April 14, 2021                                             

fromJamesBovard: A case before the Supreme Court could open the flood gates to warrantless searches.

fromEpochTimes: New tax increases proposed by President Joe Biden would kill one million jobs and harm the economy, a new study released by the nation’s largest manufacturing association states.

fromZeroHedge: The Federal Reserve was initiated in 1913. Each time the FED creates new money, pre-existing money is worth less. Once, $1 could buy 30 Hershey bars. Now, it will only buy a cup of coffee at McDonalds.

fromFoxNews: Pete, who overstated projected jobs created by over 16M, says "I should have been more precise."

fromReuters: A spokesman for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which administers foreign aid, told Reuters in a statement that it is already using cash transfers in programs “to help people meet their basic needs” in the wake of severe hurricanes in Central America and is considering expanding the efforts going forward.
The Government is Not Us                                                     Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market

fromReason: The president is picking fights with much of the population and further dividing the country.

 April 13, 2021                                             

fromAmericanGreatness: Americans privately fear these rules, while publicly appearing to accept them. The onslaught of nitwittery is overwhelming. 

fromRutherfordInstitute: Those living through this present age of government lockdowns, immunity passports, militarized police, SWAT team raids, police shootings of unarmed citizens, roadside strip searches, invasive surveillance and the like might feel as if these events are unprecedented. They are not.

fromTownhall: The fourth wave is going to kill us all. We have variants. We have cases reportedly surging. We have vaccines, but even if you get the shot you have to remain inside and remain in total fear.
The Government is Not Us                             Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

fromPacificLegalFoundation: The Biden administration seeks to make weapons manufacturers responsible for crimes instead of criminals. Their assault on individual rights is relentless. 
2nd Amendment Assaults                              The Government is Not Us

fromAmericanSpectator: There’s not a single thing that Biden has done that the former Bronx barista, now leftist heartthrob, would not find simpatico.

fromWashingtonExaminer: West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed a bill removing the sales tax on gun and ammunition purchases across his state, making his state a stronghold for the Second Amendment. 

April 12, 2021                                             

fromPacificLegalFoundation: Supreme Court will declare whether the Fourth Amendment means what it says.  
The Government is Not Us                             Police State America

fromMises: Capitalism isn't just better because it makes us materially better off. Capitalism also helps us forge a more humane and civil society.  

fromWashingtonExaminer: The Supreme Court is weighing whether it will take up two cases that could clarify the limits of the Second Amendment. 

fromTheFederalist: Democratic Party attempts to make all things racist appears to be successful political strategy in the short term but is a recipe for national disaster in the long term.  

fromTheFederalist: In pursuit of the Democrat's wet dream to establish single party control.