Political Correctness & Other Nitwittery

Latest Update: June 25, 2016
Political correctness: an agent of ignorance
Something terrible has happened: A widespread campaign of disinformation
WATER E WILLIAMS: Purification of America (the discrimination liberals like)
VIDEO: Mark Steyn - The Official Lie (a powerful must-see)
NYC to fine businesses $250,000 who don’t use the correct gender pronoun
😃 VIDEO: John Oliver lambasts TV's sensationalizing of silly scientific studies
WALTER E WILLIAMS: You Are What You Say You Are

2nd Amendment Assaults

Latest Update: June 25, 2016
Hawaii becomes first state to monitor gun owners through an FBI criminal database
Democrats’ gun control push is not limited to those on no-fly list
The useful illogic of 'assault weapon' bans
As government seeks to disarm citizens, IRS spent $11 million on guns and ammo
Orlando victims did not die because they were gay--they were unarmed!
VIDEO: Donald Trump - The 2nd Amendment
THOMAS SOWELL: The Gun Control Farce

Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

Latest Update: June 25, 2016
Calls for Texas independence surge in wake of Brexit vote
Freedom of art is a prerequisite of morality
Democrats: We Will Overcome the Constitution
Candidates Gary Johnson, William Weld: It's all about choice
ANDREW NAPOLITANO: 'No Fly, No Buy' Means No Freedom
Poll: Most Americans reject criminal penalties for prostitution
VIDEO: How free is our freedom of the press?

Regulation Nation

Latest Update: June 25, 2016
Obama is regulating to death the financial and individual freedom of Americans 
JOHN STOSSEL: Warning: Labels
Why notice-and-takedown is a bit of copyright law worth saving
California politicians plot to tax drivers by the mile (here comes GPS tracking)
The FDA's latest terrible idea: The foolish war on salt
Congress ignores the rules: Job-killing red tape for thee, not for me 
America's Other Epidemic: Chronic Untreated Pain

Justice Is A Result, Not Just A Process

Latest Update: June 25, 2016
Supreme Court finds a warrantless search it does not like
We need to let jurors have the last word on illegal searches
Sonia Sotomayor blasts SCOTUS for excusing 'lawless police conduct' 
VIDEO: Mark Steyn - Lousy Judges
Empowering YOU as the ‘Fourth Branch of Government’
Not Guilty: How to Kill Bad Laws
VIDEO: Jury Nullification - The Law You Won't Be Told

Police State America

Latest Update: June 23, 2016
A Week in the Life of the American Police State
Playing both ‘cops and robbers’ on asset forfeiture
VIDEO: When Police Pull You Over
Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer team up to push police militarization
Florida cop allows dog to maul man for riding bike with no lights
How to deal with police: a cop reveals 10 rules for dealing with cops
Cop’s false testimony sent teen to prison for 9 years

Government Is Watching Every Move You Make

Latest Update: June 23, 2016
Senator warns against eroding civil liberties, as FBI surveillance takes center stage
Zuckerberg joins Snowden and FBI Director, tapes over laptop camera and mike
FBI facial recognition database contains 90% non-criminals 
Google is recording everything you say here’s how to hear it, delete it, and stop it
VIDEO: Edward Snowden - Public Interest Vs National Interest
Philly cops used deceptive unethical tactics to track the movement of citizens
377 words you can't say online without being surveilled

Politics & Other Official Acts Of Corruption

Latest Update: June 23, 2016
Democrats rush to deny Americans due process
Shameless Democrats sit-in for secret lists and maybe even a police state
Russia is poised to deliver to Congress what the FBI cannot
VIDEO: John Stossel - The Power of Political Ads
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Money going to Washington
California law criminalizes use of Assembly video for political purposes 
VIDEO: Clinton Email Scandal - The Middle of the End

Indoctrination and Censorship

Latest Update: June 22, 2016
Net Neutrality is government censorship
Propaganda bill in Congress could give America its very own Ministry Of "Truth"
How the federal government is killing free speech on campus
How campus policies limit free speech
You aren’t entitled to a college education
The University of Oregon’s thought police investigate students for saying anything
THOMAS SOWELL: Dry rot in academia

Media Bias On Parade

Latest Update: June 22, 2016
Hillary's Fix: US State media runs hit piece on Bernie Sanders
Media lovefest: Hillary meets the press servants
😃  VIDEO: Katie Couric responds to deceptive editing charges in gun documentary 
VIDEO: Charles Wiley - Journalistic Malpractice
Katie Couric slammed for 'deceptive' documentary about gun rights
The shameless New York Times
Katie Couric's anti-gun documentary is very deceptively edited

The War On Unapproved Voluntary Exchange

Latest Update: June 21, 2016
California marijuana company beats police raid
Drug War History: How a ballplayer's death fueled mass incarceration
Cops say they bust prostitution because it's easier than catching career criminals
New report takes down DEA for blocking scientific research on marijuana
VIDEO: War on Drugs: Why is marijuana legal in some states and not others?
The War on Drugs: How big government made a minor problem major
VIDEO: Gary Johnson - The Future of Marijuana