Friday, March 27, 2015

Andrew Napolitano: Amendment By Consent

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?   Here is a short pop quiz. When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress earlier this month about the parameters of the secret negotiations between the United States and Iran over nuclear weapons and economic sanctions, how did he know what the negotiators were considering? Israel is not a party to    ... MORE

House Effort Would Restore Privacy & Kill The Patriot Act

Pushing back against terrorism's victories.       A pair of House lawmakers wants to completely repeal the Patriot Act and other legal provisions to dramatically rein in American spying. Reps. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) and Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) on Tuesday unveiled their Surveillance State Repeal Act, which would overhaul American spying powers  ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - The 3rd Way

Ted Cruz And Rand Paul Team Up To Cut Enviro Funding

by Ben Geman.   Two 2016 hopefuls working together. Republican Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are rivals for their party's White House nomination, but they're finding some common ground in the Senate's budget fight. On Wednesday the two 2016 hopefuls jointly filed an amendment to the budget plan that would cut new budget   ... MORE

Ed Feulner: Breaking The Budget

The pace of unsustainable spending is quickening.   Let’s say you were a financial adviser, and a family came to you with the following situation. They make the median family income in the United States — $52,000. But last year they spent $61,000. That’s right, $9,000 more than they’re making, and it all went on the family credit card.      ... MORE

VIDEO: Law Enforcement, Liberty And The Constitution

NSA Doesn’t Need To Spy Your Calls To Learn Your Secrets

by Bruce Schneier.   Governments and corporations gather, store, and analyze the tremendous amount of data we chuff out as we move through our digitized lives. Often this is without our knowledge, and typically without our consent. Based on this data, they draw conclusions about us that we might disagree with or object to, and that can impact    ... MORE

Nick Gillespie: Finally, An Anonymous, Online, Geo-Tagged System To Report Dastardly Microaggressions At College!

Nitwittery run amok.     I realize that simply by saying that you've probably heard of microaggressions, I'm likely committing one. For the uninitiated, microaggressions are "are statements by a person from a privileged group that belittles or isolates a member of an unprivileged group, as it relates to race, class, gender, sexual orientation,    ... MORE

Thursday, March 26, 2015

John W. Whitehead: The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen In A Police State Is A Dead One

"Serve and protect" has become "comply or die."   Americans as young as 4 years old are being leg shackled, handcuffed, tasered and held at gun point for not being quiet, not being orderly and just being childlike—i.e., not being compliant enough. Americans as old as 95 are being beaten, shot and killed for questioning an order,      ... MORE

Tom Knapp: J-U-R-Y does not spell 'rubber stamp'

It's getting harder to prosecute victimless crimes. Break out the world’s smallest violin for prosecutors in Alachua County, Fla. They’re having problems finding citizens who will jail other citizens for marijuana possession. In one recent case it took hours to weed out (pun intended) prospective jurors who didn’t think marijuana should be illegal.  ... MORE

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Market Distortion And Subsidies

Legislation To Curb Civil Forfeiture Advances In States

by Jacob Gershman.  Georgia lawmakers are set to vote on legislation intended to rein in the state’s civil forfeiture procedures, part of a national push for more scrutiny and limits on asset-seizure programs that law enforcement officials say help curb drug crimes but critics say are prone to abuse. The Republican-led Senate in Georgia could    ... MORE

Jacob Sullum: Ted Cruz Is Right About Taxes

IRS code's headache-inducing complexity is a scandal. If you have not done your taxes yet, do not count on getting help from the Internal Revenue Service in answering any last-minute questions that may arise. The IRS estimates that only half of the anxious and bewildered taxpayers who call the agency this year will get through to a     ... MORE

VIDEO: Moonshine - The American Rebel Spirit

John Stossel: Gentrify!

There goes the hood. No matter what you do, modern liberals will tell you you're wrong. For decades, liberals complained that American society is segregated because rich, white people don't want to live in ethnically mixed neighborhoods. Sometimes, liberals had a point. From the 1930s to 1960s, as rich white people moved into New York City, urban   ... MORE

Police Brutality Can't Be Overlooked Any Longer

by Nadiah Abuswai.   Truly senseless violence. Martese Johnson, 20, was beaten by police outside Trinity Irish Pub in Charlottesville, Va., March 18. Police officers beat the University of Virginia junior over a suspicion that he was using a fake I.D. to get into the pub. A video shows police after forcing Johnson to the ground and handcuffing him, while   ... MORE