March 3, 2021

fromWashingtonExaminer:  How leftist zealots plan to replace civics classes with activist brainwashing.

fromEpochTimes:  Playing the race card allows them to detract attention from their own corruption and the radical ideas they espouse.

fromCNN:  CNN propaganda piece shared to illustrate Trump's contention that they are dealing in fake news.

fromActivistPost:  The company that once admonished the world “Don’t Be Evil” not only removed that phrase as their main slogan, but has become a direct threat to freedom on an unprecedented scale.

fromFrontPageMag:  Brands don’t go broke because they get woke, they go woke because they’re going broke, and don’t know how to stop the slow but steady collapse of their business.

fromOANN:  "Gender identity doesn't erase physiological advantages." - Linnea Saltz