The next pandemic will Be caused by the national debt

Don't force schools to reopen, but don't force families to pay for closed schools either
The lockdown has been a bonanza for billionaires
New York is dead forever ... here's why
Here’s how a cashless society would affect day to day life
America's long-term debt crisis is now a short-term problem
As delayed tax day approaches, consider what you get for your money
Want to kill the economy again? Keep threatening more lockdowns.
The pandemic's economic carnage looks worse than expected
Venezuelans take extraordinary steps to beat water shortage
Why economists are so often accused of being indifferent to social problems
Walter E Williams: Some facts worth knowing
Washington State loses "hundreds of millions" to Nigerian unemployment claims fraud scheme
This sucker's going down: The destruction of demand
68% of unemployed workers in the U.S. “are eligible for payments greater than their lost earnings”
Take the shutdown skeptics seriously
John Stossel: When government programs do more harm than good
Coronavirus curfews are counterproductive and un-American
Government should not be spared from the austerity it is inflicting on society
What happens when you cancel rent, mortgages, and debt?
Pelosi pitches universal basic income to cope with pandemic
Will it take food shortages to end support for the shutdown?
The $2 trillion relief package makes unemployment pay more than work
Trump Asks Why American taxpayers should bail out "poorly run, Democrat" states
The Fed has gone nuts. And It can get worse
The coronavirus economy will bring inflation
Walter E Williams: Benefits vs. costs and COVID-19
The real cost of anti-price-gouging laws
The crackdown on ‘price gouging’ helps no one, except politicians and the media
How 'price gouging' helps consumers during the Coronavirus pandemic
VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Monopoly and Anti-Trust
Israeli doctor in Italy: we no longer help those over 60
Why we need free markets to fight pandemics
VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Don't Confuse the Two Kinds of Capitalism
David Stockman says coronavirus is sparking a financial crisis, warns ‘Wall Street is toast’
How Italy's socialized medicine deals with overload: Let the old folks die
VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Those Evil Robber Barons
Things have changed..."at least in wartime, the bars stay open"
Dems try taking advantage of coronavirus crisis to put new mandates on business
Why ‘price gouging’ actually helps during a crisis
To avoid charges of price gouging, eBay bans sale of coronavirus supplies
Why you can't solve a public health problem with economic stimulus
US government’s net worth is now NEGATIVE $75 TRILLION
Americans continue to vote with their feet towards low-tax states
How government spending destroys wealth
Death by socialized medicine
Cashless agenda? China is scrubbing cash notes to stop virus spreading so its paper money won’t kill you
Financial feudalism
The socialist delusions of Bernie Sanders
The student debt you willingly took on is not my problem to solve
Bernie Sanders confused by New Hampshire state motto 'live free or die' — 'both of those options sound horrible'
Mark Levin interviews Walter E Williams
Another Obama solar company burns out – solar owners plead guilty to huge ponzi scheme
Ready to move, Californians tour their top destination: Texas
Population control isn't the answer to climate change. Capitalism Is.
People no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life, survey shows
VIDEO: Ayn Rand - The Suicide of Capitalism
Capitalism seen doing 'more harm than good' in global survey
Why LBJ's Great Society flopped—and what it means for the 2020 election
California energy policies are fueling the housing crisis and homelessness
Warren and Sanders and the wealth tax folly
Robots takeover Domino's new supply chain center
Venezuelans are marked with numbers to stand in line at government supermarkets
My socialist hell: living in post-electricity Venezuela
Elizabeth Warren wants to raise taxes by $26 trillion
Japan wants to go cashless, but elderly aren't so keen
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - What is Monetary Policy?
