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A doctor comes forward to report the death and devastating injuries linked to the COVID-19 vaccine

The green threat to the First Amendment

Fact-checking industry continues providing cover for White House's unbelievable IRS claims

Why the Left needs free speech

Repression, terror, fear: The government wants to silence the opposition

CDC admits it gave false information about COVID-19 vaccine surveillance

Lies, damned lies, and the Jan. 6 committee

Yes, Trump ‘offered’ to send the guard to DC for Jan. 6 and yes, Dems rejected him

Victor Davis Hanson: Why we lost trust in the expert class

More disappearing COVID vaccine data

VIDEO: Robert Bryce - THE BIG LIE

Propaganda and disinformation in the information age

Wikipedia redefines 'recession' to resemble Biden's changes—then locks page to new edits

How to end Big Tech censorship of free speech

Zelensky puts Glenn Greenwald, Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard and others on a McCarthyite blacklist

Cancel culture empowers the powerful — at everyone else’s expense

The Left wants to abolish everything, even this column

Fmr Top COVID-19 official: COVID vaccines were never “going to protect against infection”
33 dead & sick friends since our wedding only 8 months ago. All 33 vaxxed.
No, mRNA Covid vaccines do not offer long-term protection from serious illness
Barely one-quarter of Americans trust the public school system
Universities are in denial over free-speech crisis
Stunning official Canadian data show vaccines now RAISE the risk of death from COVID
American trust in public education plummets to second all-time low
“The 6 justices … should never know peace again”
How leftist academics stack the deck
Ron Paul: How much did the US government pressure Twitter to ban Alex Berenson?
Why all the attacks on dissent?
'Rationality itself is under attack': CEO of the Babylon Bee
Disinfo governance board is back
Stop the war on doctors
The news for COVID vaccines gets worse
Climate McCarthyism
Recently published study suggests mask mandates increased COVID death rate
LGBTQ advocate demands Bill Maher's cancellation by HBO, says comedian has ‘gone too far’
Beware of fake polls and paid endorsements
What do Oklahoma and Portugal have in common? Not much, besides mRNA vaccine failure
The scheme to silence Tucker Carlson
Biden's 'disinfo' board paused as 'Scary Poppins' resigns
MSNBC 'military analyst' posts video game clip claiming it's Ukraine war footage
I tried to warn mothers about US formula in 2021 and Twitter 'fact-checked' it as 'misleading'
Elon Musk and the battle for control of the internet
Fauci’s deadly COVID-19 disinfo
The desperation of Biden’s disinformation board
New internet browser launches with focus on free speech
Conservatives eye government shutdown to ax Biden DHS 'disinformation' board
Was lockdown all for nothing?
The psychology of manipulation: 6 lessons from the master of propaganda
Joe Biden’s war on disinformation will end badly (for everyone)
What do we know about COVID so far?
"You have no clue"
Some lessons from the sorry history of campus speech codes
The disinformation panic
Homeland Security's "Disinformation Board" is even more pernicious than it seems
Biden’s disinformation nanny
The Biden administration sees free speech as a public menace
California wants to listen in at your next doctor’s appointment
Another look at COVID vaccine studies
Victor Davis Hanson: The New Disinformationists
CDC and FDA 'altered' Covid guidance and even 'suppressed' findings while under political pressure, bombshell report suggests: Whistle-blower employees say they feared 'retaliation' if they spoke up
The sweet sound of censorship
How Tucker Carlson stoked white fear to conquer cable
“Joe Biden's disinformation board likened to Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth'
“Before it’s too late”
71% of elementary school math textbooks in Florida contained 'woke indoctrination'
12 job alternatives for soon to be fired Twitter content moderators
Censorship and propaganda threatens freedom
John Stossel: Wikipedia's left-wing bias
The role of parents in education
Russia hoaxer Hillary decries online ‘disinformation’
Speaking freely through the ages
USA and Canada’s plan to silence independent media
The only way to fight disinformation
