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Tulsi Gabbard endorses legalizing drugs
Australia aims to ban cash spending
Vermont lawmaker: Decriminalizing prostitution will keep sex workers safe
Atlanta police make monumental move, disband entire drug unit to focus on actual crime
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Another drug-war massacre
California's war on weed continues thanks to a red tape-fueled black market
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A man spent 82 says in jail on meth charges. The "meth' was actually honey.
Florida sheriff deputy arrested after planting drugs on innocent people
Political winds have shifted in favor of marijuana legalization
We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former detective testifies
Decentralize the drug war — on the way to abolishing it
Oakland, California decriminalizes magic mushrooms and peyote
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Las Vegas, which just authorized cannabis lounges, aspires to be the 'new Amsterdam'
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Mexico wants to legalize all drugs and negotiate with the U.S. to do the same
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The United States should legalize prostitution
A look into the legal distinction between sex trafficking and prostitution
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Senator files '420' marijuana bill to legalize it federally
Massive Harvard study contradicts anti-pot propaganda told to us for decades
How the drug war eats the poor
Kamala Harris hopes you'll forget her record as a drug warrior and draconian prosecutor
The Trump administration’s crackdown on marijuana legalization might end under Bill Barr
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Florida to announce legalization of medical marijuana flower
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Cannabis deliveries OK’d in California: 'The public spoke loud and clear'
A marijuana "420" bill was just introduced in Congress
Denver could become the first US city to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms
78-Year-Old man in wheelchair evicted to freezing streets for treating pain with legal medical pot
Congress ramps up war on sex workers and customers with secret votes on four new 'protection' laws
George H.W. Bush’s biggest failure? The war on drugs
Marijuana legalization means safer borders and less smuggling, study shows
Kansas Supreme Court says cops can search your home without a warrant if they claim it smells like pot
Court Rules That Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can't Buy Firearms
Cops force doctors to sodomize man to look for non-existent drugs, injure him, then make him pay for it
Why men support marijuana legalization more than women do
Congress ramps up war on sex workers and their customers with four new 'protection' laws
Drug-sniffing dogs facing early retirements due to legalization of marijuana
AMA decries the impact of the CDC's opioid guidelines on pain treatment
When the government said marijuana made you crazy
Pot proponents claim victory, set sights on national legalization
It's time for Congress to acknowledge the collapse of pot prohibition
Marijuana legalization had a pretty good election night: won 3, lost 1.
Attorney: School needs lesson on Fourth Amendment
'Ecstasy' study results promising for PTSD
4 more states could legalize medical or recreational marijuana next week
Parents outraged after school shaved large patches of hair from kids’ heads to drug test them
5 things Canada got right when it legalized pot
Jury nullification key to justice reform
Greedy hand of government guarantees cannabis black market will continue to flourish
L.A. County deputies stopped thousands of innocent Latinos in hopes of their next drug bust
Brett Kavanaugh's illegal beer consumption highlights the perversity of drinking ages
TSA furious as LA bucks the Feds by allowing citizens to fly out of state with weed
Murders and rapes increasingly going unsolved as cannabis arrests surge—despite legalization
Medical marijuana patients decry state crackdown on pot purchases
Drug War Statistics: Money spent: $50+ billion,   Arrests: 1,572,579 (2016)
Pot prohibition makes self-defense illegal
A young mom was justified in a shooting, but a past marijuana charge means prison time
Facebook blocks searches for pages that reference marijuana—even those of government agencies
FDA may soon allow MDMA prescriptions for PTSD
Gambling, smoking and drinking give Pennsylvania a lot of money in 'sin taxes'
Mexico: Lopez Obrador government to consider legalization of drugs
Police kill man with bulldozer over 10 marijuana plants
Jury nullifies Georgia weed law, finds man not guilty despite admittedly growing marijuana
Place your bets: legal sports gambling is coming to these six states in 2018
Gambling and drugs may be the cure for Connecticut's ailing economy
Defying Congress, Jeff Sessions keeps blocking medical marijuana research
Caribbean nations agree to consider marijuana legalization
Sports world fought gambling but now wants money from it
Marijuana industry needs protection from federal enforcement policies
Marijuana legalization is having its best year ever
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Trump should hurt Sessions by helping drug offenders
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Jeff Sessions struggles to get planned marijuana crackdown going
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The government’s cure for the opioid epidemic may be worse than the disease
SWAT team burns baby with flash distraction device while on drug hunt
Supreme Court strikes down federal law that prohibited states from legalizing sports gambling
The issue is liberty, not gambling
On marijuana and opioids — the DEA has no clue what it’s talking about
Texas Health Department considers cracking down on CBD
The lethal success of pain pill restrictions
Illinois police claim if marijuana is legalized, they'll have to kill their police dogs
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Feinstein finally catches up with her voters, abandons her opposition to marijuana legalization
How High Are Recreational Marijuana Taxes in Your State?
