June 24, 2022

fromCreators: It wasn't until 1969 that the Supreme Court's modern First Amendment jurisprudence made it clear that whenever there is a clash between the government and a person over the constitutionality of the person's speech, the courts will give every benefit and draw every inference to the speaker, and none to the government. 
Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

fromAlexBerenson/Substack: Two doses of Covid vaccines offer no protection against Omicron infection and may even increase the risk of infection within months, according to a new paper in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Indoctrination and Censorship

fromNYPost: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is alarmed by the decline of families and church attendance in black neighborhoods.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

fromReason: The legislation prohibits firearm sales based on juvenile records and subsidizes state laws that suspend gun rights without due process.
2nd Amendment Assaults

fromCreators: The mistakes and failures of the Great Society programs continue to rack up. Health care policy analyst Sally Pipes provided sobering statistics in an article for Forbes magazine last year.
The Welfare State: Promoting Dependency

fromNationalReview: The Court voted 6–3 to strike down the New York law, which has been in place since 1913 and required that people show a special need to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home.
2nd Amendment Assaults