October 23, 2020


fromAIER: This year has given us a new ideology with totalitarian tendencies. It has a vision of hell, of heaven, and a means of transition. It has a unique language apparatus. It has a mental focus. 

Censoring the Biden story: How social media becomes state media

fromTheHill: If the emails and images are genuine, then the Bidens appear to have lied for years as a raw influence-peddling scheme worth millions stretched from China to Ukraine to Russia.

Uniquely bad—but not uniquely American

fromCityJournal: Slavery was a mundane fact in most human civilizations. It appeared in the earliest settlements of Sumer, Babylonia, China, and Egypt, and it continues in many parts of the world to this day.

The media’s shameful Hunter Biden abdication

fromNationalReview: NPRadio is free to cover whatever news it deems important. But if it runs interference a the preferred presidential candidate, it should do so without the $250 million provided by taxpayers every year. 

Walter E Williams: Disgusting professorial teachings

fromCreators: Vanderbilt University scientist Heather Caslin Findley says that "white supremacy, racism, and prejudice" are perpetuated by the concept of "academic freedom." 

Rampant shoplifting leads to another Walgreens closing in S.F.

fromSanFranciscoChronicle: Under California law, theft of less than $950 in goods is treated as a nonviolent misdemeanor. Most of the time the suspect is released with conditions.