Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Poverty and Equality

S. Fred Singer - The Sad State Of The State Of California

Many must be wondering whether the state of California is beyond repair.
This is particularly true after the November 2010 elections when its citizens voted for the same politicians that have brought them the same failed policies.  As deficits mount and taxes increase, productive people and enterprises are leaving California for more hospitable states.  Inevitably, there will be a tipping point when ...  MORE

David Harsanyi: An Assault On Taxpayers

The more we grow the government's education monopoly, the worse it will get.
When Dan Nerad, the superintendent of schools in Madison, Wis., was informed that 40 percent of the teachers union was calling in sick this week (evidently, something's going around), he shut down the entire operation. "At this ratio," he explained, "we have serious concerns about our ability to maintain safe and secure school environments." ...  MORE

Thursday, February 17, 2011

VIDEO: Obama's Valentine: A $1.65 Trillion Deficit

FCC Commish For Government Intervention in Journalism

Success of FOX News pits government official against First Amendment.
Federal Communications Commissioner  Michael  Copps decried the decline of “real journalism” and called for the government to intervene during a speech to the FCBA on Tuesday. According to The Hill, Copps told the audience that he was disappointed in the commission’s inability to act. Copps went on to say that the decline  ...  MORE

Tom Bowden: 1 in 4 Americans Needs Permission To Work

In a fascinating article, the Wall Street Journal reports that the percentage of workers who need a state license to do their jobs is growing steadily. That percentage was 5% in the 1950s. In 2008, it was 23%. Think about it: one of every four workers is not permitted to work without begging permission from a bureaucrat. While I don’t agree with the article’s assumption that licensure is an acceptable government activity ...  MORE

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thomas Sowell: Rocky and Republicans

Rocky Marciano was the only heavyweight champion who never lost a single fight in his whole career— and, at the time, he seemed the least likely fighter to do that. In many a boxing match, he was battered, bruised and bleeding. One of the reasons Marciano took so much punishment in the ring was that he had shorter arms than most other heavyweights. It was easier for others to hit him than for him to hit them.  ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Economic Freedom in Free Fall

John Stossel interview guests Dr. Kim Holmes (Heritage Foundation) and David Henderson (Hoover Institution) about America's decline in economic freedom.

John Stossel: Is Seasteading the Future?

Escape the suffocating chains of intrusive government by starting your own country!
That's Patri Friedman's idea. He comes from an impressive line of libertarian thinkers. Milton Friedman, the Nobel-prize-winning free-market economist, was his grandfather. His father is David Friedman, author of the libertarian classic "The Machinery of Freedom." Milton Friedman advocated severely limited government. ...   MORE

Michael Boldin: California -- A Nullifier's Paradise?

Nullification. The word evokes images of white-haired men with tri-fold hats, holding up signs about the "evils" of Obamacare and socialism. States around the country are considering laws to reject federal laws on health care, guns, the Environmental Protection Agency regulations and more. The pundits scream "racism," the legal experts cite the "supremacy clause," and the entire country - left to right - ...   MORE

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VIDEO: Andrew Klavan: Stop the Hate!

This right-wing hatred has to be stopped!

Walter E Williams: Self-Inflicted Poverty

Why is it that Egyptians do well in the U.S. but not Egypt? We could make that same observation and pose that same question about Nigerians, Cambodians, Jamaicans and others of the underdeveloped world who migrate to the U.S. Until recently, we could make the same observation about Indians in India, and the Chinese citizens of the People's Republic of China, but not Chinese citizens of Hong Kong ...  MORE

Dan Walters: California Drivers Targeted As Cash Cows

Debt-creating politicians look to transfer misdeeds to the backs of motorists.   
California has 30-plus million motor vehicles and 24-plus million licensed drivers and auto travel is, like it or not, fundamental to life as we Californians know it. That's why we motorists are captive cash cows. Politicians know we must drive to live and therefore assume that no matter how hard they hit us, we'll pay up.  MORE

The CLASS Act Is No Class Act

Another big government tax is poised to assault your pocketbook.
In the coming months, the Department of Health and Human Services will be ironing out the details of the CLASS Act and submitting information to employers in preparation for enrolling their employees into the voluntary program in 2012. It will probably catch most businesses off guard, for it’s a provision of ObamaCare ...  MORE

Monday, February 14, 2011

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Varieties of Nothing

How politicians often disguise nothing as something to assuage public opinion.

Terry Paulson: Choice, Not Compromise

Individual rights were to supersede any government power.
Rep. Paul Ryan’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union provides a clue to the political battle that is coming: “The principles that guide us; they are anchored in the wisdom of the founders in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and in the words of the American Constitution. They have to do with the importance of ... MORE

Amy Sullivan: Stay Classy, TSA

MALE TSA AGENT: "Hey, I thought she was mine! I was gonna do her!"
Ever since the TSA started putting back-scatter devices into use at selected airports last fall, I've been waiting to have the chance to opt out and register a one-woman protest against the machines. (Jeff Goldberg doesn't get to have all the fun.) However, most of my recent air travel has been with a tiny traveling companion,  ... MORE