JIM CARDOZA: Four Compelling Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

As an Objectivist, I am compelled to acknowledge reality and see it for what it is. Therefore, no matter how libertarian my tendencies may be, I cannot hide from the fact that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the next American president. Gary Johnson is not a player and those who use their vote to send messages are heard by no one. With that in mind, here are four simple, but compelling, reasons to vote for Donald Trump.

1. Economics. Trump proposes cutting taxes on businesses from 35% to 15% and slashing job-stifling regulations, measures providing significant incentives for growth. Trump realizes that taxes are discouragements and taxes on production make little sense. By contrast, Hillary Clinton seeks to tax production using a variety of means, including carbon tax. She wants more government spending and more crony-funded regulation, continuing down the Obama path of discouraging job creation, empowering politicians, adding to consumer costs and blowing up the national debt.

2. The Supreme Court. Let's make this simple. Citizens are only allowed to keep bullets in their guns due to a 5-4 vote (DC v Heller), and that was when Antonin Scalia was alive. If Hillary is given the opportunity to appoint Scalia's successor, its game over. No need to think about this further.

3. Benghazi, security breaches, DNC scandal, Wall Street speeches, Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton's incandescent lack of integrity is both well-documented and a disqualifier for any position of trust.

4. America desperately needs a change of direction. The only POSSIBILITY for that to occur is if a candidate were to run against the power-hungry establishment of BOTH major parties AND their mainstream media allies. 

That is not to say such change is probable but, for the first time in history, it is possible.