Washington Post editorial board hopes Elon Musk 'doesn't win' Twitter bid
Censorship, misinformation, and democracy
Twitter faces the ‘nightmare’ of being forced into free speech
Musk offer proves how elites are terrified of free speech
Twitter tries to poison Elon
More escalations in online censorship
Left's response to Musk: 'censorship is free speech'
The epic failure of CNN+
How the schools got queered
Another January 6 narrative goes boom
The British are now officially hiding Covid vaccine data
Glenn Greenwald blasts NY Times, WaPo for painting selves as ‘victims'
Against scientific gatekeeping
Rand Paul: Once, Fauci told the truth
VIDEO: Alex Berenson - Big Tech's War Against Open Debate
Former AG Barr says Joe Biden 'lied to the American people' about Hunter's laptop
The silencing of the scientists
'Narrative of masks, lockdowns and school closures is tumbling like a house of cards'
CDC responds after reporting fewer COVID-19 pediatric deaths
'Let's Go Brandon' store opens in NJ, Facebook flags announcement
CDC eliminates 25% of pediatric COVID deaths overnight, blames it on a coding error
"Romney's "treason" smear of Tulsi Gabbard is false and noxious, but now typifies U.S. discourse
Orwell was right
New York Times reporter discusses CIA/NSA sources; ‘Ridiculous Pee Tape Didn’t Exist’
Why so silent? Edward Snowden has gone underground since Russia's invasions
Progressives declare war on Trump’s Truth Social?
Can Elon Musk's Starlink keep Ukraine online?
After banning Trump for denouncing violence, Twitter lets Putin keep his account
COVID vaccine bombshells you probably missed
Russia's crackdown on 'misinformation' too much for even CNN
Kremlin forces children to watch propaganda videos telling them that reports of a Ukraine invasion are 'Western misinformation' - as Russia also ‘limits’ access to BBC website
Czech Republic reportedly moves to criminalize speech in favor of Putin or the Russian invasion
'Russian propaganda' is the latest excuse to expand censorship
The CDC is hiding data showing vaccines don’t work
Americans’ trust in scientists, other groups declines
Why the well-educated see racism everywhere
The government’s war on thought crimes and truth-tellers
The propaganda war on the Canadian truckers
Distort the present, rewrite the past
Trust the science
Advocacy Journalism 101: Professor Hannah-Jones criticizes MSNBC for covering shoplifting stories
They don’t just lie to us about wars. They lie to us about everything.
That study of face masks does not show what the CDC claims
Were masks a waste of time?
Cancel culture pressure ramps up on tech platforms Spotify, Airbnb, and GoFundMe
Devin Nunes and Trump Media and Technology Group take on Silicon Valley
VIDEO: Democrats are pressuring companies to censor for them: a First Amendment violation
We now know how many Americans Biden left behind in Afghanistan
The pressure campaign on Spotify to remove Joe Rogan reveals the religion of liberals: censorship
VIDEO: Paul Harvey - Statistics Versus Reality
Pelosi congress claims sovereign immunity in federal court to keep secret Jan 6 videos and emails
Why academia is drawn to fascisms
The growing weight of censorship: What are they hiding?
Whoopi Goldberg reveals herself as an antisemitic ignoramus
America is done with the ro
The pressure campaign on Spotify to remove Joe Rogan reveals the religion of liberals: censorship
Why can't the CDC admit there is no solid evidence to support 'universal masking' in schools?
Study: Sixty-five percent of college students believe that they cannot speak freely on campus
The biggest education innovation is growing use of school choice
The 1/6 select committee witch hunt
The age of intolerance: cancel culture’s war on free speech
Real Covid hospitalization data from San Francisco General Hospital
Teaching censorship: NEA called on social media companies to silence its critics
VIDEO: More School Choice, Less Teachers Union
Dan Bongino tells YouTube where to ‘plant a big wet kiss’ after they suspend his account
Dr. Oz slams "petty tyrant" Fauci, challenges him to debate on COVID
Joe Biden dishonors his office with shameful ‘voting rights’ falsehoods in Georgia
CDC says 'over 75 percent' of COVID deaths were in those with 'at least 4 comorbidities'
It's dangerous to allow politicians and officials to decide what constitutes 'truth'