Why kids are socialists and how to start fixing it
California’s electric vehicle dream is turning into a nightmareDemocratic wealth tax proposals demonstrate economic ignorance
Target employees won the 'fight for $15' but weren't ready for the trade-offs
PG&E’s big blackout is only the start of its new Venezuela act
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - That Existential Threat
Food is freedom: How Washington’s food subsidies have helped make Americans fat and sick
Fighting the minimum wage: McDonald’s makes a move to automate the drive-thru
Climate change has been a routine scare tactic since the 1930's
Why cats pay a lower price for CAT scans in Canada
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - The Student Debt Crisis
New numbers show San Francisco's homeless population has grown by 30 percent
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - Climate Change Wasn't About the Environment At All
Beware, the IRS is eyeing your inherited money
Some big farms collect big checks from Trump aid package
Hong Kong protests show dangers of a cashless society
Homelessness and the problem of public space
⭐️ VIDEO: In Their Own Words - The Democratic Party's Vision for America
Walter E Williams: Reparations for slavery
Bernie Sanders wants to cancel all student debt and make college free, at a cost of $2.2 trillion
Apparently, Bernie Sanders doesn't know the difference between revenue and profit
Sanders-Ocasio-Cortez plan to cap credit card interest rates will backfire on consumers
VIDEO: Bernie Sanders - How America would Feel the Bern
Cuba rations food as its socialist economy enters crisis mode
VIDEO: Walter E Williams - The Future of Free Enterprise and Liberty
VIDEO: Homelessness - California's Ugly Growth Industry
Republicans join Democrats to kill Rand Paul's Pennies Plan because no one cares about the debt
VIDEO: Don Boudreaux - Why Free Trade is ALWAYS Best Policy
Walter E Williams: Socialist promises
Three reasons flawed capitalism is still better than perfect socialism
Stung by tariffs, farmers seek bailouts and more protectionism
Trump's latest trade war scheme might be the nuttiest one yet
President Trump's tariffs, once described as negotiating tools, may be here to stay
Food prices to soar thanks to the trade war's tariffs
The new green serfdom
Walter E Williams: Higher education in America
On free trade, even Karl Marx is smarter than Donald Trump
Want to make money? Work for the government
No, Mr. President, tariffs do not cause prosperity
John Stossel: A lie, a myth and a question
Democrats want to fight poverty, but don't value letting people work
Kamala Harris: We need to raise taxes on the middle class and force workers into unions
San Francisco's war between the rich and homeless Is at "boiling point"
Walter E Williams: Millennials for socialism
Financial tyranny: America has become a pay-to-play exercise in fascism
Four ways that Uncle Sam will respond to its $75 trillion insolvency
US government’s net worth is now NEGATIVE $75 TRILLION
The reasons behind the relentless ideological onslaught against free markets
Massachusetts And New York beginning to see the ugly side of minimum wage hikes
Assisted dying: The death panels are coming
The best reason to not buy any new car
Victor Davis Hanson: California's rendezvous with reality
Oregon passes nation's first statewide rent control law
Tesla driver killed in high-speed Florida crash and fire
Venezuela aid trucks set ablaze as Maduro tells Trump: "yankee, go home"
NYC fast-food workers stunned some are being fired after $15 minimum wage hike
The top four reasons California Is unsustainable
How socialism broke Venezuela
Trump wants taxpayers reimbursed for billions thrown away on California's high speed rail scheme
Walter E Williams: Plunder - An American way of life
VIDEO: Off the Rails - California's High Speed Boondoggle
Feds collect record individual income taxes in calendar 2018--as debt climbs
National debt hits a new record high: $22 trillion
Capitalism has been the bane of poverty worldwide

Apocalyptic debt crisis in America: 63 of America’s largest 75 cities are completely broke
The war on cash ramps up in EU
California governor calls for a tax on the very water citizens drink
America's stubborn left clings to Nicolas Maduro despite all evidence
Fast food is getting more expensive as minimum wages rise
VIDEO: John Stossel: Government shutdown shows private Is better
Defaming Milton Friedman
Trade war’s wounded: Companies improvise to dodge cost hikes
LA's battle for Venice Beach: homeless surge puts Hollywood's progressive ideals to the test
Fake news? How about no news?
Prices rise as the minimum wage increases in several states
The coming collapse to Social Security as we know it
The self-destruction of US farmers
Top 10 inbound vs. top 10 outbound US states in 2017
House Democrats line up behind what could be the largest expansion of government in decades
Blame government regulations for America's uninsured problem
Why Banks will shut you down for nothing that is actually Illegal
For climate interventionists, new taxes are only the beginning
Walter E Williams: Our Ignorance of Socialism Is Dangerous
Ocasio-Cortez unwittingly reveals that climate change is a ploy to achieve socialism
San Francisco's wealthy leftists are making homelessness worse
The Amazon deal shows why we must end corporate welfare
Paul Ryan Is kinda sorry he was a total failure at balancing the budget
Without an Obamacare penalty, many are planning to drop health plans. The consequences could be dire.
