April 23, 2021                                             

fromAmericanThinker: Without an acquittal or a mistrial — either of which would have unquestionably given rise to increased violence — Rep. Waters and most Democrats actually want the bedlam to continue.

fromTheFederalist: Perhaps they assessed the risks of getting COVID compared to the risks of an experimental medical treatment whose long-term effects are unknown, and decided that the former is a risk they’re willing to take.

fromAmericanGreatness: Whites made the country and the greatest civilization—not because they were white, but because of the values they held. Hatred of whites is ultimately hatred of those values.

fromReason: Bans on dangling objects are just one example of the myriad petty rules that give police the power to stop nearly any driver at will.

fromFreeThoughtProject: Citizens are forced to prove their innocence, costing motorists thousands of dollars to obtain legal representation, a process many may seem to be humiliating, costly, and unwarranted.
The Government is Not Us                       Police State America

fromTheFrontPage: It’s okay to riot in D.C., and assault government buildings and police officers again.