Military documents about gain of function contradict Fauci testimony under oath
The unpersoning of Donald Trump
“Preserve the narrative”: The public rejects the “insurrection” claim in new polling
YouTube removed video that slammed Biden for failed Afghan withdrawal
Has Covid vaccine efficacy turned negative?
What the climate scare and pandemic fearmongering have in common
The liberal fantasy of the Capitol riot
Transcript of Joe Rogan interviewing Dr. Robert Malone
YouTube and Twitter delete Joe Rogan interview with scientist who helped invent mRNA vaccines
New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently
Manufacturing contempt for Assange: How corporate media made WikiLeaks founder a scapegoat
Vaccines don’t stop COVID hospitalizations or deaths
Manufacturing contempt for Assange: How corporate media made WikiLeaks founder a scapegoat
The hounding of Julian Assange leaves honest journalism with no refuge
The case for vaccine mandates has collapsed
CDC sharply drops estimate of Omicron prevalence in U.S.
COVID propaganda roundup: American Heart Association’s vaccine warning is censored
Vaccines do not stop COVID-19 spread as governments claim
Assange's appeal to stop WikiLeaks founder being extradited to US and tried on espionage charges
How public schools brainwash young kids with harmful transgender ideology
Julian Assange is what the mainstream media pretends to be, a mirror that shows the fraud they are
Omicron: such a joke that South Africa is about to dump all contact tracing and quarantines
VIDEO: Real Evidence of Fake News: Nick Sandmann & The Covington Boys
CDC says vaccinated people can spread COVID, Twitter calls that 'misleading
Three ways to teach students how—not what—to think
The Assange case explained simply
The case against Julian Assange is also a case against a free press
The Assange case is the US defending its right to lie
Julian Assange's U.S. extradition ruling strikes a blow to press freedom
Stunning: Facebook court filing admits 'fact checks' are just a matter of opinion
UK court permits Assange extradition to US on spying charges
VAERS data indicates the COVID vaccines have killed at least 140,000 Americans
Well-structured German study shows no deaths among healthy German kids ages 5 to 11
Trump's new media platform and Rumble have distribution deal
Boys replacing girls in sports – feminists yawn
Disney caters to China censorship: Removes ‘Simpsons’ episode mocking Chinese censorship
Obituary for Russiagate
More than 400 studies on the failure of compulsory COVID interventions
OMICRON: A perfectly timed variant to scare the unruly back into submission
With low vaccination rates (6%), Africa's COVID deaths remain far below Europe and the US
Five Trump-Russia 'Collusion' Corrections We Need From the Media Now -- Just for Starters
The Biden crackdown on thought crimes
If the Vaccines Work, Why Aren't They Working?
New study from Germany confirms higher vax coverage --> higher excess mortality
Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age
Another major red flag about Covid vaccines and death
10 heinous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse debunked
Facebook and Politifact under fire for fact check on Rittenhouse gun charge
Damn the evidence, convict the white supremacist
No matter how old you are, two shots of Pfizer vaccine don’t last – study
Kyle Rittenhouse, Project Veritas, and the inability to think in terms of principles
What happens when doctors can't tell the truth?
Washington Post edits and adds editor's notes to at least a dozen Steele dossier stories
The CDC can’t prove a SINGLE instance of a naturally immune individual spreading COVID
Biden calls Satchel Paige “the great negro” – media immediately says he didn't say it
Facebook ban on supporting Rittenhouse wears thin as prosecution stumbles
Gavin Newsom's DOUBLE JAB of Covid booster and flu shot made him sick enough to cancel Scotland trip and disappear from public view for nearly two weeks until he popped up at a wedding
‘They deliberately lied’: Glenn Greenwald takes a blowtorch to top lib media outlets over ‘Russiagate’
Why are the media treating 'Let's Go Brandon' like criminal hate speech?
VIDEO: Mollie Hemingway - Indoctrination and Censorship in American Education & Media
Florida homeowner fined for displaying “Let’s Go Brandon” and pro-Trump banners on home
