December 3, 2020


20 alleged election "facts" that don't pass the smell test

fromZeroHedge: Americans have common sense, so they can understand when they’re being played (for example, when politicians place Americans under house arrest and then ignore their own rules to party and travel).
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

Glenn Greenwald: Nothing Trump did compares to the 'moral evil' of Bush's and Obama's wars

fromReason: The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist on Joe Biden, free speech, and leaving The Intercept.
Defense Versus The War Machine

Fox News canceled this popular pro-Trump host for one terrible reason

fromBlackEyePolitics: The network sidelined a popular host known for supporting the President at a time when the President’s fight to contest the election was as much a PR campaign as a legal battle.
Media Bias on Parade

Trump’s Michael Flynn pardon is only the beginning of the justice this nation deserves

fromTheFederalist: The corporate media has refused to tell Americans the truth, so I will. Here are six key aspects of the case that expose the Obama-Biden administration's travesty of justice.
Justice is a Result, Not Just a Process

Los Angeles County banned outdoor dining. There's zero evidence it spreads COVID-19

fromReason: Restaurant owners speak out about the "crippling" order, which will last at least three weeks.
The Government is Not Us

‘Only a one in 17 billion chance hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work’: medical professor

fromSkyNews: “There’s no controversy over whether or not hydroxychloroquine works. The controversy is on the public health approach to COVID-19."
The Government is Not Us