Final Post on Google-hosted platform: August 27, 2022

Assaults on Liberty Have Always Been Relentless and Come From Every Side

The Declaration of Independence states the reason America was created, to secure the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Such a vision was one for which volunteers were willing to fight and die to attain. No revolution in human history has been voluntarily fought for the purpose of becoming pawns on a statist chessboard.

Once we became a nation, it should have become apparent that the ideals of our country’s designers were not in accord with the goals of country’s administration. Our political history since the revolution has largely been not only a tug of war between waring parties but a battle against the Constitution itself. The Constitution, being a document that limited government, was seen by the power hungry politicians as an obstruction that could only be incrementally dismantled by Supreme Court rulings or Courts that turned a blind eye to tyrannical legislation or executive orders. The entire history of American politics has been about the transfer of wealth from the private sector to control by politicians.

Let’s briefly look back at the major liberty-bashing events in America’s history. Primarily, they were the results of actions taken by Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Joe Biden. 

Lincoln ended the notion that states that were unserved or exploited by the federal government could not secede. Prior to that many states, mainly in the north, had secession conventions. In the end, these states agreed that the benefits of being a part of the US outweighed the disadvantages and chose not to secede. But the notion that they had a choice was universally accepted until 1861. Of course the founders approved of secession as America itself exists by having seceded from England.

Woodrow Wilson wildly expanded government with the institution of the Federal Reserve, which allowed money to be printed out of thin air, then borrowed by the government. Controls on political spending were out the window. Also under Wilson, the income tax was established as was several other policies were initiated that transferred wealth from citizens to the control of politicians.

Franklin Roosevelt expanded government wildly through the New Deal and, in doing so, turned an economic downturn into a decade-long Depression. An army of regulatory bodies emerged in the New Deal and that only meant the destruction of freedom among the people. Never forget, whenever a regulation is born, an option dies. FDR also attempted to back the Court in order to completely demolish all restrictions on the power of government.

Joe Biden may be worst of all. Not only did he borrow trillions of “new money” for the Federal Reserve, which has caused inflationary chaos throughout the nation, his lockdowns mandatory injection proclamation turned the Bill of Rights on its ear. Biden acted on the premise that citizens are subjects of the state and not individual entities free to exercise liberty and pursue happiness as the Constitution guarantees. Bans on assembly and the practice of religion were just proclaimed, the Constitution be damned.

These big moves by politicians may have been the watershed events in our history but a relentless barrage of assaults on liberty have come from every quarter of modern society. Consider the following:

Many California communities and others are banning natural gas, forcing everyone to go all-electric. California plans to ban gasoline-powered cars and hybrids in 2035, forcing everyone desiring mobility in to an EV. This in a state where electrical outages are routine already. I have experience 4 outages of 3 hours or more this year, which has provoked me to buy a full house generator. The automobile, which used to be a fantastic instrument of freedom is about to be government controlled in every aspect. But it is not just how you power your vehicle. It used to be that folks could do repair work on their own cars. But no more. You need microchips and computer analysis. In new cars, the steering wheel is not directly (but rather virtually) connected to the wheels. Same with the brakes. All can be operated by third parties. This was further illustrated when BMW began charging subscription fees to get warmed seats. Bottom line: people will be dependent on the government for both energy and travel.

There is also reason to believe the government is operating a campaign to prevent children from the ability to critically think. With the institution of the Department of Education and the demise of PTA (parental hand in governance). We have all witnessed schools morph into indoctrination centers. Beyond that, we had the confusing new math, in an attempt to change the logical basis of math. (If A = B, and B = C, then A = C). We also see the continual dismantling of what words mean. This serves to confuse conversations where one party may define the word differently than the other. Vaccine used to universally mean an immunization that provided immunity. Now, it does not. Woman used to universally mean a human with a womb. Now, it does not. Recession used universally to mean 2 quarters of negative growth. Now, it does not. Insurrection used to universally mean … You get the picture.

Instead of thinking for ourselves, Big Tech and government are deploying a full-court press to demand group-think. Trust the experts (the state) or be labeled a domestic terrorist. These “experts" use models that tell us what the future will be. See how well they worked with COVID? What a genius that little Fauci midget turned out to be! But, don’t expect such accuracy with the climate change models since numerous imponderables are involved. Just trust them and censor any verbiage to the contrary. We used to burn such folks at the stake as witches. Today, they seem to make up the ruling class hard drive. 

Bad ideas and Disinformation Can Be Rebutted But Truth Must Be Censored

Informed Americans used to be able to trust elections. Most voting was in person and mail-in ballots had to be requested and verified. Today, none of that is true. We are told to trust the system. It is impartial as the FBI (Comey) or the IRS (Lois Lerner). And, any attempt to tighten up the system is labeled, “Jim Crow 2.0).

Censorship is being widely utilized to prevent the public from being informed. Remember when over 50 former U.S. intelligence officials previously dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation just before the 2020 election? And remember how all of the skepticism about the COVID vaccine were censored by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the other government-bidding toadies. The founders designed that in America the people were the sovereigns. After 239 years of termites eating away at the foundation of our liberty, we have been reduced to human mushrooms: kept in the dark and feed manure.
Libertarians and conservatives with libertarian tendencies offer the greatest threat to the relentless march of statist control at the expense of citizens. Progressives and those who are apolitical but dependent on government are revered allies. That may explain why the Biden administration has allowed 4.9 million illegal aliens to enter the U.S. illegally since January 2021, including 900,000 who slipped in completely undetected. Just like new money devalues old money. New dependents devalue the political voice/power of the productive.

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Those of us who wrap our brains around the big picture must sometimes search for a light in the tunnel. Perhaps, we can take solace in two realities. 1. No one knows the future. We could not have predicted in 1980 what society would devolve into by 2022. Now, 74 percent of us understand the country is going in the wrong direction. Only 26 percent seem unaware that mice die in mousetraps because they don’t understand why the cheese is free. If this properly translates in the mid-terms, perhaps the calvary will arrive to thwart our demise until a major correction can be made in 2024. 2. Appreciate all of the government waste that has occurred over COVID and in Ukraine. Take solace from the words of Milton Friedman, “If government spent the money they collect efficiently, we would already be slaves.”