June 30, 2022

fromBrownstoneInstitute: Imagine, if you will, the following system. Government is managed by elected representatives who are in turn elected by the people. Government is further restrained by checks and balances between three branches, each of which is accountable ultimately to the people who live under the laws. Unlike the ancient system of government in which the only people who were truly free were the aristocracy, under this new system, every adult citizen has political rights. No one rules over anyone without accountability.

fromIssuesInsights: Newsom has said publicly that he has no presidential ambitions. But it’s no secret that he’s been groomed for White House occupancy by rich, progressive San Francisco elites. And now he’s “picking exactly the kinds of fights that presidential candidates like to pick” and is “clearly laying the groundwork for a presidential run,” in 2028 if not 2024.

fromWashingtonTimes: The results of pro-economic growth, supply-side policies are clear.

fromTheReload: The leaked information includes the person’s full name, race, home address, date of birth, and date their permit was issued. The data also shows the type of permit issued, indicating if the permit holder is a member of law enforcement or a judge.

fromSFGate: The court held that the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the doctor knew or intended to prescribe the drugs in an unauthorized manner.
The War on Unapproved Voluntary Exchange                                                            Regulation Nation

fromAmericanGreatness: In her latest diatribe in favor of abortion, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is calling on the federal government to install Planned Parenthood clinics and other pro-abortion facilities in national parks.