"The weakness of a soul is proportionate to the number of truths that must be kept from it." - Eric Hoffer

Indoctrination And Censorship

Latest Update: October 20, 2016
Kerry tries (fails) to shut up Assange in order to shelter Hillary from inconvenient truths
WALTER E WILLIAMS: A Constitutional Right to Literacy
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Segregation and Discrimination
THOMAS SOWELL: Dunbar High School After 100 Years
VIDEO: John Stossel - Censoring Political Views
VIDEO: Remy - This is CNN

Regulation Nation

Latest Update: October 20, 2016
You need 4 different licenses to shine shoes in DC.
Adult women can't consent to sex in Louisiana

Government Is Watching Every Move You Make

Latest Update: October 20, 2016
FBI partly credits Edward Snowden with reduction in email and phone surveillance
Cities embrace surveillance state, little brother is watching
Google is recording everything you say here’s how to hear it, delete it, and stop it
377 words you can't say online without being surveilled

2nd Amendment Assaults

Latest Update: October 19, 2016
Six Wikileaks emails on Hillary Clinton and gun control
VIDEO: John Stossel - Gun Rights at Risk
Thought police order psych exam for student who made anti-gun control video
VIDEO: Donald Trump - The 2nd Amendment

Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

Latest Update: October 19, 2016
VIDEO: Ben Sasse - Limited Government
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Freedom to Work
VIDEO: Richard Epstein - Limited Government Spinning Out of Control
Founders rolling in their graves: US falls out of top 10 'most free' nations (Obama's legacy)
ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Due Process is Vital to Freedom
VIDEO: John Stossel - Liberty in our Lifetime
VIDEO: John Galt for the 21st Century

Thomas Sowell: The Left and the Masses

The greatest moral claim of the political left is that they are for the masses in general and the poor in particular. 

That is also their greatest fraud. It even fools many leftists themselves. 
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The Government Is Not Us

Latest Update: October 18, 2016
The imperial President’s toolbox of terror: a dictatorship waiting to happen
ANDREW NAPOLITANO: What if Trump and Clinton Have the Same Core Beliefs?
DOJ abruptly drops case against gun-runner who threatened to reveal Clinton's Libya dealings
How the FBI wound up destroying evidence (to benefit Hillary, of course)
The FBI distributes child pornography to catch people who look at it
VIDEO: Did Loretta Lynch Pass the Smell Test?
VIDEO: Did James Comey Pass the Smell Test?

Politics & Other Official Acts Of Corruption

Latest Update: October 18, 2016

Government Vs The Free Market

Latest Update: October 18, 2016
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Regulation and the Free Market
Why you should be paying attention to America’s quiet war on cash
VIDEO: Venezuela - End Stage Socialism

The War On Unapproved Voluntary Exchange

Justice Is A Result, Not Just A Process

Latest Update: October 16, 2016
Jury nullification cited as reason not to charge state rep for buying cannabis
A Miranda instruction for jurors on the right of jury nullification
Using jury nullification to fight the warped concept of victimless crimes
Prosecutor ignores state supreme court ruling in pursuit of nullification pamphleteer
A law professor explains why if you are innocent, you should NOT talk to police 
Tickets, fines and court fees: the citizen as ATM
VIDEO: Jury Nullification - The Law You Won't Be Told