Our deficits may finally be coming home to roost
Details of the horrible carbon tax bill
After losing $1 billion to tariffs, General Motors announces 14,000 layoffs
Thomas Sowell returns
Trump's Trade war bailout program Is a predictable mess
The United States Postal Service lost $3.9 billion last year
Debt ceiling will be set to record high of $22 trillion
Walter E Williams: Skin in the game
A national debt 6 times the size of the economy? That's where America is heading.
Trump’s tariffs are backfiring even on industries that were supposed to benefit from trade protectionism
Walter E Williams: Price gouging during a natural disaster
More than half of America gets more in welfare than it pays in taxes
What a bunch of idiots!
Thousands line up for zero-down-payment, subprime mortgages
The public sector pension crisis
The $15 minimum wage Is turning hard workers Into black market lawbreakers
VIDEO: Victor Davis Hanson - WTF happened in California
VIDEO: Ronald Reagan's Vision for America
John Stossel: socialism destroys
Americans spent more on taxes than clothing and food combined
In FY 2018: Debt up $1,271,158,167,127; Feds borrowed $8,172 per every American with a job
USDA school lunches still stink
California versus the rest of the nation
Trump's latest tariffs are about to hit you where it really hurts
State migration increasingly driven by taxes
Capitalism makes us more humane
Three cheers for price gouging during Hurricane Florence
Here are 202 companies hurt by Trump's tariffs
The economists versus the special interests
The cure for homelessness
Congress just passed a $150 billion spending package without any consideration for looming deficit
Venezuela raises minimum wage 3,000% and lots of workers get fired
The proposition that is on the ballot in November that could destroy California
Things you may want to buy now before Trump's tariffs kick in
Kaepernick and Nike show the morality of capitalism. (and we should celebrate it)
California bill passes PG&E fire liability on to customers
Tariffs on steel, aluminum, and lumber blamed for spiking home construction prices
The incredible, rage-inducing inside story of America’s student debt machine
Robot-made burgers wow the crowds in San Francisco
VIDEO: Rick Harrison - The Virtues of Capitalism
Facebook has TRUST ratings for users – but it won’t tell you your score
Barry Farber: Everyday realities of life under communism
Walter E Williams: Some ideas to think about
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: The Crushing Student Debt Bubble
If ObamaCare is an economic time bomb, Medicare for All would be a nuclear explosion
Burro-eato! Donkey herds are dwindling as hungry Venezuelans slaughter them for food
New Kamala Harris bill asks federal taxpayers to subsidize California's high housing costs
Trump administration plans to offer $12 billion in emergency aid for farmers hurt by tariffs
Walter E Willliams: Can we trust experts?
Trump’s tariffs injure another American business
Why a Democratic City council is working with a Republican congress to overturn a minimum wage bill
VIDEO: Walter E Williams - The Collective Value of Individual Self Interest
Bernie Sanders asks nation to please stop mailing him books on economics
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Incentives Matter, Intentions Don't
Walter E Williams: Shooting ourselves in the foot
Trump's case for tariffs is unraveling
Home builders are building smaller homes because of Trump's tariffs
Trump's trade war requires handing more power to unelected bureaucrats
A list of 97 taxes Americans pay every year
Harley-Davidson to shift production overseas to offset EU tariffs
The army took over the spigots, forcing thirsty Venezuelans to pay
The final assault in the war on cash
Fighting the high minimum wage: first "robot created burger" restaurant opening in San Francisco
Iraqi murderer of German girl bragged: Everything is for free here, no working and a salary from the state
Eliminate, don't expand, electric vehicle credit
Social Security and Medicare going broke even faster than projected
Trade clash: EU to hit US with $3.3 billion in tariffs next month
Venezuela’s oil meltdown defies belief
Donald Trump’s Tariffs get pushback from Koch Brothers
Hallmark of an economic ponzi scheme
Breaking down America’s worst long-term challenges
Trump has cut federal payroll by 24,000 jobs
The current status of prices in Venezuela
Socialist Seattle deploys another tax against employment
Seattle plans to punish the productive in order to subsidize bums
Feds collect record taxes through April; still run $385.4B deficit
Seattle’s proposed employment tax is just the city's latest self-inflicted wound
In dysfunctional California, libraries are 21st century homeless shelters
Venezuela hikes minimum wage by 155% -- should McDonald's and Walmart match it?