Why I will not take the second dose
Demonizing hydroxychloroquine has cost thousands of American lives
Caitlyn Jenner supports Dave Chappelle: ‘Woke cancel culture’ is trying to silence free speech
New Tucker Carlson series Patriot Purge claims January 6 Stop The Steal protest was 'hijacked' by professional left-wing agitators and it only became a riot when cops fired smoke grenades
Loudoun County mom says 6-year-old asked her if she was 'born evil' because she's white
Dr. Fauci's lies about funding dangerous research in Wuhan corrected by his own agency
Orwell's 1984 as manual for the woke
As YouTube bans ‘Let’s go Brandon’ for ‘medical misinformation’ it blows up in their faces, goes viral
Ed Snowden says: If you love truth, you're as much of a criminal as Julian Assange
Woke medicine’s critical harm
Highly vaccinated Singapore sets a worrying example
Feeding the liberal flock: The real reasons for the Congressional 1/6 committee
ACLU backs compelled speech policy in Loudoun County, Virginia
The frightened class
Gov. Polis tells kids to keep secrets, lie to your parents and get vaccinated
It takes a lot of education to keep us this stupid
Leftist-governed cities lead the massive fall exodus from US public schools
Vaccination rates not linked to lower COVID rates, epidemiology paper finds
The unvaccinated are looking smarter every week
Boy who pointed out the emperor has no clothes banned for misinformation
Switch to a decentralized private search engine and boycott Google
Cities lead the way in (another) massive fall exodus from US public schools
Covid, lockdown and the retreat of scientific debate
California students required to undergo PC indoctrination to get diploma
New York Times issues messy correction for error-riddled COVID story
Google and YouTube to punish content that disputes their climate change agenda
Americans' trust in media dips to second lowest on record
Democrats and media do not want to weaken Facebook, just commandeer its power to censor
How to reclaim freedom of speech in a culture of censorship
Left-wing media borg orchestrates yet another bogus hit on Tucker Carlson
Free speech immunity: YouTube bans channels airing criticism of vaccines
DHS Secretary: As many as 12,000 illegal Haitian immigrants released into the US in recent days
New proof emerges of the Biden family emails: a definitive account of the CIA/media/BigTech fraud
VIDEO: What really happened on January 6, 2021
The White House and media’s border lies are collapsing live on TV
Everything you always wanted to know about masks, and the deadly falsehoods surrounding them
College campuses have the craziest COVID-19 restrictions of all
Covid, climate, and The new denialism
As the rationale for total vaccination sputters, censorship soars
Why does no one ever talk about Sweden anymore?
FAA downs Fox News drone showing ‘out of control’ border crisis, cites ‘special security reasons’
Our most reliable pandemic number is losing meaning; a dive into the hospitalization stats
The media's shameless shielding of Joe Biden
"Extreme cover-up" - Scientists who penned lancet letter to bat down lab theory have China links
Russia blames U.S. tech giants for interference in election
Why don’t they believe us?
VIDEO: Glenn Greenwald joins Tucker to discuss his move to Rumble and growing online censorship
The war on porn: cancel culture on steroids
Truth: another casualty of the Afghanistan war
John Stossel: Coronavirus censorship
Is COVID a pandemic of the unvaccinated? Not quite.
The fear industry and the selling of COVID lockdowns
The government and CDC are lying about COVID-19 vaccine; the question is why?
Dr. Scott Atlas: Science killed itself over COVID-19
Democrat supervisors vote COVID misinformation as public health crisis
Orwell's Australia
Mainstream media outlets ignore report on Biden’s compromising call with Afghan president
White House admits Biden's claim he visited Tree of Life in wake of 2018 massacre was a lie
Jen Psaki keeps lying for Joe Biden on Afghanistan
Covid, climate, and the new denialism
Biden Administration erased Afghan weapons reports from federal websites
The media's addiction to Covid-19 ‘fear porn’ perpetuates worldwide societal damage
