April 10, 2021                                             Special All Nitwittery Edition

fromTheFederalist: It's long past time our elected politicians use the powers they have to protect their constituents from the powerful and wealthy private interests who have so casually set us in their sights. 

fromWashingtonExaminer: The authors explain that “racial inequity” in hospitals is negatively affecting patients and propose solutions such as “cash transfers and discounted or free care” for minorities only. 

fromEpochTimes: In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Fay Vincent argued that Robert Manfred likely made the decision to boycott Atlanta without first examining the substance of the election reforms. 

fromAmericanMilitaryNews: It stands to reason that only gays would prefer the men's facility. 

fromEpochTimes: A look back at how American exceptionalism was always part of Coca-Cola’s identity, until it wasn’t. Or, how woke Coke became a joke.

fromAmericanThinker: The entertainment industry is dead set on making its products the complete opposite of entertaining...for your own good.