January 23, 2021

The boot is coming down hard and fast

fromCaitlinJohnstone: Biden has announced plans to roll out new domestic terrorism laws in the wake of the Capitol Hill riot. Say hello to the thought police.

Lockdown was never the only option

fromSpiked: A strategy of protecting the vulnerable could have saved lives without devastating society.

Right on cue for Biden, WHO admits high-cycle PCR tests produce COVID false positives

fromZeroHedge: The idea that asymptomatic spread was a concern as of August was just one of many lies Dr. Fauci told. Trump talked about the false positives for months but WHO was mum.

5 things to watch at Trump’s second impeachment trial

fromPolitico: From questions about trying a former president to whether conviction is a real possibility, the proceedings will be different than the first time.

MSM calls for “new definition of free speech”

fromOff-Guardian: New buzzwords in the mainstream media bubble spell trouble for those who dare think outside of the PC box.

A Soldier’s Defense of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange

fromAntiwar: "Whether one loves or hates Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange is besides the point. The First Amendment freedom of the press is at stake now."


January 17, 2021

Will good people stand by while censorship threatens America?

fromEpochTimes: Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

Rand Paul: 1/3 of Republicans will leave party if GOP senators go along with convicting Trump

fromWashingtonExaminer: He warned of a mass exodus from the Republican Party if GOP senators vote with Democrats to convict President Trump in a second impeachment trial, even after he leaves office next week.

9/11 Was the Prelude. 1/6 Is the Holy Grail

fromStrategicCulture: What matters is the end result: the manufactured product – “Trump insurrection” – for all practical purposes buried the presentation, already in progress, of evidence of electoral fraud to the Capitol, and reduced the massive preceding rally of half a million people to “domestic terrorism”.

⭐️ How to read the news in totalitarianism

fromAccordingtoHoyt: How to decifer what's really going on in the age of deception and censorship.

Switzerland will hold referendum on whether to strip the government of its lockdown power

fromDailyMail: The Covid-19 Act, passed in September last year, has infuriated the famously liberal Swiss as it grants central government unchecked powers to impose indefinite rules to stop the spread of the virus.

Twitter competitor Gab backed up Trump's Twitter account and recreated it on their platform

fromPJMedia: Here are the platforms Trump supporters are flocking to after Parler was executed by Amazon.


January 15, 2021

Institutionalized obedience: Americans & the lockdowns

fromTheImaginativeConservative: Why do Americans, the rugged individualists, obey edicts issued at the whim of “King” Newsom or “His Majesty” Cuomo, without a questioning of the legitimacy of those mandates?

California is worse than you think

fromMises For example, the California legislature effectively decriminalized theft as long as thieves take less than $950 worth of merchandise, officially reducing such theft to a misdemeanor but in effect making it legal, since progressive California prosecutors don’t like to be bothered by petty criminals.

Unity president calls on Senate to pursue impeachment

fromCNN: Biden appears to be no more than a lapdog to party extremists.

Poland slams social media deplatforming of Trump as government readies anti-censorship law

fromRT: Free speech still matters in Poland. Their government has decried social media platforms’ mishandling of US President Donald Trump’s accounts and prepares to pass its own legislation to stop ideological censorship.

Texas charges election fraudster after Project Veritas report

fromOAN: On Wednesday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said supposed Republican operative Rachel Rodriguez was arrested for allegedly harvesting ballots for Democrat candidates.