May 14, 2021                                             

fromTheBulletin: By the end of this article, you may have learned a lot about the molecular biology of viruses. You will also learn who developed the COVID virus and why.

fromReason/YouTube: Good intentions, bad results.

fromZeroHedge: Job openings soar to record high 8.1 million, smashing Wall Street expectations. Why work when Uncle Joe will pay you to do nothing.

fromHotAir: According to Politico, White House officials are seeking — and receiving — the right to “ghost edit” publications’ copy, or at least the parts of it that came from their own conversations with reporters.

fromReason: Like all tools of tyranny, once instituted, they will become permanent.

fromAmericanThinker: About 50 years ago, the court decided that with penumbras and emanations, it could discover things in the Constitution that are not actually written there.  Justices were no longer merely interpreting the Constitution; they were rewriting it, under the guise of interpretation, to suit those that had appointed them.