July 2, 2022

fromTheFederalist: The January 6 show trial is partly about persecuting political opponents. But it’s also about covering up the truth of the 2020 election.

fromCreators: We freedom-lovers believe women (and men) own their bodies and should have control over what happens to them. But we also believe that one of the few legitimate roles for government is stopping murder. If a fetus is a life, abortion is legally murder.

fromAmericanThinker: Michelle has been following a formula scarily like the one that got Barack Obama elected president.  Like her husband, Michelle served as the keynote speaker at a Democrat Convention.  Barack's 2004 breakout speech introducing John Kerry made him a viable candidate four years later.  Michelle's 2020 speech on behalf of Joe Biden established her as the favorite next nominee.

fromTheUnherd: If universities once made promises to teach their undergraduates how to think, they now aim to teach them what to think.                                                                  Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

fromMattTaibbi/Substack: “Guns up! Shoot back!” As News2Share chronicles via a pair of Mississippi events, black pro-gun marchers exist in a no-coverage zone.

fromZeroHedge: Tucker Carlson has done it again. The Fox News host laid bare the Biden administration's escalating war against political enemies. "Here's a list of the things they've done, because no one has assembled them," said Carlson.