THE BIG LIE: As Biden repeats claim that ‘nobody could have known’ Afghan Army would collapse, bombshell transcript from July reveals he pressured Afghan President Ghani to create 'perception' Taliban wasn't winning ‘WHETHER IT'S TRUE OR NOT’
Absolute power is no COVID safety net
Facebook reported to secretly be building an election “misinformation” censorship board
Here are the thousands of teachers who say they’re willing to violate law to keep pushing CRT
Even mainstream media is now asking big questions about COVID vaccines
Vaccine mandates and the "great reset"
People left severely injured by the Covid-19 vaccines speak out to warn others and express regret
Will Covid fearmongers ever let the pandemic end?
Let's stop pretending about the Covid-19 vaccines
Living in the liberal media’s ‘Twilight Zone’
Do the people who rushed to get the COVID shot have buyer's remorse?
Boost the insanity
The Afghanistan debacle has exposed the moral bankruptcy of the West
Twitter under fire for allowing Taliban propaganda while banning Trump
Vaccine mandates and the pretense of knowledge
YouTube suspends Rand Paul for supporting science over religion
CDC forced to "adjust" Sunday's Florida "record" COVID count lower by almost 50%
You can never do everything, but you can always do something
Don't surrender to the pandemic control freaks
Alex Berenson: A 3rd COVID shot? Boost the insanity
Censorship is worse than hate speech
Why Johnny can’t think
Majority of hospitalized COVID-19 patients at hospital in Israel are fully vaccinated
Vaccine passports are new form of "segregation" for black communities
Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects over a three-month period following the launch
Editor-in-chief of Germany’s top newspaper apologizes for fear-driven COVID coverage
Why have advocacy journalism when you can have just advocacy?
Trump amends Big Tech lawsuit as 65,000 Americans submit censorship stories
Public schools must shape kids who love America and our founding
600,000 deaths has never looked more like zero
Cuba: The dictatorship and the "blockade" lie
The mythological white supremacist
It's not the vaccine, stupid
Town drops obscenity case against New Jersey Homeowner for 'fuck Biden' signs
Coercion, COVID, and free will
The new censorship is a major threat to America's future
Who gets to decide the truth?
The FBI might have another public relations disaster
“We’ve got to fight disinformation,” says empire made entirely of disinformation
Rand Paul accuses Fauci of lying to Congress about gain-of-function research funding
Experts warn accurate news articles are misinformation if they support conservative views
Judge says 'fuck Biden' signs are obscenity and orders their removal
Biden administration admits to helping control what you’re allowed to know
Speech is protected by the First Amendment even when it discourages vaccination
The government should stop telling Facebook to suppress COVID-19 'misinformation'
Big Tech "acting like arms of the government" - Senator Hawley warns "it's scary stuff"
The median age of COVID deaths was higher than life expectancy just about everywhere
The anti-educators
Why Big Tech will lose the censorship wars
YouTube blocks ACU from posting speeches from CPAC 2021
The rise of a generation of censors: Law schools the latest battlement over free speech
Multiple counties now lowering COVID death counts after reviewing actual cause of death
Section 230 facially violates 1st Amendment by sub-contracting censorship
Blessed are the sense-makers
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: The median age of COVID death is often older than life expectancy."
The horrifying rise of total mass media blackouts on inconvenient news stories
Journalist to sue New York Times after false depiction in US Capitol riot documentary
How the Babylon Bee is fighting back
COVID unmasked the public education cartel, teachers and school boards
Can you say 'ivermectin' in the USA?
The Biden administration’s domestic terrorism strategy threatens to criminalize speech and thought
Critical race theory can't be banned. It can be exposed, mocked, and avoided.
The critical race theory debate wouldn't matter if we had more school choice
Report: United States ranks last in media trust
Why fake news flourishes: emitting mere information is easy, but creating actual knowledge is hard
Spotify bans song with opening lyrics “they might ban me for the song”
