A. Barton Hinkle: Does Your Body Belong To You?

Food nannies want the government to control your diet. “Perhaps you’ve noticed the trend among certain people these days,” wrote Neil Genzlinger in The New York Times the other day, “to decide that certain other people are not living acceptable lives and must be reformed.” Yes. There certainly is a lot of that going around. You can see it in the comments from ... MORE

VIDEO: Walter E Williams - Civil Rights Assumptions

Professor Williams injects reason into conventional assumptions.

Jan Brewer, A Phony Federalist

The Arizona governor is a woman of pragmatism. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican and former U.S. attorney, has never been keen on his state's Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act, which his predecessor, Jon Corzine, signed into law on the last day of his administration. But last week Christie announced that New Jersey will proceed with plans to let ... MORE

Doom Sells: Climate Witchcraft & Post-Normal Science

by Norman Rogers. French philosophers invented deconstructionism and postmodernism, or the theory that nothing means what it says. Followers of these ideas are adept at finding hidden messages of capitalist oppression in the most unexpected places. A related ideological disturbance is post-normal science. Post-normal scientists favor relaxing scientific rigor in order to ... MORE

VIDEO: The Philosophy of Liberty - Plunder

Audit of Federal Reserve: $16 Trillion In Secret Bailouts

Ever wonder what legalized plunder looks like? The first ever GAO(Government Accountability Office) audit of the Federal Reserve was carried out in the past few months due to the Ron Paul, Alan Grayson Amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill, which passed last year. Jim DeMint, a Republican Senator, and Bernie Sanders, an independent Senator, led the charge for a Federal  ... MORE

The "Balanced Budget Amendment" Is A Trap

by Chip Wood. A lot of good people who believe, as I do, that we need to balance the federal budget have fallen for a very bad idea. I’m referring to the notion that a balanced budget amendment will somehow help solve the fiscal disaster our country faces. I just got a promotional email from Regnery Publishing, one of my all-time favorite book-publishing companies. ... MORE

A. Barton Hinkle: Is The Tea Party Crazy Or Just Nuts?

The media demonizes advocates of limited government. The late Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota was a man of the hard left—"the Senate's most liberal member," as Mickey Kaus once termed him in the liberal online journal Slate. Wellstone opposed the first Iraq War—and the second one. He was no friend of the Second Amendment—or the First. He thought the ... MORE 

VIDEO: John Stossel - Green Road To Serfdom

Alex Epstein: Nuclear Power Is Extremely Safe

That's the truth about what we learned from Japan. In the midst of a still struggling and fragile global economy, Germany has announced that it will shut down seven nuclear plants by the end of the year--which means that Germans will be left to run their factories, heat their homes, and power their economy with 10% less electrical generating capacity. Nine more plants   ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Debt-Ceiling Chicken

Thinking about the long haul. The big news, as far as the media are concerned, is the political game of debt-ceiling chicken that is being played by Democrats and Republicans in Washington. But, however much the media are focused on what is happening inside the Beltway, there is a whole country outside the Beltway -- and the time is long overdue to start thinking ... MORE

VIDEO: The Philosophy of Liberty - Property

Who owns you?

Ira Stoll: Five Facts About the Debt

Setting the economic record straight. Five under-appreciated points about the federal budget and debt ceiling:  1. Whenever I need to get my bearings in the debate over the debt, the deficit, or the debt ceiling, I go to the web site of the White House Office of Management and Budget and download historical table 1.3. The story it tells, in very round numbers ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Job Destruction Makes Us Richer

White House economic ignorance on full display.  Here's what President Barack Obama said about our high rate of unemployment in an interview with NBC's Ann Curry: "The other thing that happened, though — and this goes to the point you were just making — is there are some structural issues with our economy, where a lot of businesses have learned to ... MORE

John Rossomando: Shining Light On Regulation Costs

Inhofe bill would would expose the high cost of regulation. Environmental regulations drain hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. economy each year, and it mostly goes unnoticed by the public. But proposed legislation from Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe could make the cost of such government interference more transparent. “Everybody here is    ... MORE

Jason Ivey: Little Green Tyrannists

Their goal is to make us all do with less.  Of tyrannies large and small, irritating me the most is the rise of the Green Police. They've reached heights previously held only by the subject of excessive taxation. First of all, the entire basis for green ideology and the ideologues following and enforcing it is based on a sham of a lie. Global cooling led to global warming led to climate  ... MORE

VIDEO: How Import Tariffs Make Everyone Poorer

Jonah Goldberg: The Terminology Of Taxation

Words mean things. Every political movement has its rhetorical strengths and weaknesses. The Right can wax poetic about liberty and freedom, the Left about the nobility of the poor and downtrodden. Nowhere do these differences come across more starkly than on the subject of taxation. Ask almost any Republican politician, from lobster-roll-eating northeastern “RINOs”  ... MORE

Ron Ross: Fatal Flaws Of Keynesian Economics

The failed economics behind the stimulus. It's now clear that the federal government's massive stimulus spending has not achieved its objectives. Why hasn't it? It's important that we have answers to that question. The stimulus was premised on the economic model known as Keynesianism: the intellectual legacy of the late English economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynesianism... MORE

John Stossel: A Businessman For President?