Tariffs are self-imposed sanctions
In Venezuela, inflation quadruples to 18,000 percent in two months, with no end in sight
The economic case for free trade is stronger than ever
Why Americans are avoiding the doctor
800,000 people are about to flee New York and California because of taxes, say economists
In defense of cash
Feds taxed and borrowed $4.47 trillion since last tax day
America's sinking public pension plans are now $1.4 trillion underwater
John Stossel: The great American tax ripoff
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - The Trouble with Facebook
John Stossel: Poisonous taxes
Trump rolls out a massive list of tariffs for $50 billion worth of Chinese products
Does the US Post Office really lose $1.46 per package that it delivers for Amazon?
The Cafe Con Leche Index: Venezuelan price inflation hits 6567%
'Being cash-free puts us at risk of attack': Swedes turn against cashlessness
The spending bill brings us closer to national bankruptcy
How Trump's steel tariffs harm America
Socialist utopia: child gangs fight for "quality garbage" with machetes in Venezuela
Walter E Williams: How Ignorant We Are
Canadian disabled man denied care but offered euthanasia
Venezuela experiencing free fall
Congress gives itself a bonus in Omnibus
State and local income, sales and property taxes all hit records in 2017
It didn’t take long for the U.S. to rack up another trillion dollars of debt
National debt hits $21 trillion
Larry Kudlow is a big upgrade for Trump's White House
VIDEO: Walter E Williams - No Skin in the Game
John Stossel: Lies about Trade
Why not private provision of many government services?
'Trade wars' don't put Americans first
Walter E Williams: Trump's Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

WaPo columnist openly pimps Marxism: 'It's time to give socialism a try'
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Influential Experiences
Tariffs and economic populism: Good politics, bad economics
Uncle Sam continues to stick his head in the sand on entitlements
VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Phil Donahue Interview 1979
VIDEO: Walter E Williams - The Morality of Redistribution
Flippy the burger flipping robot Is now cooking at the CaliBurger fast food chain
EU looks to familiar playbook to hit back at Trump plan
Trump's impulsive trade war is lousy economics and worrisome politics
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Brilliant Economic Insights
Trump's tariffs will crush the beer industry
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Brilliant Economic Insights
Every plank of the 1928 Socialist Party platform has now been accomplished
The pension nightmare for California’s cities is getting scarier
Venezuelan inmates eating rats and pigeons to avoid starvation
The federal government's finances are a total wreck
Idaho is ignoring Obamacare rules. That could set off a free market chain reaction.
“Cash must not be made the scapegoat”
Campus political correctness threatens our democracy and prosperity
The incomprehensible horror of Venezuelan socialism
Walter E Williams: Will Automation Kill Our Jobs?
Taxing America out of its liberties
Free market, better medicine
In Colombia border town, desperate Venezuelans sell hair to survive
Elon Musk and yet another year of magical thinking
Why Americans trust CEOs more than politicians
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - What is Monetary Policy?
When will it stop? Conservatives who vowed to cut spending keep spending
Rand Paul's plan to eliminate government shutdowns: automatic 1 percent budget cuts
Amazon healthcare an exciting venture in free market economics
Governments hate Bitcoin and cash for the same reason: they protect people’s privacy.
Walter E Williams: Let's Limit Spending
Leave right now or arm yourself to the teeth: life in Caracas
Vacant lots, empty homes and dying orchards on bullet train route attract squatters, vandals and thieves
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Enemies of the Free Market
Why free markets?
U.S. private sector job creation blows away consensus in January
VIDEO: The Minimum Wage Explained
California makes 20x what gas-station owners make on a gallon of gasoline, after tax hike
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - The Lesson of the Federal Reserve
Venezuela's economy circles the drain, inflation jumps 1000 % in just one day
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene
Greedy California politicians make sure the black market for pot will thrive
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - The Seen Vs The Unseen
'We loot or we die of hunger': food shortages fuel unrest in Venezuela
California Dems propose surcharge on businesses to fund social programs
You can't get $1 out of the bank in Venezuela. I tried.
Start saving now, because Social Security is screwed
Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America?
