October 18, 2021                                             

fromNYPost:  If regular democracy isn’t doing so well, maybe it’s time to fall back on “Irish Democracy”, what Yale political scientist James Scott calls the passive resistance of a society that doesn’t like what its rulers are doing to it.
The Government is Not Us                                           Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

fromActivistPost:  The company that once admonished the world “Don’t Be Evil” not only removed that phrase as their main slogan, but has become a direct threat to freedom on an unprecedented scale. With the latest news that the feds are ordering Google to identify people by using “keyword warrants,” it’s never been more imperative to discover alternatives which preserve privacy and the free flow of information.

fromTheFederalist:  Despite the long list of corroborating evidence, reports, and even a full-fledged government investigation into Hunter’s sketchy business and money ties, corporate media chose to smear the story as fake news and even adopted the Democrat narrative that it was somehow “Russian disinformation.”

fromBadCattitude:  Dismantling capitalism because you do not know what it is.

fromNYPost:  This is such an important exchange. CNN loves to herald itself as vital warriors against disinformation and lies, while vilifying independent voices like Joe Rogan as a plague on our discourse. Yet here, Rogan all but forces Sanjay Gupta to admit CNN lied about him *on purpose*.

fromBabylonBee:  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram have all confirmed they have banned a young peasant child from their social networks after he pointed out that the emperor has no clothes.