June 16, 2021                                             

fromAmericanThinker: If it positions itself as a strong advocate for personal freedom right now, it will become the natural home for all Americans (of all backgrounds) who object to the growing shadow of government authority.

fromRealClearPolitics: On MSNBC, former president Trump has received 129% of the coverage of President Biden, followed closely by CNN's 118%.

fromFEE: Anything that contradicts state-approved propaganda will be scrubbed from their website.
Indoctrination and Censorship                                                               Media Bias on Parade

fromTheFreeThoughtProject: Without citizen video, the country would still be in the dark about the nature of police violence in the land of the free and thanks to these outlier cases, we could possibly revert back to that darkness.

fromReason: A grant revoked under President Donald Trump will be returned, as Biden will make taxpayers of other states pay for the malfeasance of California politicians.

fromMises: Worrycrats are a special breed of totalitarian bureaucrats who spawn rapidly as society is socialized. They concern themselves with our health, education, welfare, auto safety, drug intake, diet, and what have you.
Regulation Nation                                                                            The Government is Not Us