October 27, 2020


Something wicked this way comes: anarchy is being loosed upon the nation

fromRutherfordInstitute: It doesn’t take a weatherman to realize when a storm is brewing: clouds gather, the wind begins to blow, and an almost-palpable tension builds. It’s the same way with freedom. 

How expert worship is ruining science

fromAmericanMind: Can we convince the current “scientific establishment” to get back to the roots? 

Russophrenia – or how a collapsing country runs the world

fromStrategicCulture: A country with GDP comparable to Australia cannot afford to be a superpower, fight a protracted war in Syria, fight in the Ukraine and develop its own equipment to match the U.S..

Cuomo’s New York: police invade private homes of Orthodox Jews to crack down on gatherings

fromGatewayPundit: Police are now entering private homes to crack down on Jewish gatherings. Haven’t we seen this play out somewhere else before? 

Joe Biden’s not-so-secret plan to pack the Supreme Court

fromRealClearPolicy: Candidate Biden has been coy about his plans. He has repeatedly refused to answer pointed questions about packing the Supreme Court. Don’t be fooled.  

A free press has a responsibility to be fair

fromAdvancingTime: In many ways, the media has become viewed more as a tool of the establishment than the protector of the people and defender of our rights.