law-abiding adults
Feds to deny gun rights to people of 'subnormal intelligence,' and others
VIDEO: Cop detains man for open carry: gets schooled on 2nd Amendment
California gun control measures pretty much ban rifles!