Are COVID vaccines riskier than advertised?
Slouching toward post-journalism
New study links Ivermectin to ‘large reductions’ in COVID-19 deaths
What happened when Trump tried to stop U.S. funding for the Communist Chinese Wuhan lab
A court ruled Rachel Maddow's viewers know she offers exaggeration and opinion, not facts
The Biden no-go zones
The science around the lab leak theory hasn't changed. But here's why some scientists have.
Amazon deletes America’s Frontline Doctors’ website from the Internet
Donald Trump: A plan to get divisive & radical theories out of our schools
CDC and Democrat politicians could be guilty of mass murder and crimes against humanity
YouTube to ban content that contradicts WHO on COVID-19, despite track record of misinformation
Another January 6 falsehood: $30 million in damages to the Capitol
The world loves free speech — except when they're offended
The media didn’t ‘get it wrong’ on Lafayette Park, they lied to America — and they’re still lying
Yet another media tale -- Trump tear-gassed protesters for a church photo op -- collapses
Authors facing increasing pressure to retroactively edit their work to appease critics
Poll: Americans overwhelmingly oppose teaching critical race theory in schools
Justice Department losing trust of the American people. Here's why
VIDEO: Why millennials hate free speech and what to do about it
The lab-leak theory: evidence beyond a reasonable doubt
When fighting 'misinformation' is really fighting free speech
Obamas creating Netflix animated series to ‘reframe’ children’s understanding of government
What happens when doctors can't tell the truth?
How the media’s COVID lies weaken America
Washington Post corrects 15-month-old headline falsely calling Wuhan lab theory ‘debunked’
Our legacy corporate media is full of liars and propagandists
USA Today scrubs 'male' from teen's op-ed on competing against transgender athletes
As the big lie about Sicknick persists, alleged attackers languish in jail
VIDEO: Facebook whistleblowers detail effort to secretly censor vax concerns on global scale
RAT IN A TRAP: Fauci admits COVID may have been man-made — admits to funding Chinese labs!
The Biden administration is still lying about January 6
eBay says it will let governments automatically remove listings
Corporate media's double standard: they attack whomever they want, but you cannot criticize them
Why you need to read Josh Hawley’s 'The Tyranny of Big Tech'
VIDEO: Ayn Rand on Freedom of Speech
How Facebook uses ‘fact-checking’ to suppress scientific truth
The woke generation is demonizing dissent and due process
The World Health Organization endorses lockdowns forever
Green energy is politics, not science
Black parent compares critical race theory to KKK intimidation tactics
COVID-19 MRNA shots are legally NOT vaccines
Lines at gas stations are a feature, not a bug, of Biden's green future
A welcome backlash against critical race theory
Optimism, Inc.: One too many lies?
How woke progressives rhetorically rape you
What's behind vaccine hysteria?
Federal gov’t telling Facebook to silence those with vaccine safety concerns says lawsuit
When fighting 'misinformation' is really fighting free speech
College soccer player suing coach who benched her after she refused to kneel during protest
BLM demands Trump be permanently banned from 'all digital media platforms'
Florida passes social media bill that would punish companies for banning politicians
Huge California fire last year was arson meant to conceal woman’s murder, officials say
Dr. Copper is talking, are you listening?
Flu has disappeared worldwide during the COVID pandemic
The CDC can't stop undermining Its own credibility
Where to get straight news
Corporate media and other race-baiters have incited more violence than Trump ever did
The media lied repeatedly about officer Brian Sicknick's death. And they just got caught.
The puppy dog media
Government censorship is the worst cancel culture of all
Where's Dr. Fauci as another Corona-myth dies?
I am a '2020 doubter'
Pentagon scientists claimed to have developed a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show any symptoms and a filter that will extract the virus from blood
January 6 is the new Russiagate lie
What would a real Capitol Hill riot look like?
Supreme Court Justice Thomas suggests Facebook, Twitter could be regulated like utilities
