JIM CARDOZA: Why Hillary Clinton is Flashing a Devilish Smile

As we witness the unfolding of the bizarre 2016 presidential election, some of us wonder how Hillary Clinton can seriously be considered for the highest office of public trust, never mind the most powerful politician in the world. Saying the same of Donald Trump would not be difficult to argue, but one’s record as a private citizen, acting to promote their own self-interest, cannot be judged by the same standard as one’s record of service when the mission is to promote the public interest.

Certainly, one does not need 20-20 vision to see warts on Donald Trump. They are neon. He is brash, arrogant, far too glib, frequently insulting and routinely defensive. Unlike a polished politician, he hasn’t learned to measure his words and shroud his intentions. But while he is admittedly flawed in a myriad of ways, he does present two very under-appreciated qualities in the era of FBI cover-ups, secret domestic surveillance and other hidden agenda schemes. Trump does not hide from the press. He has proven to be readily accessible to questioning and best of all, he puts both his objectives and thoughts on the front porch for the goats to get. The criticism of Trump is that he is unfiltered, not that he is covert.

Now, take a deep breath and kindly marinate in the contents of Hillary Clinton’s well-documented history, prior to any Julian Assange revelations. As Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton was instrumental in the formation of policies that disrupted regimes in Syria and Libya, creating a vacuum for ISIS to fill. She bungled Benghazi by failing to respond to hundreds of pleas from our ambassador Chris Stevens, resulting in the needless deaths of Stevens and three comrades. Then, with boldface, knowingly lied to the American public, blaming the incident on an Internet video, when, in private, she had shared the truth with Chelsea and others.

Keep marinating. In contradiction to her signed pledge, Hillary Clinton risked government secrets by transferring classified government information on to her own private email server, then deleted the government’s property while under subpoena, in order to shroud her dealings from public scrutiny.

Through the Clinton Foundation, Hillary and Bill collected money from international entities in return for government access and who knows what else. Her foundation raked in $25 million from Saudi Arabia alone.

Leaked DNC emails revealed that Ms. Clinton had twisted insider arms to insure her opponent Bernie Sanders would fall flat, no matter the votes he collected.  Hillary has also collected $23 million from wall street bankers for delivering speeches, the transcripts of which she refuses to publicly release. The only thing about Hillary Clinton that has been transparent is her corruption.

But, the fact is, she is not only competing, Hillary is the front-runner in her campaign against Donald Trump. Despite the fact that polls routinely show that folks don’t like the direction America is going, recognize the government has only made things worse and hate politicians in general, those same polls show support for Hillary Clinton, a big government status quo politician who has taken cronyism to a new level. If you are wondering how this can possibly be, the following tale may provide a little insight:

The story goes that God and Satan decided to settle their differences once and for all. Since compromise was out of the question, the two agreed to have a single winner-take-all contest. God suggested a baseball game, as he could easily field an all-star squad with the likes of Ruth, Gehrig, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and so on. The devil mulled over the proposition for a bit, then to the Lord’s surprise, agreed.

On the day of the big game, an inquisitive reporter approached Satan, “Heaven’s Angels have the greatest lineup ever assembled. Each of them are Hall of Famers. And, if that ain’t enough, Cy Young is their starter and Walter Johnson and Satchel Paige will be in the bullpen. Outside of Ty Cobb, your team is just a bunch of no-names. How can you possibly expect to compete?” From the lips of a devilish smile came the following response, “You forget who has the umpires.”

Back to the real world. A reporter asks Hillary, “how in the face of your horrific record and all this corruption can you possibly compete with an outsider who bears no responsibility for our current mess? From the lips of a devilish smile came the following response, “You forget who has the mainstream media.”

“Clever liars give details, but the cleverest don't.” ― Anonymous