PG&E pleads guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter tied to deadliest wildfire In California history
The extraordinary hypocrisy of public health experts
Three ways lockdowns are costing human live
Why conservatives and liberals are responding to COVID-19 in vastly different ways
Many COVID-19 lockdown rules seem like arbitrary nonsense
Why I didn’t rat on my neighbor for cutting hair
How the CDC and the FDA wrecked the economy
A woman set up a little free pantry without a permit. The county threatened criminal charges.
Can you beat COVID-19 without a lockdown? Sweden Is trying
How the CDC and the FDA wrecked the economy
Why the government Is no good at fighting Coronavirus
Dump the FDA for a healthier America
Tear up your census form for a better America
Walter E Williams: Managing a disaster
FDA tells at-home diagnostics companies to stop Coronavirus test roll-outs
The plastic bag ban backfires
Orange County threatens to jail people who walk outside with others not in household
How Italy's socialized medicine deals with overload: Let the old folks die
VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Those Evil Robber Barons
John Stossel: Bloomberg the nanny
Vaping prohibition would create black markets and put American health at risk
Feds still persecuting hemp growers with new THC testing standards
Airport chaos looms with 181 MILLION Americans needing new IDs to travel
California bill would require occupational licenses for porn actors, strippers, cam girls
A government license for 'art therapy,' because glue and scissors are 'potentially' dangerous?
Licensing parents? The latest bad idea In America’s licensure craze
Massage parlor panic
California energy policies are fueling the housing crisis and homelessness
Proposed bill to make cellphone use under 21 a crime punishable by 1 year in prison
Australia aims to ban cash spending
Michelle Obama’s school lunch program faces new cuts on former first lady’s birthday
Robots takeover Domino's new supply chain center
John Stossel: Occupational licensing hurts the little guy
New Jersey bill would crack down on both plastic and paper bags
VIDEO: John Stossel: Government bans ambulance competition
Vaping panic ignores how e-cigarettes save lives
Pending ban on flavored e-cigarettes in Massachusetts authorizes forfeiture of vapers' cars
Why raw butter producers are suing the FDA
Congressional hearings conflate vaping with smoking, legal e-cigarettes with black-market THC products
Trump's new executive orders To restrain the administrative state
Court says using chalk on tires for parking enforcement violates Constitution
Why Is the CDC still fostering potentially deadly confusion about vaping and lung disease?
Fighting the minimum wage: McDonald’s makes a move to automate the drive-thru
Overbearing regulations are slowly killing restaurants
Citizens now charged with a crime for repairing their own car in their own garage
Judges appear set to rule against Obamacare individual mandate
Central planning is poisonous to innovation
New cars to be equipped with breathalyzers, drivers given mental health assessments
His house Is worth $125K. The fine over his lawn Is $30k
Is California ready to ban gas-powered cars? Not yet. But they're thinking about it
Idaho repeals its regulatory code
California's rent control advocates are about to get what they want, good and hard
Democrats want to fight poverty, but don't value letting people work
New bill will force owners of hybrid & electric cars to pay fees to offset gas they don’t buy
The GPS granny nanny
California lawmakers propose soda tax, outlawing super-size sugary drinks
Study: Crackdown on prescriptions drove up Hep. C infections
Welcome to the literal nanny state
Chronic pain patients gather to protest opioid regulations
California governor calls for a tax on the very water citizens drink
Fast food is getting more expensive as minimum wages rise
Please, TSA workers, don’t come back
With government shut down, citizens forced to interfere in their own lives
Mom tells neighbors her 9-year-old could help them do chores, cops arrive with child labor concerns
Raising age to buy tobacco would be costly — to individual liberty
Kiss what is left of your medical data privacy goodbye
New York City greets the new year with a host of new nanny-state rules
Prices rise as the minimum wage increases in several states
Trump administration sets record for lowest number of regulations
Mom Arrested, Jailed for letting 7-year-old watch his 4-year-old brother at home alone
Name one government agency that doesn’t do the exact opposite of its purpose
Walter E Williams: FDA policies kill
Congress ramps up war on sex workers and their customers with four new 'protection' laws
The EPA wants to get out of puddles and ditches. Environmental activists are outraged.
