October 14, 2021                                             

fromBecker'sHospitalReview:  Amid health system and state COVID-19 vaccination requirements, numerous workers have been fired for noncompliance, and many others have resigned or quit.

fromReason:  Is the problem government cash or have we entered a new paradigm?

fromCaitlinJohnstone:  Our political systems are set up to herd people into a two-party system that is controlled on both sides by plutocrats. The news media that people rely on to form ideas about what’s going on and how they should vote are controlled by the plutocratic class and heavily influenced by secretive government agencies.

fromReason:  The federal government and police are finding new ways to use drones to invade privacy.

fromTheSpectator:  Science is about rational disagreement, the questioning and testing of orthodoxy and the constant search for truth. With something like lockdown – an untested policy that affects millions – rigorous debate and the basics of verification/falsification are more important than ever. 

fromNBCNews:  When it comes to sex, Superman's son doesn't rule out anyone these days.