Can we finally stop pretending that George Floyd’s death had anything to do with racism?
Congress, in a five-hour hearing, demands tech CEOs censor the Internet even more aggressively
Trump’s social media platform to launch in 3–4 months
Banned from YouTube: Damning video details Tesla's 'full self driving' claims versus reality
When the powerful say truth is a lie and lies are the truth, no one will stand up for America but you
The border crisis images Biden wanted to hide
Boulder shooter is ISIS sympathizer, leftists hardest hit
Reporters call out Biden administration for lack of transparency at the US-Mexico border
Inside the crowded makeshift migrant 'overflow' tent in Texas where 400 unaccompanied male minors are being held in 'terrible conditions' - as Biden BANS media access to facilities.Government censorship is the worst cancel culture of all
Indoctrination: The left’s attack on our public schools
Biden administration limits what border patrol can share with media about migrant surge at border
De jure and de facto censorship: why we need to be concerned about both
Facebook puts new restrictions on groups and individuals to curb spread of free speech
The education establishment fears you might teach your kids unapproved ideas
Victor Davis Hanson: The legends of our fall
The war on free speech is about to get a lot uglier
6 questions officials still haven’t answered after weeks of hearings on the Capitol attack
Politicians and MSM compare those who question vaccine safety to “domestic terrorists”
Academic freedom keeps shrinking
“Don’t go down the rabbit hole!” — NY Times decries critical thinking tells us to trust Google instead
VIDEO: Cuomo, Fauci and the Media - March 2020
Study: Political discrimination threatening academic freedom in US, UK, and Canada
Criticizing public figures, including influential journalists, is not harassment or abuse
The weaponization of the term "far right"
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he’s launching social media website after Twitter ban
Cancel culture run amok
Why Dr. Seuss is worth defending
Communist tactics to force self-censorship sweeping America
Texas moves to outlaw Big Tech censorship of opposing viewpoints
The self-silencing majority
The truth be cancelled
All Americans need to fight cancel culture
When lies matter more than facts
America's largest bookstore gets into the censorship business
New 'red scare' shutting down conservative voices in media
House Democrats, targeting right-wing cable outlets, are assaulting core press freedoms
The government censors are here
Lawmakers to cable providers: Why are you letting news channels say these things?
Trump courts billionaire backers as he plans conservative-friendly social media platform
Techno-censorship: The slippery slope from censoring ‘disinformation’ to silencing truth
No proof January 6 was an ‘armed insurrection’
'Cancel culture' is a dangerous, totalitarian trend
Congress escalates pressure on tech giants to censor more, threatening the First Amendment
Lies about Capitol officer Brian Sicknick ominously foreshadow Democrats’ ‘truth commission’
The insurrection lie: False reports from January 6th continue to unravel
The left's sinister conspiracy to silence conservatives
I've been banned by Twitter. You're next
What if the leftists want a civil war?
Disney cancels Gina Carano for reminding Americans of an inconvenient truth
House impeachment brief against Trump threatens freedom of speech of all Americans
Calling for an “American Ministry of Truth”
Stop sensationalizing the threat of right-wing political violence
Americans abandoning free speech better brace for the consequences
YouTube demonetizes the Epoch Times
Enemies of the Deep State: the government’s war on domestic terrorism is a trap
How to deprogram us
Biden signs executive order to ban the term ‘China virus’
Trust in media at all time low: majority believe reporters purposefully trying to mislead people
The boot is coming down hard and fast
Right on cue for Biden, WHO admits high-cycle PCR tests produce COVID false positives
MSM calls for “new definition of free speech”
Twitter competitor Gab backed up Trump's Twitter account and recreated it on their platform
How to read the news in totalitarianism
Will good people stand by while censorship threatens America?