District court judge in Texas holds Obamacare is unlawful
Without an Obamacare penalty, many are planning to drop health plans. The consequences could be dire.
AMA decries the impact of the CDC's opioid guidelines on pain treatment
The government says falconers have to give up their privacy and free speech rights in order to own birds
Gov’t denies homeless people food by raiding charity, pouring bleach on food to destroy it
'Ecstasy' study results promising for PTSD
5 things Canada got right when it legalized pot
Defaming Muhammad does not fall under purview of free speech, European court rules
You could soon be manufacturing your own drugs—thanks to 3D printing
Brothers face $450,000 in fines for cutting trees on their own property without asking gov’t first
USDA school lunches still stink
VIDEO: should you need the government's permission to work?
Gov. Brown signs stupid straw bill
Meet the robot lawyer fighting fines, fees, and red tape
Why electric vehicles are paper straw dumb
New e-cigarette restrictions could be lethal
VIDEO: Charles Murray - Regulation Nation: A Strategy to Fight Back
How government regulations made healthcare so expensive
Criminalizing childhood: school safety measures aren’t making the schools any safer
Coffee does not merit cancer warning label ordered in California, FDA says
Let there be light bulbs! Trump looks to flip switch on Obama
California bill limits drinks offered in kids meals
US Senators to introduce a bill regulating e-liquid flavors
Senate Democrats are circulating plans for government takeover of the Internet
Trump pumps the brakes on Obama-era fuel standards
John Stossel: Working for tips
Hilarious straw ban memes hit on the dark truth that all laws require force
San Francisco bans straws, cocktail swords
More and more of what we do depends on government permission
Trump to propose blocking California’s clean car standards: report
As branches close, some banks are saying they don't want people's money
U.S. to make more drugs easily available, cutting role docs play
Why a Democratic City council is working with a Republican congress to overturn a minimum wage bill
Laws that are 'impossible' to follow can still be Constitutional, says California court
Why "Permit Patty" called the cops on an 8-year-old entrepreneur
VIDEO: How Government Makes Air Travel More Dangerous
Fighting the high minimum wage: first "robot created burger" restaurant opening in San Francisco
Chopping down own trees nets man $22,500 in fines
Country Time stands up to “arcane laws” against kids lemonade stands
Trump to sign 'right to try' bill next week
Europe plans ban on plastic cutlery, straws and more
It's time to put our federal meat inspection law out to pasture
Why regulations are another elite war against common folk
The issue is liberty, not gambling
California politicians are hellbent on telling you how to live
This Taco Bell can't get a liquor license because city officials don't like Taco Bell
California's boneheaded solar remedy for climate change
Texas Health Department considers cracking down on CBD
The lethal success of pain pill restrictions
John Stossel: Hating DeVos
Seattle’s proposed employment tax is just the city's latest self-inflicted wound
Over-regulation is making us more vulnerable to disease
Are restrictions on opioids a threat to human rights?
Why Americans are avoiding the doctor
Los Angeles is ending its war on street food
How High Are Recreational Marijuana Taxes in Your State?
California progressives launch (another) attack on free speech
Drivers using mobile phones could be fined without even knowing they’ve been caught
My Family's peashooter is now an illegal 'assault weapon' in this Illinois town
The unintended consequences of the minimum wage
Judge says coffee must come with a cancer warning in California
CDC admits Rx opioid deaths ‘significantly inflated’
FDA’s Low-Nicotine Cigarette Scheme Is an Invitation to Black Market Vendors
FL students who begged gov’t to take their rights away, now angry gov’t took away their rights
New law will make it illegal for people to walk and smoke at the same time
Canadian disabled man denied care but offered euthanasia
PornHub takes up the slack after YouTube bans gun modification videos
House passes bill that would give patients access to experimental drugs
Government's option destroyers target menthol cigarettes and flavored e-cigs
Trump's 'tough' drug policies are not smart
Why the government shouldn't break up Google
TSA accused of searching domestic travelers’ devices with no warrant
There ought not be a law
VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Phil Donahue Interview 1979
SF to charge vacant-lot owners for rainwater that runs down the drain
Flippy the burger flipping robot Is now cooking at the CaliBurger fast food chain
84yo Holocaust Survivor abused by TSA draws ominous parallel with her time in Auschwitz
From the land of fruits and nuts: California city ban distracted walking
How environmentalists keep heating bills high
LA has criminalized poverty by making it illegal to sleep In cars
Idaho is ignoring Obamacare rules. That could set off a free market chain reaction.
