Boston Herald: Same Old Barack Obama

Contends problems solved by more government spending. So that was it? That was President Barack Obama’s really big jobs speech? The one that required a joint session of Congress to be both window dressing and whipping boy? The one that after his nearly three years in office is going to set things right? Honestly? “There should be nothing controversial about this piece of  ... MORE

VIDEO: Walter E Williams - States' Rights and Nullification

Damon W. Root: The Era Of Big Government Is Not Over

More government control = less individual control. President Barack Obama’s big jobs speech last night was long on rhetoric and short on useful specifics. But then who expected anything different? Despite lofty pledges to “stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy,” this is still the same president whose administration has prosecuted, harassed  ... MORE

John Stossel: Ten Years After

Living in a big government world. After 9/11, the U.S. Congress created the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration. America went to war, overtly and covertly, in several countries. Nearly $8 trillion was spent on what is called "security," Chris Hellman of the National Priorities Project estimates. Was it worth it?         ... MORE

Chuck Roper: Obama's Newest Worst Idea Ever

Fannie II will give unions carte blanche. February 2009 brought us Barack Obama's "stimulus" plan--$800 billion worth of progressive agenda-packed deficit spending that produced zero economic improvement and increased the national debt. One year later, President Obama offered the American people a $3.8 trillion 2011 budget that increased the national debt. One year later ... MORE

VIDEO: Top 3 Common Myths of Capitalism

Is being pro-business and pro-capitalism the same? Does capitalism generate an unfair distribution of income? Was capitalism responsible for the most recent financial crisis?

Steve Chapman: Who Really Kept Us Safe After 9/11

The truth about homeland security. If there was any certainty in the weeks and months after the 9/11 attacks, it was that these were just the first in a campaign of terror on American soil. "You can just about bet on it," said Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), the ranking Republican on the Intelligence Committee. New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said, "I anticipate another attack."  ... MORE

Dan Mitchell: Obama's Failure On Jobs

Four damning charts. President Obama may have a buddy-buddy relationship with big labor, but he’s no friend to ordinary workers. Here are four damning pieces of evidence. 1. The unemployment rate remains above 9 percent according to the Labor Department data released on Friday. This is about 2-1/2 percentage points higher than Obama promised if would be at this stage if we ... MORE

Christopher Chantrill: Invisible Hand vs. Clenched Fist

Age old battle of freedom vs. force. The advance word on President Obama's Thursday job speech is: nothing new. According to George Stephanopoulos, it will contain tax cuts for corporations, an infrastructure bank, and the usual pabulum of job training for the unemployed. The president could take another path, according to Tony Blankley. "He could decide ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Legalize Blackmail

Note the difference between blackmail and extortion. Extortion indicates the use or threat of force to obtain money or favor. Blackmail is simply the use or threat of an inconvenient truth to obtain money or favor. To avoid blackmail, one only needs to live a life they are not ashamed of. No one is suggesting extortion be legal.

Ronald Bailey: How Scared Of Terrorism Should You Be?

Not very. How many Americans have been killed in terrorist attacks inside the United States since the September 11, 2001, atrocities? Arguably 16. Egyptian Hesham Mohamed Hadayet killed two Israelis at the El Al ticket counter at the Los Angeles airport on July 4, 2002. On June 1, 2009, Abdulhakim Muhammed killed one soldier at a recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas,       ... MORE

Freedoms I Wish The Military Were Defending

by Laurence Vance. "Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended." George W. Bush, September 11, 2001.  We have heard it repeated loudly and continuously since 9/11 – the troops are defending our freedoms. This claim is made so often and by so many different segments of society that it has become another ... MORE

Libertarians Hunt Humans -- And Other Tales

by David Harsanyi.  With the electorate getting more comfortable with libertarian ideas, a Maginot Line of hackery is being built to keep the barbarians out. The latest is over at Reuters, where Sally Kohn writes one of the silliest pieces on the topic I’ve ever read. Using Peter Thiel’s seasteading efforts (”sovereign nations built on oil-rig-type platforms anchored in ... MORE

VIDEO: I Remember America

The liberty you lose, may be your own.

Walter E Williams: Blacks and Politics

Limited government is tantamount to racism?  At one of last month's Congressional Black Caucus-sponsored "job fairs," Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., told the audience: "This is the effort that we're seeing of Jim Crow. Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second-class citizens. Some of them in Congress right now with this tea party movement would ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Two Different Worlds

A conflict of visions. Ideological clashes over particular laws, policies and programs often go far deeper. Those with opposing views of what is desirable for the future also tend to differ equally sharply as to what the reality of the present is. In other words, they envision two very different worlds. A small but revealing example was a recent New York Times criticism of former Apple CEO  ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Wired For Overregulation

Washington's latest regulatory power grab. Outside the Washington headquarters of the Federal Trade Commission is a sculpture of a powerfully built, shirtless man forcibly restraining an unruly horse. It's called "Man Controlling Trade," and it captures a common attitude in government: Oftentimes, capitalist firms need to be saddled and broken.               ... MORE

VIDEO: Leonard Read - Advancing Liberty and Reason

James Lewis: On Being Governed By Scientific Frauds

Bad ideas are toxic. The news leaked out a while ago that Al Gore scored a D in natural science at Harvard.  That would be the science introduction for Other Majors, not difficult chemistry or calculus.  So Nobel Laureate Al Gore got a D in Science for Dummies. But don't worry.  Anybody can blow a college course and still bounce back.  A lot of us get it wrong the first time.     ... MORE

U.S. Economy Creates No Jobs in August

First time since 1945. Employment growth ground to a halt in August, as sagging consumer confidence discouraged already skittish U.S. businesses from hiring, keeping pressure on the Federal Reserve to provide more monetary stimulus to aid the struggling economy. Nonfarm payrolls were unchanged last month, the Labor Department said Friday. It was the first time since 1945 ... MORE