Thursday, March 5, 2015

John Stossel - Raping Culture

Another one of those social "epidemics."  Apparently, new laws are needed because at colleges, sexual assault is "epidemic." Rape is so common that there is a "rape culture." I hear that a lot. It is utter exaggeration. Fortunately, AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers is around to reveal the truth. "This idea of a rape culture was built on     ... MORE

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ron Paul: Dept of Homeland Security, What is it Good For?

Get rid of TSA and FEMA.        Late Friday night, Congress passed legislation funding the Department of Homeland Security for one week. This vote followed weeks of debate over efforts to attach a prohibition on funding President Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to certain illegal immigrants to the Homeland Security funding bill.      ... MORE

Nick Gass: Edward Snowden Is Ready To Return To U.S.

But can he get a fair trial?   Edward Snowden is ready to go home to the United States. “Snowden is ready to return to the States, but on the condition that he is given a guarantee of a legal and impartial trial,” his Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said at a news conference Tuesday, as quoted by Russian state media outlet TASS. The former National  ... MORE

VIDEO: Fox News - Intercepting Cell Phone Signals

Texas Town Sees 61% Drop in Crime After Kicking Out Cops

Private policing proves to better and costs less.   Rather than degenerate into a lawless land where criminals rule the streets, a Texas town that fired its entire police department has seen a 61% decrease is crime. In 2012, Sharpstown, a community of 66,000 located just southwest of Houston, declined to renew its contract with the constable’s   ... MORE

IRS Defends Refunds To Illegals Who Never Filed Taxes

by Stephan Dinan.      The IRS is defending its decision to let illegal immigrants claim up to three years’ refunds on income even if they never paid income taxes, telling Congress in a new letter last week that agency lawyers have concluded getting a Social Security number triggers the ability to go back and ask for previous refunds. President     ... MORE

VIDEO: Why I'm Not Ready To Give Up On America

It Is Hard To Fire Government Workers Behaving Badly

from CBS News.    In the private sector, if you're caught viewing porn on company time or intimidating a co-worker, you'd probably be fired immediately; not so if you're a federal employee. A CBS News investigation looks at how hard it is for the U.S. government to discipline or fire employees who behave badly. With examples ranging from       ... MORE

Leftists Priority: Raising Revenue Or Punishing Success?

by Daniel J. Mitchell.     On the issue of so-called progressive taxation, our left-wing friends have conflicting goals.  Some of them want to maximize tax revenue in order to finance ever-bigger government.  But others are much more motivated by a desire to punish success.  They want high tax rates on the “rich” even if the government collects less  ... MORE

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Brendan O'Neill: In Defense of Drunk Sex

First, it was just "don't drink and drive."  Is it acceptable to have drunk sex? Most people who aren't citizens of the Islamic State or followers of some frigid Christian group will answer with an emphatic: "Hell, yeah." Not only is it acceptable, they'll think; it's good, one of life's great pleasures, a rare moment when you can ditch the pesky rational  ... MORE

New Spy Technology Allows Police To See Thru Your Walls

by Rob Hustle.       Tossing privacy in the name of catching criminals. The 4th Amendment protects Americans from unreasonable search and seizure. But law enforcement agencies across  the country are deploying new technologies in ways that routinely violate Constitutional protections. These devices include radars that can see inside your house,    ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Billionaire Bailouts

Pop Quiz: How Many Constitutional Rights Have We Lost?

What politicians have done to promise of America.    This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right. The 1st Amendment protects speech, religion, assembly and the press. The Supreme Court    ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: The Honesty Gap

Looking at the war on women. There may be some poetic justice in the recent revelation that Hillary Clinton, who has made big noises about a "pay gap" between women and men, paid the women on her Senate staff just 72 percent of what she paid the men. The Obama White House staff likewise has a pay gap between women and men, as of course  ... MORE

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Homeless Man Killed By LA Cops

Justifiable force? You decide. WARNING: Graphic violence and language.

Walter E. Williams: College Campus Update

Bryn Mawr will be better in sports. President Barack Obama wants Americans to dig deeper into our pockets to expand college education. Let's update college indoctrination done in the name of education.  Cornell assistant professor Russell Rickford, in a lecture titled "Ferguson: The Next Steps," told a packed auditorium: "Let's be very clear about what's ... MORE