Regulation Nation

Latest Update: July 23, 2016
A 13.2% Obamacare premium increase will jolt Californians next year 
You need 4 different licenses to shine shoes in DC.
Drop that red cup! City criminalizes college parties
Philadelphia’s soda tax is a bad idea other cities will copy
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - FDA Vs The Free Market
Adult women can't consent to sex in Louisiana 
America's Other Epidemic: Chronic Untreated Pain

Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

Latest Update: July 22, 2016
VIDEO: John Galt for the 21st Century
VIDEO: Which One Are You: Ideologue or Pragmatist?
Refusing a search is a right, not a provocation

The founding principle of the United States of America: Individual Rights
Declaration of Independence says inalienable rights more important than gov't
Why the defeat of the EU bodes well for America and individualism
Democrats: We Will Overcome the Constitution

2nd Amendment Assaults

Latest Update: July 22, 2016
Another left-wing pretense bites the dust: why jihadists laugh at gun control
No more playing defense! Time to stop killers, terrorists (a Barry Farber gem)
"We don't care if it's Constitutional. Police unions demand open-carry ban at RNC
If you like the war on drugs, you’ll love the war on guns!
Hawaii becomes first state to monitor gun owners through an FBI criminal database
As government seeks to disarm citizens, IRS spent $11 million on guns and ammo
VIDEO: Donald Trump - The 2nd Amendment

Political Correctness & Other Nitwittery

Latest Update: July 22, 2016
The NBA is the National Bullying Association
MSNBC warns sensitive viewers before showing anti-Hillary buttons 
THOMAS SOWELL'S nomination for the dumbest idea in politics
After Brexit: the myth of post‑truth politics
Microaggressions: political correctness run amok
VIDEO: Mark Steyn - The Official Lie (a powerful must-see)
WALTER E WILLIAMS: You Are What You Say You Are

Justice Is A Result, Not Just A Process

Latest Update: July 22, 2016
ANREW NAPOLITANO: FBI exoneration of Hillary - What if the Fix was In?
VIDEO: The problem with mandatory minimums in 60 seconds 
Constitution corner: Little known nullification allows juries to acquit
Hang the jury and nullify bad law
Tickets, fines and court fees: the citizen as ATM
Why 12 jurors represent America and why anyone may veto unjust laws
VIDEO: Jury Nullification - The Law You Won't Be Told

Government Economics & The Free Market

Latest Update: July 22, 2016
VIDEO: Lemonade Stand Economics
The absurdity of worrying about trade deficits
Why are insurance company risk experts hoarding physical gold and cash?
American capitalism means individualism and freedom, not gov't paternalism
The feds' laughable goal of helping us with debt
VIDEO: Venezuela - End Stage Socialism
VIDEO: A Lesson from Atlas Shrugged

Police State America

Latest Update: July 22, 2016
A Trump Justice Department: If you're not scared, you're not paying attention
Shoot first, ask questions later: caretaker of autistic man blasted by cop
I was a cop – but I still don't know how to survive a police stop
Expensive, intrusive and don't catch drunks: why sobriety checkpoints don’t work
What to say when the police tell you to stop filming them
VIDEO: When Police Pull You Over

Indoctrination and Censorship

Latest Update: July 22, 2016
Supporting free speech does not mean endorsing Nazism
Nicholas Kristof identifies the liberal blind spot
5 ways to restore and protect free speech on campus
How the left is using intimidation to silence free speech
VIDEO: Jonathan Haidt - The Tyranny of Social Justice Warriors
The University of Oregon’s thought police investigate students for saying anything
Net Neutrality is government censorship

The War On Unapproved Voluntary Exchange

Latest Update: July 19, 2016
How the war on drugs fails black communities
VIDEO: Carl Hart - Drug War Propaganda: A tool for demonizing
The drug trade is moving from the street to online cryptomarkets 
Cops say they bust prostitution because it's easier than catching career criminals
VIDEO: War on Drugs: Why is marijuana legal in some states and not others?
A declaration against the war on drugs

The Government is Not Us

Latest Update: July 18, 2016
VIDEO: Did Loretta Lynch Pass the Smell Test?
VIDEO: Did James Comey Pass the Smell Test?
Government will not hold government accountable
Why Hillary Clinton has privileges that Edward Snowden doesn't
VIDEO: Andrew Napolitano - The Lying Game
VIDEO: The Government is Not Us

Defense Versus the War Machine

Latest Update: July 17, 2016
Hashtags, prayers and candles not working: demand that leaders defeat ISIS
To make America safer, we need to get military costs under control
U.S. accepts record number of Syrian refugees despite terrorist screening worries
The Orlando Shootings and the War on Terror
Study finds majority of Americans align with Gary Johnson on foreign involvement
Congress needs to declare war on terrorist groups
Only 10 countries in the entire world are currently not at war