The other ugly truth about minimum wage hikes
British National Health Service cancels 50,000 surgeries
Red Robin eliminates positions after minimum wage hikes
In another blow to Obama’s legacy, food stamp recipients plunge under Trump
Seattle soda tax prompts price increases, small business pain
Trillion-Dollar Deficit Deja Vu
Badly strained UK hospitals to delay non-urgent procedures
VIDEO: Neil Cavuto - Resolved to Fail
Six insane California laws that go into effect today
Dimming Christmas lights reflect Venezuela's grim crisis
Democrats stew as companies announce employee bonuses after tax reform passes
‘Drugs are too expensive for the NHS – and people are paying with their lives’
Trump and the GOP take a crucial bite out of the death tax
Walter E Williams: Fascism and Communism
$15 minimum wage studies predict bleak future for California, Seattle
California wildfires don’t have to be the new normal
FCC votes to repeal net neutrality rules
Want More Jobs? Fight Occupational Licensing!
California looks at dumping gas tax for per-mile fee as cars use less fuel
Warning: ‘They need the markets to implode’ to usher in cashless system
Wealth creation is not a zero sum game
Ex-coach cited malnutrition for poor performance by Venezuela’s national women’s soccer team
A bipartisan tradition of enabling spendaholics
John Stossel: The Evil Rich
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Social Security Lies and Deception
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - The Minimum Wage
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - The Expanding Nature of Government
Venezuela's default disaster
The disappearing right to earn a living
California mandates send electricity prices skyrocketing, but Texas free market policies keeps prices low
Rand Paul says he will propose individual-mandate repeal
Three kinds of theft
Wonders of socialism: Venezuelan kids turn to prostitution for food
Once taboo, socialism finds comrades among US millennials
Taxation is robbery
Could giving property rights to the world's poor unlock trillions?
Venezuela teeters on brink of default
Simpler tax simplification
Walter E Williams: Ignorance Versus Stupidity
6 companies that are the most reliant on government contracts
Edgar, the exploiter
Republicans' tax plan crashes Jerry Brown's electric car fantasies
280,000 children could die of malnutrition in Venezuela
John Stossel: Communism Turns 100
The myth of natural monopoly
California's six-figure pension club has 62,000 members
U.S. ran $666 billion deficit in fiscal 2017, sixth highest on record
Republicans officially give up trying to cut spending
US health care system: A patchwork that no one likes
Free markets make the world a better place
Walter E Williams: Who pays what in taxes?
In a cashless world, you'd better pray the power never goes out
In Venezuela, they were teachers and doctors. To buy food, they became prostitutes.
The politician behind California high speed rail now says it's 'almost a crime'
Venezuelan price controls lead to predictable shortages
Stop encouraging people to live in dangerous places
America does not need socialism, but more laissez-faire capitalism
🎬  So you think money is the root of all evil?
Irma watch: How likely are prohibitions on ‘price gouging’ to help the poor?
📹  Our Amazing Debt (Cosmos Parody)
Maine is nullifying federal regulations that cripple local farmers
The largest threat to our prosperity is government spending and we are all to blameFast-growing green energy 'scam' puts taxpayers and homeowners at risk
Public sector unions are beginning to panic
VIDEO: Minimum Wage: Bad for Humans, Good for Robots
The bubble is now so massive even Wall Street is getting nervous
Laws against 'gouging' are simplistic and wrong
Government barriers to private solutions hinder hurricane relief efforts
Hollywood & New Yorkers Agree: We Should Aspire To Be More Like Starving Venezuelans
End stage socialism: Venezuela descends into predictable dictatorship
Walter E Williams: Minimum Wage Cruelty
Oregon seeks to reduce business flexibility and micromanage private work schedules
This is what socialism looks like: 'doctors flee desperate Venezuela'
John Stossel: Prosperity Cities
Pirates catcher Francisco Cervilli's compelling message to his fellow citizens of Venezuela
Socialism: The view from Venezuela
No copyright law: The real reason for Germany's industrial expansion? 
Government sometimes makes the rich richer, but it routinely makes the poor poorer
Venezuelan government decides bakers are responsible for bread shortage
Europe's lesson teaches us: don't go green
California has glut of electricity but residents still pay 40% more than national average

Legalizing marijuana would hurt Mexican drug cartels more than Trump's border wall
Walter E Williams: There's Nothing Free
California high speed rail faces 50 percent cost overruns
Starving Venezuelans flee socialist nightmare by boat
Union time, taxpayer dime
Will OpenBazaar succeed where Silk Road failed?