Overdose deaths are the product of drug prohibition
Canada's Liberal party considers decriminalization of all illicit drugs
CDC admits Rx opioid deaths ‘significantly inflated’
FDA’s low-nicotine cigarette scheme is an invitation to black market vendors
FL students who begged gov’t to take their rights away, now angry gov’t took away their rights
In gambling battle, both sides are wrong
House passes bill that would give patients access to experimental drugs
Voters In Illinois' Cook County approve marijuana legalization ballot measure
Government's option destroyers target menthol cigarettes and flavored e-cigs
Trump's 'tough' drug policies are not smart
It’s your right to say not guilty, it’s your duty to tell someone else
More imprisonment does not reduce state drug problems
Death penalty for drug dealers? Count Trump in
America's war on pain pills is killing addicts and leaving patients in agony
Why does government fear marijuana?
Marijuana criminal cases dropped en masse by Philadelphia district attorney
A lawsuit against Sessions could be the one to legalize marijuana
Democrats forming marijuana legalization consensus
How much privacy do you have when you buy marijuana in California?
John Stossel: Silk Road
Proof that 50 years of drug policy is based on lies
3 lessons from prohibition
Marijuana mapped: the price of weed across the U.S.
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Why can you buy a government but you can’t pay for sex?
Why no gadget can prove how stoned you are
NBA pushes for legal sports gambling nationwide and a cut of the action
State lawmakers push back on federal anti-marijuana moves
Greedy California politicians make sure the black market for pot will thrive
House bill seeks to end war on marijuana, spark recovery instead
Police now conducting mouth swab checkpoints to test drivers for marijuana
Learn how California’s 2018 cannabis taxes work in two minutes
VIDEO: Everyone You Love Did Drugs
3 lessons from prohibition, which started today in 1919
Marijuana legalization causing violent crime to fall in US states, study finds
Jeff Sessions gives a boost to legalization of pot
Federal legalization of pot would generate 1 million jobs & raise $130 billion
Just Say No to Jeff Sessions — Ron Paul
Jeff Sessions Goes to Pot on Marijuana Policy
A tale of two Americas: Where the rich get richer and the poor go to jail
It’s time to decriminalize marijuana
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Stop Pretending Sober Drivers Are Stoned
California’s marijuana legalization aims to repair damage from the war on drugs
Mike Tyson revolutionizing weed industry
Reason Magazine: 4 things that pissed us off
Legalize sports betting
Federal agents can still seize marijuana at California checkpoints despite legalization
The myth of the playground pusher
Because Cali legalized weed, 500,000 ‘convicts’ get a second chance at freedom
Legislators dust off medieval methods to address the opioid crisis
VIDEO: William F Buckley Jr - Newt Gingrich: A Debate on the Legalization of Drugs
Supreme Court could legalize sports betting nationwide
We live in a police state, and our legal system is the cause
When legal drugs harm and illegal drugs help
‘Surrender your firearms’ – gov’t now confiscating guns from medical cannabis users
State courts say early-morning pot raids were gratuitous and illegal
Legalization a boon to more than just marijuana markets
How Jeff Sessions plans to end medical marijuana before the year is over
Pennsylvania cops terrorize elderly couple after confusing hibiscus plants for marijuana
What National Review gets wrong about the opioid crisis and the war on drugs
High schoolers win $3 million against sheriff for warrantless drug search molestation
FDA loyalty to Big Pharma exposed in move to ban plant that’s CURING opioid addiction
New rules with hefty fees set for growing, selling marijuana in California
Jury acquits ‘nice guy’ who admitted selling cannabis to a cop
John Stossel - Legalize Sex Work
Detroit cops posing as drug dealers brawl with colleagues posing as customers
12-year-old sues Attorney General Jeff Sessions to legalize medical marijuana
Police kick off program to warrantlessly test saliva to check for ‘drugged driving’
VIDEO: Cop is caught planting drugs on black man
Marijuana Legalization 2017: States and cities where weed won this November
Opioid commission mistakenly blames pain treatment for drug deaths
The marijuana machine rolls ahead
AG Jeff Sessions suggests prosecutions for marijuana growers, sellers and users in legalized states 
Sessions continues to push 'gateway drug' myth about marijuana
Former NFL players say league should allow players to use marijuana to treat pain, injuries
Federal court ponders Constitutionality of prostitution ban
Marijuana prohibition turns 80
Jeff Sessions just made the chief of the DEA look like a pothead's hero
25 most commonly used recreational drugs in America
Teen marijuana use falls to 20-year low, defying legalization opponents’ predictions
House rules committee blocks amendment protecting medical marijuana
Sessions suggests Trump lied when he advocated marijuana legalization be left to the states
The DEA says ‘marijuana is not medicine’ — reality says otherwise
John Stossel: The Drug War Escalation is Cruel and Stupid
The states are revolting; marijuana legalization not just happening at the ballot box
Trump doubles down on failed drug war; wants more prisons less freedom
Kratom could be a cure for the Opioid Epidemic, yet the DEA wants to ban it.
