The Radicalness of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"

If you’ve seen the new "Atlas Shrugged" movie but haven’t yet read the book, you may be wondering what the novel itself has to offer. For most people, reading "Atlas Shrugged" is an unforgettable experience. The story is gripping, involving numerous mysteries and unexpected but logical plot twists. The characters are unique--what other book features a philosopher  ... MORE

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Political Issues

Professor Sowell observes the modern day linkage of education and politics in America.

Steve Chapman: Taking Taxpayers For A Ride

It's often been said of Barack Obama that his policies are "data driven"—meaning that whatever his ideological inclinations, he pays attention to dispassionate analysis of real-world evidence. His approach was a refreshing contrast to George W. Bush and John McCain, with their ostentatious reliance on gut instinct. This administration gives due deference to nerds.  ... MORE

John Stossel: Government Creates Poverty

The U.S. government has "helped" no group more than it has "helped" the American Indians. It stuns me when President Obama appears before Indian groups and says things like, "Few have been ignored by Washington for as long as Native Americans." Ignored? Are you kidding me? They should be so lucky. The government has made most Indian tribes wards of the state. Government manages their land, provides their  ... MORE

Ronald Bailey: Cyberwar is Harder Than It Looks

The Internet's vulnerability to attack has been exaggerated. In wartime, combatants often attempt to disrupt their enemies' supply systems, generally by blowing them up. Modern life is made possible by a set of tightly interconnected systems supplying us with electricity, water, natural gas, automobile fuels, sewage treatment, food, finance, telecommunications, and emergency response. All of  ... MORE

VIDEO: Arbitrary Licensing Vs Individual Liberty

Quick: Someone Take Boehner To Atlas Shrugged

If you happen to be some congressional bureaucrat on the staff of the Speaker of the House and you are reading this, please kidnap your boss and take him to the nearest theatre playing Atlas Shrugged Part 1. Why, you ask? Because in the same week that unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats began their attempt to cost Boeing over a billion dollars and South Carolina a thousand jobs ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: The Trump Card

The boomlet for Donald Trump as a Republican nominee for President of the United States ought to be a wake-up call for Republican candidates and Republican Party leaders alike. Why has Trump surged ahead of other Republican candidates and potential candidates in the polls? It is not likely that his resurrection of the issue of Barack Obama's birth certificate has aroused all this support.  ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Evolution To Liberty

Johan Goldberg: Political Cooling On Global Warming

"What the heck went wrong?" That, apparently, is the question roiling the environmental community as it realizes that the fight against climate change has fizzled. As Brad Plumer writes in the New Republic, everything was looking great in 2008 for a sweeping effort to make good on candidate Barack Obama's pledge to start turning back the rising oceans. The Democrats held Congress. ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Smugglers Are Heroes

Smugglers are heroes of sorts. The essence of what a smuggler offers is: "Government tyrants want to either prevent or interfere with peaceable voluntary exchange among individuals. I can reduce the impact of that interference." Let's look at smuggling, keeping in mind that not everything illegal is immoral and not everything legal is moral. Leading up to our War of Independence, the British, under the Navigation ... MORE

VIDEO: Obama Energy Policy Endangers Economy

Food Nazis: Two Fries Short Of A Happy Meal

by Ralph R. Reiland. Who would you guess is more likely to sue you, all other things being equal: Monet Parham-Lee or Margie Moore? Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it gets more shaky and volatile around people with exotic first names and hyphenated surnames. It probably has to do with their alienation from the dominant culture, and coming up with names that show they're not ... MORE

Mark Steyn: The Disappearing Dollar

Congressman Paul Ryan, one of the least insane men in Washington, has a ten-year plan. President Obama, one of the most insane spenders in Washington, has a twelve-year plan. After hearing the president’s plan, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S. sovereign-debt outlook to “negative.” Ah, the fine art of understatement. In 1940, after the fall of France and the evacuation   ... MORE

VIDEO: Walter E Williams - Balanced Budget Amendment

Spendthrift politicians and runaway spending.
Is a balanced budget amendment the answer? Professor Williams looks at the situation.