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - A Basic Misconception about Poverty
Barack Obama blew $150 billion to increase renewable energy generation by 1%
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell: Production, Inequality and Human Capital
VIDEO: The War on Cash: Your Money or Your Life
Rand Paul knows the cure for health-care ills is free market competition 
Why the ‘free market’ economy should be called the ‘initiative-centered’ economy
Debt under Obama up $9,000,000,000,000, as much as other presidents combined
How much should consumers care about made in America?
Agencies use it or lose it philosophy on gov’t spending needs to stop
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Regulation and the Free Market
In hungry socialist Venezuela, buying too much food can get you arrested
Why you should be paying attention to America’s quiet war on cash
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Making Discrimination CostlySocialized medicine: NHS chiefs warn hospitals in England on the brink of collapse
THOMAS SOWELL: Misleading Statistics
Does socialism work for Sweden? That's the wrong question
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Economic Conspiracies
Harvard study shows high drug prices due to gov't granted Big Pharma monopoly
New GDP numbers are terrilbe, no wonder Hillary won’t talk about the economy
In Louisiana, private disaster relief outperforms the government
If the employment condition is booming why are payroll taxes falling?
As Louisiana floods, Wal-Mart and UPS outdeliver FEMA by a long shot
Was Rand a hypocrite? Ayn Rand, Social Security and the Truth
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Is free trade causing job loss?
Venezuela’s tragedy fed by cronyism and the death of free markets
The entitlement state and America’s fiscal crisis: Capitalism vs Socialism
Socialist thugs stop journalists from recording Venezuela's massive failures
VIDEO: Bob Murphy - The Case for Free Trade
Can you have your subsidized peanut butter cake and eat it, too?
Faded memories of communism are leading to a rejection of free markets
It is no surprise that Seattle's minimum wage rise is reducing employment
How do we make America strong again? start yelling the truth
Why are insurance company risk experts hoarding physical gold and cash?
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Thinking beyond stage one
They are putting armed guards on food trucks in Venezuela
JOHN STOSSEL: My lunch with Hillary
Free trade is dead - How did Washington get trade policy so wrong?
DC pulls trigger on $15 minimum wage, hits young, low-skilled workers
The feds' laughable goal of helping us with debt
Incandescent proof that government has too much money
California unfunded pension liability reaching $1 trillion
VIDEO: Economics: Is raising minimum wage a bad idea?
Why Obama’s Social Security Proposal Would Screw Over Millennials
VIDEO: Venezuela - End Stage Socialism
The glory of socialism: $150 for a dozen eggs in Venezuela
THOMAS SOWELL: Socialism for the Uninformed
Welfare: The hand-basket road of good intentions

Human flourishing requires energy—not government coercion
VIDEO: A Lesson from Atlas Shrugged
Five Facts about the minimum wage
JOHN STOSSEL: Private is better
VIDEO: Adam Johnson - Cashless Economy
Venezuela is the victim of decades of losses in economic freedom
Cronyism: A Sneaky Corporate Welfare Balancing Act
We don’t have a free market. We have monetary policy.
Federal programs keep people poor
Economic freedom: Does child labor help children in poverty?
The propaganda war against capitalism
Bitcoin: Money as a Bill of Rights?
The solution to California's drought: a free market in water
Wendy’s serves up big kiosk expansion as wage hikes hit fast food
Socialism at work: Cats, dogs and pigeons are now dinner in Venezuela
A comprehensive explanation of why socialism is an immoral system
JOHN STOSSEL: Free-Market Medicine
VIDEO: Why thieves hate free markets
I want a president who can teach us to accept capitalism
CBO: Nearly 1 in 6 young men in U.S. jobless or incarcerated
Economic fallacies surrounding the issue of immigration
REPORT: Joblessness means wage hikes don’t help the poor
Trump reverses course; buys into minimum wage hike idiocy
VIDEO: Walter E Williams explains why profits are progressive
Why an economic collapse is “practically unavoidable”
Federal bureaucrats are paid 78% more than private sector workers
'Unhealthy Economy': Why US system has nothing to do with 'free market'