October 20, 2021                                             

fromGlennGreenwald/Substack:  Congress's 1/6 committee may be the worst abuse yet.
Police State America                                                                            The Government is Not Us

fromTomLuongo:  For 20 months now, we have lived among people terrorized by a story, not a virus but a story, that told them they are the heroes for being afraid and the skeptics are the villains.

fromLibertyPen/Rumble:  Television host Tucker Carlson and historian Douglas Murray comment on the division in American between the freedom lovers and the authoritarians.

fromDailyCaller:  The budget would include a credit worth as much as $12,500 for consumers who purchase a new electric vehicle, $2,500 for electric motorcycles purchased and even $1,500 for electric bicycles.

fromTheHill:  Banks and credit unions have been alerting their customers to the IRS proposal and have been urging their members to contact their members of Congress.

fromReason:  98 percent of those who submitted comments on the subject supported the idea of legalizing faster dishwashers but our so-called "representative" government says no.