January 28, 2022                                             

fromJonathanTurley: From 2019 to 2021, independents feeling that free speech is secure in the country went from 59 percent to 46 percent. For Republicans, 52 percent to 27 percent. For Democrats the decline was only 2 percent.

fromFoxNews: Documents showing what was happening behind the scenes in the early days of the pandemic.

fromBrownstone: "Is a backlash coming? It is here. It is a bit quiet for now but it will not stay that way. The ruling class absolutely overplayed its hand this time. In the coming few years, they will rediscover that rulers in every society must acquiese to the consent of the governed over the long term."

fromPostMillennial: "Mr. Lee was terribly misguided, and his actions had tragic, unthinkable consequences. But he appears to have believed that he was, in Dr. King’s eloquent words, engaging in 'the language of the unheard.'"     Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

fromDailyWire: Afghanistan 2.0. Jen Psaki confirmed on Monday that Democrat President Joe Biden has no plans to use the U.S. Military to evacuate U.S. citizens out of Ukraine if Russia invades the country.

fromMoonbattery: San Jose is now the first city in the nation to mandate gun owners to have liability insurance and pay an annual fee under threat of firearm confiscation in order to access their "right."