Poland slams social media deplatforming of Trump as government readies anti-censorship law
Trump campaign no longer able to send out emails after mail service suspends access
YouTube will ban all videos highlighting voter fraud
Twitter allows 'hang Mike Pence' to trend after banning Trump for 'inciting violence'
Parler ban coordinated effort 'to put a competitor out of business'
MSM already using Capitol Hill riot to call for more Internet censorship
Twitter permanently removes Trump’s account from its platform
The case against Julian Assange is also a case against a free press
School choice threatened under Biden
Facebook, Instagram block Trump for ‘at least’ the rest of his presidency
“Baseless conspiracy theories” and our knowledge crisis
Kamala tells tall tale of how she fell out of a stroller during civil rights march, then told her mom all she wanted was “fweedom” – story was lifted from 1965 Playboy interview with MLK!
Social engineers use weaponized psychology to push unproven vaccines
Hunter Biden laptop lawsuit gives Twitter unpleasant legal choices
The great 2020 Seasonal flu/influenza disappearing act
The biggest example of media malfeasance in 2020 is...
Wrong again: 2020’s failed climate doomsaying
The year teachers unions killed the goose that laid the golden egg
Chinese citizen journalist sentenced to four years for coronavirus reporting
Suppressing 'hate speech' on social media drives users to new platforms
Congress blocks school choice in new stimulus package
Public schools are losing their captive audience of children
VIDEO: Rand Paul - Masks Are “All About Submission”
VIDEO: The Covid-19 data is a ‘travesty’
Visa and Mastercard submit to politicians trying to put the squeeze on Pornhub
How the media covered up the Hunter Biden story — until after the election
Offensive license plates are free speech, court tells California
Largest ever research integrity survey flounders as universities refuse to cooperate
YouTube attempts to silence the Mises Institute
A time of chaos upon chaos atop chaos
Tucker: Big Tech's coordinated suppression amounts to a 'censorship cartel'
Post-George Floyd, a wave of 'anti-racist' teaching sweeps k-12 schools targeting 'whiteness'
Michigan Attorney General threatens criminal prosecution over posting of video alleging voter fraud
Social media censorship now seeking to shelter voter fraud
Glenn Greenwald on his resignation from The Intercept
Russophrenia – or how a collapsing country runs the world
There is a solution to Big Tech censorship — but no politician will touch it
Conditioning kids to believe they are racists
Walter E Williams: Disgusting professorial teachings
Uniquely bad—but not uniquely American
"Still think this is an idea?" - San Francisco free-speech marchers, police violently attacked by Antifa
Facebook and Twitter cross a line far more dangerous than what they censor
Walter E Williams: The fight for free speech
Crumbling case against Assange shows weakness of "hacking" charges related to whistleblowing
White House will cancel racial sensitivity training for all federal employees
Don't force schools to reopen, but don't force families to pay for closed schools either
Walter E Williams: Institutional racism
I stand with Tucker Carlson
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson - The Fight for Inequality: Racial Division by Design
VIDEO: Black Wisdom Matters - The State of Racism in America
Walter E Williams: Insults to black history
Andrew Napolitano: The afterlife of America's original sin
College to remove word “freedom” from ID cards after petition says it’s offensive to some minorities
Op-Ed: Those who exercise free speech should also defend it — even when it’s offensive
Vermont principal put on leave for not agreeing with Black Lives Matter
Models can’t predict next week’s weather, so why should we trust them to predict climate change?
Washington health officials: Gunshot victims counted as COVID-19 deaths
The CDC's new 'best estimate' implies a COVID-19 infection fatality rate below 0.3%
The real climate science deniers
The US is dramatically overcounting coronavirus deaths
YouTube censors epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski for opposing lockdown
The inevitable coronavirus censorship crisis is here
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