Herman Cain aims for the White House. Herman Cain has an impressive record in the business world. He was a successful vice president at Pillsbury and Burger King, then he turned around the failing Godfather's Pizza. Is that the kind of person the country needs as president? Cain thinks so. I spoke with Cain last week. As a businessman, Cain saw firsthand the harm that government ... MORE

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Middle Class Welfare

Mona Charen: It Should All Be Free

The high cost of turning wishes into rights. Free medicine! That's what Obamacare has brought you — or should bring you, at least according to CNN. The story's opening sentence set the tone: "Contraceptives, sterilization and reproductive education should be covered by health insurance plans with no cost to patients under the health reform law, a new report ... MORE

Mike Riggs: When Ignorance Is The Best Excuse

Powerful and ignorant are a toxic combination. When Rupert Murdoch went before the British Parliament yesterday to testify about the News of the World hacking scandal, he did not attempt to downplay the severity of his employees’ crimes. Rather, he apologized for the damage done and then said, "I didn’t know of it." When asked who, then, was responsible for the ... MORE


"Should Not The Government Support The Art?"

Classic insight from Frederick Bastiat--more needed than ever. It is clear that the taxpayer, who has contributed one franc, will no longer have this franc at his own disposal. It is clear that he will be deprived of some gratification to the amount of one franc; and that the workman, whoever he may be, who would have received it from him, will be deprived of a benefit to that ... MORE

Slaves Are Issued Guns; Free People Own Them

by William A. Levinson.  A popular bumper sticker proclaims that free people own guns, while slave do not. History shows, however, that masters have often issued weapons to slaves under conditions in which the latter's socioeconomic standing made rebellion unlikely. History also shows that, despite efforts by Bill Clinton's and Barack Obama's Supreme Court Justices to  ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Citizen Journalism

Nick Gillespie/Matt Welsh: Declaration Of Independents

Meet the future of American politics. When was the last time you read the Declaration of Independence? Go ahead and call it up; give it a quick scan. Don’t focus on the detailed bill of particulars against King George (“He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant”), disregard completely the bit about ... MORE


From the best of intentions to bankruptcy and recriminations. The intentions of Democrats are only the best. They want all of the old to have lavish retirements, all of the young to have scholarships, verse-penning cowboys to have festivals funded by government, and everyone to have access to all the best health care, at no cost to himself.  ... MORE

VIDEO: Why Debt-Ceiling Debate Is Full Of Malarkey

Walter E Williams: Education Is Worse Than We Thought

Last December, I reported on Harvard University professor Stephan Thernstrom's essay "Minorities in College — Good News, But...," on Minding the Campus, a website sponsored by the New York-based Manhattan Institute. He was commenting on the results of the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress, saying that the scores "mean that black students  ... MORE

Steve Chapman: The Dangers Of "Caylee's Law"

Fruitless outrage won't prevent future tragedies.  It was once suggested, as a general rule of staying alive, never to fly on an airline named after a state or the owner. As a general rule of sound government, it's also a good idea never to enact a law named after a person. Personalizing criminal law usually stems from fruitless outrage at a freakish event. ... MORE

VIDEO: Andrew Napolitano - Addicted To Debt

Judge Napolitano offers a possible solution to the economic crisis our spendthrift politicians and a wealth-consuming central bank have created.

A. Barton Hinkle: Sports Vs. Social Justice

Does Derek Jeter really deserve millions of dollars?  Last weekend Derek Jeter made baseball history when he became only the 28th MLB player to reach 3,000 hits. He's the only player to do it wearing the Yankees uniform. For diehard Yankees fans, Jeter may be worth all the money on Earth. But many less ardent enthusiasts probably wonder whether even someone as  ... MORE

Ryan James Girdusky: Big Government And Big Business

A heart attack waiting to happen.  A new study on obesity in America entitled “F is for Fat” by Trust For America’s Health, made headlines across the country.  It found Americans are fatter than ever. Two-thirds of American adults and 25 million American children are now overweight or obese.  This level of unhealthy living has severe repercussions in regards to health care costs ... MORE

VIDEO: Ayn Rand - A System of Selfish Greed

Rand explains the philosophy driving capitalism to commit suicide.

