July 27, 2021                                             

fromRealClearPolitics: If there are good reasons for holding separate competitions at all, then transgender women should not compete against other women.  
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

fromEpochTimes: A federal court on Friday ruled that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) overstepped its authority by halting evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Regulation Nation

fromGlennGreenwald: Questioning the FBI's role in 1/6 was maligned by corporate media as deranged. But only ignorance about the FBI or a desire to deceive could produce such a reaction.  
The Government is Not Us

fromReason: We all get a say—not just priests, princes, or partisans.  
Indoctrination and Censorship

fromFRC:  Under the cover of the pandemic, the D.C. City Council passed an act authorizing schools to administer vaccines to children as young as 11-years-old without their parent's consent.  
Individual Liberty: America's First Principle                                                           The Government is Not Us

fromZeroHedge: "About 92% of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms...".  
2nd Amendment Assaults