Gas Prices and Speculators: They Think You Are Stupid

It is with great interest that I read this past week about the President's initial response to rising gas prices. What or who was to blame? According to the President...speculators. Nameless, faceless, speculators. They are to blame for the rising price of crude oil and the accompanying price at the pump! The problem is...speculators and people make various bets, and they say ...    MORE

Green Energy Vs The American Standard of Living

by Alex Epstein. This April 22, if you find yourself frustrated at rising gasoline prices, or rising electricity prices, or rising natural gas and heating oil prices, make sure you  place plenty of blame on the environmentalists behind Earth Day; for decades they have found a reason to oppose every practical form of energy in the name of "saving the planet." Start with their      ... MORE

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - The Welfare Establishment

John Stossel: Watching the Watchmen

I believe in the right to privacy. Yet I can think of someone who deserves very little privacy — a policeman making an arrest. Unfortunately, in some states it's a crime to make a video of a policeman doing just that. People recording police have been threatened, detained or arrested. Some were jailed overnight. That's wrong. Police work for the public, they're paid with tax money,  ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Posturing Against Pornography

The government should stop trying to censor the internet. We all know that pornography is offensive and destructive, so we can guess that wherever X-rated fare gains popularity, social decay will follow. It may come as a surprise, then, to learn which state has the highest rate of online subscriptions to adult websites. Not New York or California, but Utah. Yes, Utah.    ... MORE

VIDEO: Chicken Little's 5 Greatest Misses

Thomas Sowell: Bull About Bullying

There is a lot of talk from many people about bullying in school. The problem is that it is all talk. There is no sign that anybody is going to do anything that is likely to reduce bullying. When politicians want to do nothing, and yet look like they are doing something, they appoint a blue ribbon committee or go to the U.N. or assign some Cabinet member to look into the problem and report ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Academic Rot

The hate-America course of higher education. The average American, as parent, student and taxpayer, has little idea of the academic rot at so many of our colleges. Save for a tiny handful of the nation's colleges, what distinguishes one college from another is the magnitude of that rot. One of the best sources of information about our colleges is the New York City-based ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - A War On Ourselves

A look at one way government uses social concerns to combat individual liberty.

Why School Vouchers Are Worth A Shot

by Katrina Trinko. Imagine if we only passed legislation that simultaneously slashed spending, boosted income equality, shrunk government, protected the environment, and ensured that pandas didn’t go extinct. That’d be a recipe for do-nothing lawmakers who failed to solve any of our pressing problems, just because they couldn’t find a  ... MORE

VIDEO: Ethan Nadelmann on Future Drug Legalization

Hope and Change, But Not In That Order

by Jim Yardley. Those were the days, weren't they? The airwaves, the internet, billboards all touting a little known Senator's mantra of "Hope and Change." It was enough to send a tingle up your leg, or at least start you obsessing over creases in a presidential candidate's trousers. Obama's political handlers created an absolutely marvelous slogan. Sadly, it was also  ... MORE

The War On Cold & Allergy Drugs

by Debra Saunders. You know the war on drugs has gone too far when politicians keep ratcheting up restrictions on cold and allergy medications in order to prevent kitchen drug labs from buying pills and converting them into methamphetamine. In 2005, Congress passed a law requiring consumers to show a driver's license or other ID in order to purchase Sudafed and ... MORE

A. Barton Hinkle: The Roots Of Racism

Will we ever get beyond the notion of racial identify? From time to time a bit of news crosses the desk that makes the mind reel, the jaw drop, the head shake. So it was the other day when Public Policy Polling, a reputable albeit partisan firm, reported that 46 percent of Republicans in Mississippi think interracial marriage should be against the law. The poll was taken in late March— ... MORE

VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Conservative Sellout of Capitalism

Check your premises!

Abolish The Department of Education

by Frank Ryan. Cosmetic budget cuts will not solve our nation's debt woes. Real change is required to right our country. Waste must be identified, isolated, and eliminated. One such change is to abolish the U. S. Department of Education. The Department of Education was established to promote "student achievement and prepare them for the global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and  ... MORE

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Words vs Realities

Professor Sowell explains some of the blue smoke and mirrors used in the healthcare debate.