Study: thanks to fracking, we don’t need Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) to meet Paris climate target
VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Discovering Government is Not the Answer
Free market, better medicine
People will eat what they want, not what government prefers
New York legislators unveil legislation banning Tide pods
FDA begins implementing awful food-safety law
Cops raid licensed chef’s home, steal his cooking equipment—for feeding the homeless
VIDEO: Give a Straw, Go to Jail
Sonora man takes on feds over vape product regulations
E-Cigarettes can be lifesavers
Why no gadget can prove how stoned you are
Tyrannical Law will throw waiters in jail who offer customers unsolicited plastic straws
The plan is for driverless police cars to patrol freeways to insure zero speeders
Busybodies minding your own business: California may label coffee a cancer risk
Minimum wage hikes inflict maximum pain
Government-approved workouts? The fight against fitness licensing.
Minimum wage hikes inflict maximum pain
A breath of healthcare freedom for the New Year
VIDEO: Harry Browne - Abolish the FDA
The other ugly truth about minimum wage hikes
What has government done to our bathrooms?
Seattle's minimum wage killed the 'five-dollar footlong'
John Stossel: Punish poor people
British National Health Service cancels 50,000 surgeries
Red Robin eliminates positions after minimum wage hikes
Justice Department claims that increasing traffic stops by 56% will lower crime
Regulations at 'lowest count since records began being kept in the mid-1970s'
The six ways Trump has cut red tape so far
California is taxing the hell out of pot, but Washington is even greedier
Will the Government Ban Human Driving?
Stop Pretending Sober Drivers Are Stoned
Legalize sports betting
Six insane California laws that go into effect today
New stricter California gun laws to take effect in 2018
Santa calls it quits
Why governments treat you like a number, not an individual
Net neutrality vs. Internet freedom
$15 minimum wage studies predict bleak future for California, Seattle
The big con: The truth behind Net Neutrality and why the sky Is not falling
California wildfires don’t have to be the new normal
Musician arrested, strip searched, thrown in jail for singing without a license
Since feeding the homeless is now illegal, a group carried AR15s to give out food—it worked
Trump brags about his deregulation—and he may be right
Feds crack down on new national security threat: unlicensed massages
Trump, Rand Paul come to the rescue in new health care executive order
Why you may need a passport next year to fly from city to city within the United States
50 state study shows that more requirements lead to less jobs
If you live in one of these nine states, you'll soon need a passport to fly domestically
Chicago's soda tax fizzles
Rand Paul: The insurance companies are extorting us, Trump stopped that
California politicians demand pet stores must sell rescue animals only
How the minimum wage entrenches inequality and economic privilege
Chicago’s awesome new soda tax produces predicted results
Rand Paul: ‘I won’t be bribed or bullied’ on repeal vote
A case against the minimum wage
Slash government regulations, cut red tape, and prosper
FDA Pushing Forward with Terrible Menu-Labeling Rules
Innovation drives the small manufacturing boomif it can survive regulatory meddling
Face first into bureaucratic madness – opening a hot dog stand in California
Repeal Obamacare & trust the free market
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on why he's rejecting Net Neutrality rules
Enforcement looms of FDA's menu labeling regulations
Uber deploys secret weapon against undercover regulators
Walter E Williams: Minimum Wage and Discrimination
Trump transition leader’s goal is two-thirds cut in EPA employees
Of all the many candidates, here are the craziest regulations in the Obama era
Californians fooled into banning plastic bags to help profit line of special interests
EPA rushing through regulations after Trump election
Is Obamacare really affordable? Not for the middle class
Last chance to get rid of Obamacare
Regulations, low interest rates force banks to jack up fees
Isn’t $1.9 trillion a year lost to federal regulations enough? 