On 4/20, it’s a mixed bag for backers of pot legalization
Israel: The holy land for medical marijuana
The conservative schism on legalizing pot
Exploring the link between police violence and the war on drugs
The deadly war on drugs, waged by your local SWAT team
American sex police, the FBI returns to its roots as the nation's vice squad.
Most Republicans oppose federal interference with marijuana legalization
Why prostitution should be legal
DEA just quietly removed document about marijuana health risks from website
Legalizing marijuana would hurt Mexican drug cartels more than Trump's border wall
Scientists to government: make it easier to study marijuana
World leaders call for legalization of drugs
Surgeon General's report mistakenly treats all drug use as a problem
While many legalize pot, Oklahoma voters finally end Prohibition on real beer
Why we shouldn't charge drug dealers for their clients' deaths

VIDEO: What About the War on Drugs?
Should Prostitution Be Decriminalized? Watch Elizabeth Nolan Brown debate at NYU
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Someone is arrested every 25 seconds for drug possession in the U.S.
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Communities look to weed out marijuana enforcement from police priorities
Social evolution: marijuana arrests hit a two-decade low but are still an outrage
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As marijuana prohibition winds down, what will control freaks ban next?
Republicans told to oppose criminal justice reform because 'drug trafficking is a violent crime'
Makers of fentanyl painkiller give $500,000 to keep marijuana illegal in Arizona
The DEA proclaims all Kratom use is abuse
Portugal: What happened after it decriminalized all drugs, from weed to heroin
What will recreational marijuana legalization mean for California?
Court says feds can’t prosecute for legal medical pot use
Why are self-interested drug warriors making medical decisions?
Georgia parents are furious at DEA for denying medicine to their children
DEA-FDA: Bureaucratic tailchasing keeps marijuana classified like heroin
Six more states are poised to legalize pot this fall
DEA attempts to vilify indoor marijuana growing operations as ‘new meth houses’
Hundreds of "suspected" drug dealers killed in Philippines’ war on drugs
DEA fights to keep marijuana classified like heroin
Cops use faulty test kits to incite fear about THC in water supply
Beware of the $2 drug test that could cost you everything
Never get busted: ex-cop reveals how cops know you’re lying
How the war on drugs fails black communities
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Why California voters and others will say 'yes' to marijuana legalization
Soaring prison population prompts Thailand to re-think 'lost' drug war
The drug trade is moving from the street to online cryptomarkets
One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana
JOHN STOSSEL: Cops, Blacks and Crime
Drug warriors get student informant killed; sued for wrongful death
A declaration against the war on drugs
Marijuana legalization measure qualifies for California ballot
Government social engineering schemes create “black markets”
California marijuana company beats police raid
Drug War History: How a ballplayer's death fueled mass incarceration
New report takes down DEA for blocking scientific research on marijuana
It is way past time to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act
The War on Drugs: How big government made a minor problem major

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Governor who called legalization 'reckless' now changes his tune
Police and prison guard groups fight marijuana legalization in California
Increasing Numbers Of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization
Like It or Not, “Smart Drugs” Are Coming to the Office
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Marijuana’s potential health benefits are being obscured by the US government
Print your own drugs, for health and fun
Looming marijuana ruling could limit federal prosecutions
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Deep-rooted propaganda Why America can't quit the Drug War.
If we own ourselves, why should prostitution be a crime?
Idahoans blocked from paid fantasy sports sites by option-destroying politicians.