The Obama Tax Hike Machete

by John Berlau. In his deficit reduction "vision" speech on Wednesday, President Obama tried to distinguish his plan from that of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan by using a rather crude analogy. The president said, "We have to use a scalpel and not a machete to reduce the deficit." But when it comes to tax hikes -- to extend the analogy -- the Obama administration's 2012 budget is charging ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Fertilizing Farms With Tax Dollars

The case against farm welfare. If you don't mind sweat, dirt, or the smell of manure, this is a great time to be a farmer. Incomes are up, land values are high, and global demand is growing. Oh, and if you're one of the lucky farmers, there's a bonus: a tap on the federal treasury. Farm subsidies are an oddity in a competitive, capitalist economy. In what other business can you expect continuing  ... MORE

Peter Suderman: Debt Wrong

Obama bets the government can save itself.  “From our first days as a nation, we have put our faith in free markets and free enterprise as the engine of America’s wealth and prosperity,” President Barack Obama declared in a speech at George Washington University yesterday. “More than citizens of any other country, we are rugged individualists, a self-reliant people with a healthy ... MORE

VIDEO: What The Initials "IRS" Really Mean

Thomas Sowell: Taxes and Politics

Someone once said that taxes are the price we pay for civilization. That may have been true when he said it, but today taxes are mostly the price we pay so that politicians can play Santa Claus and get reelected. That's not the worst of it. We may think of taxes as just a source of government revenue. But tax rates are a big political statement on the left, whether they bring in any revenue or not. ... MORE

Jacob Sullum: Complex Inferiority

This year, for the first time in more than a decade, I ventured outside the reassuring realm of TurboTax while preparing my return, looking for a late-arriving form at the IRS website. It's scary out there. Staring at bewildering forms and instructions, I flashed back to the days when I did my taxes by hand, based on my uncertain understanding of what was required, and hoped for the best— ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Eat The Rich

I've often said that I wish there were some humane way to get rid of the rich. If you asked why, I'd answer that getting rid of the rich would save us from distraction by leftist hustlers promoting the politics of envy. Not having the rich to fret over might enable us to better focus our energies on what's in the best interest of the 99.99 percent of the rest of us. Let's look at some facts about the rich  ... MORE

VIDEO: Andrew Napolitano - Is This American Justice?

FCC Internet Regulation: Not So Fast

by John White. In the House, HJ37, the resolution to disapprove the FCC action, has been approved on a floor vote of 238 to 174. Last December, under cover of the holidays and the spectacle of the lame duck Congress, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defied a federal court and enacted an internet regulatory takeover. In answer, the House began moving House Joint Resolution 37 through ... MORE

Doug Bandow: Tax Freedom Day -- Not

Taxes cost Americans more than food, shelter and clothing combined.
Americans finally finish working for the federal government on April 12 this year. That's three days later than last year, but still a couple weeks earlier than Tax Freedom Day in 2006 and 2007, April 24. The record in both peace and war was May 1 in 2000. Had Al Gore defeated George W. Bush in that year, TFD probably would have  ... MORE

VIDEO: How One Weiner Deals With Obamacare

Chicago School Nannies Ban Home-Packed Lunches

Students of Little Village Academy in Chicago are banned from eating packed lunches brought from home and must eat cafeteria food unless they have a medical excuse. The policy has resulted in chanting, uneaten food dropped in bins and angry parents. The school says it is trying to protect students from their unhealthy food choices but pupils have been stirring up chants at lunchtime of: ‘We should bring our own lunch' ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Leave Us Alone

Cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulation!

Import Brazil's Oil Policy, Not Brazil's Oil

In 1980, Brazil imported 77 percent of its oil.  Now, it imports 0.0 percent. During that same period, America increased its oil imports from roughly 30 percent to 70 percent.  If Brazil can become completely self-sufficient in oil, why can't America start becoming more self-sufficient? Brazil is one of the BRICs, an acronym that refers to the nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China, the rising powers. The BRIC have been ... MORE

Capitalism Embraced Everywhere But Here

by Maxwell Strachan. Nearly three years after the financial system first came perilously close to collapse, American support for an unregulated free market appears to have cratered. A new report by GlobeScan, an international opinion research consultancy, suggests that the number of Americans who believe in the strength of the free market economy dropped markedly last year. In fact, according to the  ... MORE

Expand Voters' Rights To Recall Politicians

by Howard Rich. With American politicians still refusing to substantively address the looming consequences of their fiscal irresponsibility, it only makes sense that voters are feeling frustrated and powerless. Last November’s elections sent an unambiguous message to leaders at all levels of government that unsustainable spending will no longer be tolerated – yet it’s becoming increasingly ... MORE