Government regulation of business: protection or harm?
Re-think ineffective DUI checkpoints
It now costs $3500 for a 10-year old to legally open a lemonade stand
Want to reduce the price of EpiPens? approve some competition!
See why the TSA stopped a nine-year old with pacemaker from flying home
State forcing flood victims to obtain permits before fixing their homes
Reminder: Obamacare is still a disaster
Study: $15 minimum wage kills 7 million jobs
Stop the government promotion of massive food waste
The option-destroyers: New FDA vaping regulations will harm public health
State hair braiding laws kill jobs, punish minority workers most
Can you have your subsidized peanut butter cake and eat it, too?
The FDA's insane definition of 'tobacco product' drives vaping innovation
Humana waves bye-bye, the latest nail in ObamaCare’s coffin
Do the unfriendly skies of TSA actually make us safer?
As predictedCalifornia's minimum wage rises increase unemployment
A 13.2% Obamacare premium increase will jolt Californians next year
You need 4 different licenses to shine shoes in DC.
Drop that red cup! City criminalizes college parties
Philadelphia’s soda tax is a bad idea other cities will copy
Chatbot lawyer program overturns 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York!
VIDEO: Milton Friedman - FDA Vs The Free Market
Adult women can't consent to sex in Louisiana
East Coast states want to tax drivers' travel, not their gas
Obama is regulating to death the financial and individual freedom of Americans
JOHN STOSSEL: Warning: Labels

California politicians plot to tax drivers by the mile (here comes GPS tracking)
The FDA's latest terrible idea: The foolish war on salt
Congress ignores the rules: Job-killing red tape for thee, not for me
More proof Americans are drowning in regulations
Gov't minding your business: NYC looks stupid again as it declares war on salt
Government bullies get a taste of their own medicine
Self-Employed business owners decry costs of health care, red tape
Obamacare forcing hundreds of thousands into part-time work
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Elitist Arrogance (II) produces a despicable vision
Why it's time to privatize the TSA
Scientist says CO2 cuts could impoverish the world
Why the FDA's updated nutrition facts label is a stinker
Workers don't need government's help to earn higher wages
Ron Paul explains government can't help; it can only hurt
JOHN STOSSEL: Taught not to try
Clueless legislators deter smokers from vaping
Minimum wage, maximum folly:  The uncool and immoral fight for $15
WALTER E WILLIAMS: Elitist Arrogance pushes away entry level jobs
Why can't Congress stop the EPA's assault on private property rights?
Bureaucracy is the biggest enemy of liberty
Airport lines and the TSA: your government is failing you
The toxic combination of bad regulations and lawyers in California
Licensing: How gov't takes away your right to do something, then sells it back
TSA’s union power grab: thousands slowing down airports
California moves to end unprecedented water restrictions
Homeland Security helps take down unlicensed massage therapists
America's Other Epidemic: Chronic Untreated Pain
Sports Authority: killed by minimum wages and “showrooming”
The Obama administration’s Bureau of Bathroom Management
Why Vape? E-Cig Companies Are Not Allowed to Say
The compounding cost of regulations runs into trillions
The cruelty of the $15 Minimum Wage
E-Cigarette company sues FDA to save industry from prohibition
Why you should want to criminalize reckless driving but legalize drunk driving
AAA: Tests for driver impairment by marijuana are flawed
California governor makes some water restrictions permanent 
WAR ON CASH: Larry Summers calls for the ban on all notes above $50
Are facts turning the tide against soda taxes?
New FDA E-Cigarette regulations anger business owners
The FDA's new tobacco rules will be terrible for cigar smokers too