May 6, 2021                                             

fromEpochTimes: When justice no longer involves the equal application of the laws, it ceases to be justice.
The Government is Not Us                                              Police State America

fromReason: Maybe drawings can deter elected officials from their outrageous spending habits where detailed reports have failed to attract their attention.

fromAmericanMind: Wherever, however, don’t back down. Force others to check their premises.

fromGlennGreenwald/Substack: Journalists with major outlets know they spread a false, retracted story about the FBI and Giuliani but refuse to remove it, because their real job is spreading disinformation.

fromFoxNews: Mainstream outlets face deluge of criticism for retracted Giuliani story, use of anonymous sources. Anonymous sources have been the major vehicle for delivering fake news

fromCNN: When the admin say "may" you should hear "already is." The Democratic Party is all about criminalizing its political opponents.