A. Barton Hinkle: THE TSA's Invasive Search Contest

All it takes to win is the right attitude and rubber gloves. To: All TSA Personnel From: Paul Witchowski.  Dear Fellow Officers, Many of you have written to ask me about the status of our Invasive Search Contest. Knowing this is a subject of great interest to all of you and that there has been a lot of rumors and innuendoes going around the "grapevine," I have decided ... MORE

Gene Healy: The Ultimate Bridge To Nowhere

Friday marked the space shuttle's swan song, as the Atlantis lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center for the program's 135th and final flight. It was President George W. Bush who announced the shuttle's retirement with his 2004 "Vision for Space Exploration," which included a moon base and "human missions to Mars and to worlds beyond." But it was President Obama who put the kibosh ... MORE

VIDEO: Underwhelming Spending Cuts

No More Taxes, No More Debt, No More Obama

by William Kristol. The debt ceiling fight has now reached a point typical of many dramas of this kind, when participants and commentators alike start to lose sight of the forest for the trees. That's inevitable. Trees are what Congress and pundits do for a living, and in any case which trees are left standing just where is not unimportant. So lots of underpaid congressional staffers will be ... MORE

The Real Cost of Solar Energy

By Alan Aszkler. President Obama has thrown down the gauntlet, spending billions of dollars to chase the green energy alchemy of solar harvesting. Speaking at Georgetwon in April of this year, Obama said that the United States needs to "change the way we generate electricity in America -- so that it's cleaner, safer and healthier .... we also know that ushering in a clean energy economy ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Economy Plagued By Unknown Unknowns

When Donald Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense, he coined some phrases about knowledge that apply far beyond military matters. Secretary Rumsfeld pointed out that there are some things that we know that we know. He called those "known knowns." We may, for example, know how many aircraft carriers some other country has. We may also know that they have troops and tanks ... MORE

VIDEO: Gary Johnson Takes The Heat

Why an honest, clear-thinking, straight-forward politician may be refreshing, but is probably unelectable.

Walter E Williams: Failing America 101

A recent Superman comic book has the hero saying, "I am renouncing my U.S. citizenship" because "truth, justice, and the American way — it's not enough anymore." Though not addressing Superman's statement, Stanford University professor and Hoover Institution senior fellow William Damon explains how such a vision could emerge today but not yesteryear. The explanation is ... MORE

A. Barton Hinkle: The Price of Big Government

Do the benefits ever outweigh the costs? The bio for James Delingpole of the London Telegraph describes him as "a writer, journalist, and broadcaster who is right about everything." The rest of us should probably heed the counsel of a woman of my acquaintance who advises remaining open to the possibility that we might—just might!—occasionally be wrong. There are lots of reasons to ... MORE

VIDEO: Why Federalism In Education Is Important

A primer from the Heritage Foundation on the principles of federalism as applied to education.

Inconvenient Truth: Marijuana Is No Gateway Drug

from Science Blog - science news straight from the source. Marijuana is not a “gateway” drug that predicts or eventually leads to substance abuse, suggests a 12-year University of Pittsburgh study. Moreover, the study’s findings call into question the long-held belief that has shaped prevention efforts and governmental policy for six decades and caused many a parent to panic ... MORE

Gary Jason: California's Newest Job Killer

The job-killing internet sales tax law just signed by Governor Jerry Brown will only accelerate the decline of our most populous state. Consider the facts. Already, on the recent ranking of states on the basis of their tax climates done by the Tax Foundation, California is almost at the bottom at number 49. On the ranking of states for economic freedom done by the Mercatus Center, it stands at ... MORE

VIDEO: Economic Freedom & Quality of Life!

How one goes, so goes the other.

Obama Administration Fires ATF Whisteblower

by Maxim Lott. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is being accused of retaliating against an agent who helped publicize the agency’s role in allowing thousands of guns to cross the U.S. border and fall into the hands of Mexican drug gangs. The agent, Vince Cefalu, who has spoken out about the ATF's so-called "Project Gunrunner" scandal, says he was served with ... MORE

VIDEO: Smart Meters Are As Big Brother As It Gets

Just say no to 24/7 surveillance. DON'T LET THEM CHANGE THE METER!

John Stossel: The College Scam

Higher education is not worth the cost.  What do Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Mark Cuban have in common? They're all college dropouts. What do Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, and Peter Jennings have in common? They never went to college at all. But today all kids are told: To succeed, you must go to college. Hillary Clinton tells students:  ... MORE

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Affordable Housing Fallacies

Professor Sowell explains the real world effects of affordable housing schemes.