VIDEO: Walter E Williams - Free Market Hostility

Internet Freedom: A Time For Choosing

by Dan Geer. As the Internet becomes more important, the claims on it increase.  Those claims cannot all be met.  It is a time for choosing. Defining the Internet as the sum of the design decisions that are now ubiquitously deployed, the Internet deeply embeds American values. Just as close examination of DNA explicates sources in bio-history, close examination of Internet's methods of ... MORE

Video: Nanny of the Month (March 2011)

Drug warrior Barack Obama comes away with the March honors.

Regulatory Dysfunction

by Jerry Shenk. Government costs us more than the taxes we pay (and the money we borrow), because taxes do not include the cost of regulatory compliance. Compliance costs are built into the price of goods and services purchased by American consumers and businesses. If we are to emerge from recession, American business regulatory burden must be reassessed. In a 2008 review of the cost of government regulations ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Political Statistics

When someone gives you a check and the bank informs you that there are insufficient funds, who do you get mad at? In your own life, you get mad at the guy who gave you a check that bounced, not at the bank. But, in politics, you get mad at whoever tells you that there is no money. One of the secrets of the growth of the welfare state is that politicians get a lot of mileage out of making promises, without ... MORE

Why Are People So Forgiving Of Government Failure?

by Christopher Westley.  Once upon a time, I developed a theory that we have much lower expectations for public-sector performance than we do for private-sector performance. We saw this in accounting standards that — when applied to Enron — resulted in market forces shutting that firm down, while the Department of Defense loses billions of dollars  ... MORE

VIDEO: William Voegeli - State of The Welfare State

John Stossel: Gun Owners Have A Right To Privacy

If you own a gun in Illinois, take precautions. The state attorney general, Lisa Madigan, wants to release the names of guns owners in response to an Associated Press request. Publication of that list would tell the criminal class where the guns are, which could be useful to two different sorts of lawbreakers: gun thieves who want to know where the guns are and burglars who want to know where they are not. ... MORE

VIDEO: The Military Industrial Complex in Five Minutes

The False Promises Of Obama Regulators

Many companies complain that the Obama administration has increased the cost of doing business by issuing loads of new regulations. The administration does not deny being aggressive in issuing new rules or that compliance costs may ultimately total in the billions of dollars. Instead, it has rejected logic and common sense and argues that increasing the costs of doing business benefits the economy. ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Diversity Perversity

The terms affirmative action, equal representation, preferential treatment and quotas just don't sell well. The intellectual elite and their media, government and corporate enthusiasts have come up with diversity, a seemingly benign term that's a cover for racially discriminatory policy. They call for college campuses, corporate offices and government agencies to "look like America." Part of looking like America ... MORE

The Constitution and Property Rights

It is sometimes suggested that the Founders did not consider property rights important because the term “property” was mentioned only once in the Constitution. The truth is that the Founders were concerned about a range of human values, but property rights were high on their list. Their Constitution and Bill of Rights protected property in many ways ... MORE

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Welfare State Dynamics

Clinton: Obama Will Ignore Congress On Libya War

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a classified congressional hearing that the Obama regime would ignore Congress if it tried to rein in the unconstitutional war in Libya, but that the administration would send press releases to lawmakers, according to news reports. When Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) asked Clinton during the briefing what the regime’s response would be to Congress exercising its constitutional  ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Failed Education Monopoly

Ethical Limbo: How Low Can Government Go?

Texas cops are ticketing thousands of school children to raise revenue.
With the rise of get-tough juvenile crime policies across Texas, the municipal courthouse has become the new principal’s office for thousands of students who get in fights, curse their teachers or are generally “disorderly” on school campuses — even in elementary schools, according to data collected from school systems by Texas Appleseed,  ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Measuring Force

You don't just walk up to the local bully and slap him across the face. If you are determined to confront him, then you try to knock the living daylights out of him. Otherwise, you are better off to leave him alone. Anyone who grew up in my old neighborhood in Harlem could have told you that. But Barack Obama didn't grow up in my old neighborhood. He had a much more genteel upbringing, including a fancy private school,  ... MORE