Jeffrey Folks: Obama's Plan For $10 Gas

He is closer to achieving it than most realize. American drivers are angry at having to pay $4 a gallon for gas, and understandably so. Their anger is often directed at the oil companies that supply the gas. It should be directed at Barack Obama instead. From the beginning of his appearance on the national stage, Obama has focused on the goal of driving up energy prices with the idea ... MORE

J.D. Homnick: Foreman's Knockout Punch

The silver lining. If you are superstitious about having 13 at table for dinner, you probably should not invite all the people in the state of Florida who thought that the justice system worked well in the Casey Anthony case.  That would be the 12 members of the jury which acquitted her, and yours truly.  As a constitutional conservative, the verdict of the jury resonates with me  ... MORE

VIDEO: Crony Capitalism To Trump Freedom Again

The best politicians money can buy are once again deployed to crush competition.

Becky Akers: Apologists For The TSA

Sexual assault has its defenders — and they’re not just behind bars for rape or pedophilia.Nor do they exclusively “work” for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the federal bureaucracy that has decreed its sociopaths may “actually [touch] my vagina four times,” as Susie Castillo, former Miss USA and recent victim, put it.  “[The assailant] went up both legs from behind ... MORE

Shikha Dalmia: Driving To Delusionville

Obama's former auto czar in deep denial about bailout. The former Obama auto czar, Ron Bloom, was on Capitol Hill last week telling Congress what a grand bargain the auto bailout has turned out to be for taxpayers. (His testimony should be on the Syfy channel.) But much was missing from his story that he might have heard if he had hung around for the next panel ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Too Much Law

The proliferation of regulation and litigation narrow liberty and defeat common sense.

Michael Pento: The Cause And Evidence Of Inflation

The charts tell the tale. My 1988 edition of Webster's Dictionary defines inflation as follows: "An increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods, resulting in a substantial and continuing rise in the general price level." These differences are not academic and go a long way toward explaining why economists argue so vociferously. In a heated debate on the ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Free Trade, Without Apologies

International trade has been one of the most powerful forces for prosperity in the history of the world. But a lot of Democrats, including the one occupying the Oval Office, treat it as a mixed blessing at best, requiring reparations for the alleged victims. That's the source of the fight between the president and congressional Republicans over two things the White House wants:  ... MORE

VIDEO: Nick Gillespie's The Declaration of Independents

The Left's 'Ayn Rand Versus Jesus Christ' Campaign

by Harry Binswanger.  The American Values Network, a left-wing group, with considerable funding by George Soros, has launched a media blitz under the banner "Ayn Rand vs Jesus Christ." As an Institute founded by Ayn Rand's heir and devoted to advancing her philosophy, Objectivism, we would like to respond. Since this is an issue Rand faced repeatedly in her lifetime,  ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Gross Media Ignorance

Stupid or sinister? There's little that's intelligent or informed about Time magazine editor Richard Stengel's article "One Document, Under Siege" (June 23, 2011). It contains many grossly ignorant statements about our Constitution. If I believed in conspiracies, I'd say Stengel's article is part of a leftist agenda to undermine respect for the founding values of our nation. ... MORE

VIDEO: Andrew Napolitano - Consent of The Governed

Where the just powers of government derive.

Mark Thornton: Why Legalize Now?

Suddenly the world is abuzz with talk about legalizing marijuana and other drugs. Political candidates, politicians, former presidents, interest groups, and even the Global Commission on Drug Policy are all calling for drug-policy reform. Given that we are in a worldwide economic and fiscal crisis, why is everyone interested in drug policy? Have we all suddenly regained our senses ... MORE

4th Of July Special: The Americans Who Risked Everything

by Rush H. Limbaugh Jr (the talk radio host's father). It was a glorious morning. The sun was shining and the wind was from the southeast. Up especially early, a tall, bony, readheaded young Virginian found time to buy a new thermometer, for which he paid three pounds, fifteen shillings. He also bought gloves for Martha, his wife, who was ill at home.                 ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Stimulus To Nowhere

The failure of Obama's economic agenda. Mired in excruciating negotiations over the budget and the debt ceiling, President Barack Obama might reflect that things didn't have to turn out this way. The impasse grows mainly out of one major decision he made early on: pushing through a giant stimulus. When he took office in January 2009, this was his first priority.  ... MORE

VIDEO: Walter E Williams - What Are They Buying?

The dynamics of campaign contributions.

Randall Hoven: Ten Lessons From Federal Spending

One can learn a lot just from looking at federal spending over time. The history of our relationship with our government can almost be summarized in graph. Research shows that from the founding of our nation, 1787-1849 (63 years) federal spending averaged 1.7% of GDP. For the next 51 years, 1850-1900 (including the Civil War) spending averaged only 3.1%. From 1901     ... MORE