Walter E Williams: No Obligation To Obey Immoral Laws

Doing so only leads to lost liberty. What laws are we morally obligated to obey? Help with the answer can be found in "Economic Liberty and the Constitution," a 66-page pamphlet by Jacob G. Hornberger, founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. Hornberger offers a hypothetical whereby Congress enacts a compulsory church attendance ... MORE

VIDEO: The High Cost of the War on Drugs

Just how much do American taxpayers spend to subsidize street gangs?

Sterling Burnett: EPA's Toxic Regulations

An ongoing assault on the economy. Affordable energy is critical for a prosperous economy. Yet, despite the fact that the U.S. is still in the middle of a pronounced economic slump, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in the process of proposing or finalizing a number of air-quality regulations that would limit energy choices and increase energy prices, thus seriously retarding ... MORE

A. Barton Hinkle: Airport Security vs. The Constitution

Government critics deserve their day in court. You wouldn't think Aaron Tobey and Donald Rumsfeld have much in common. Tobey is the guy who stripped down to his shorts at the Richmond, Virginia airport last December. Rumsfeld is the former Defense Secretary under George W. Bush. Tobey, who was protesting the invasive airport screening practices that have outraged ... MORE

The Superiority Of School Vouchers Demonstrated

by Gary Jason. The failure of the American K-12 public school system has been obvious for decades. Some of us fossils can recall the public uproar that accompanied the release of the report "A Nation at Risk" back in 1987, documenting the mediocre at best, disastrously bad at worst performance of the nation's public schools. The public school special interest groups ... MORE

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Our Limited Resources

Mike Riggs: Gary Johnson Bets Big On New Hampshire

Can a nice guy finish first in the Live Free or Die State? Republican Gary Johnson hopes so. “I’m putting my chips on the table in New Hampshire,” the former two-term governor of New Mexico said today at a National Press Club luncheon. Despite being a no-show in Ames, Iowa, Johnson has rented an office and hired four “young ideologues” as staffers in New Hampshire. ... MORE

Mark Steyn: The Imperial Presidency

Obama's strikingly Latin American message. Rick Perry, governor of Texas, has only been in the presidential race for 20 minutes, but he’s already delivered one of the best lines in the campaign: “I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can.” This will be grand news to Schylar Capo, eleven years old, of Virginia, who made the  ... MORE

Phillip Smith: Perry And Romney Are Proud Drug Warriors

while Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are drug war foes. Two of the leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination sought to win votes by talking tough on drugs this week, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry calling for unmanned drones to overfly the US-Mexico border and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney saying the war on drugs must ... MORE

VIDEO: What Ever Happened To The Constitution?

Disregard for Constitutional principles has led to coming chaos.

Damon W. Root: ObamaCare and Strict Scrutiny

The long slow death of conservative judicial restraint. In his recent opinion upholding the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s mandate that all Americans purchase health insurance, conservative 6th Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton adopted what used to be a very common conservative legal position: judicial deference. The battle over    ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: For Whom The Bell Tolls

The sour fruits of political correctness. The orgies of violent attacks on strangers in the streets — in both England and the United States — are not necessarily just passing episodes. They should be wake-up calls, warning of the continuing degeneration of Western society. As British doctor and author Theodore Dalrymple said, long before these riots broke out, “The good ... MORE

John Stossel: The GOP Race Heats Up

Surveying the 2012 Republican field. Did we learn anything from last week's Republican presidential debate? I heard the usual platitudes like "bring people together," but there was also plenty of talk about the private sector. I liked that. So did the guests on my show. One was Steve Forbes, himself a former candidate for the GOP nomination: "We got first the principle: ... MORE

Todd Myers: Feel-Good Policies Replace Science

Eco-Fads take center stage. The photo takes more than a full page of the magazine and it is stark. It shows acre upon acre of decaying tree stumps, a barren area where a mighty forest once stood. Only a small patch of trees remains, sitting on a mound of dirt. The caption underneath the photo reads “Clear-cut land in Washington.” Published in 2002 by the magazine ... MORE

VIDEO: Are The Poor Getting Poorer?

Tim Cavanaugh: How Long Will It Take Keynes To Die?

Ignorance is a stubborn beast. It’s been many years since I’ve read The New York Times. Like most readers, I got discouraged by the shrinking page size, the self-confident erroneousness that becomes apparent whenever America's newspaper of record covers a topic I’m familiar with, and the lack of a comics page. Sure there are occasions when you can’t avoid it—usually when ... MORE

Jacob Sullum: The Power To Mandate Almost Anything

Looking for limits. Opponents of the federal law requiring Americans to buy government-approved medical coverage face a daunting challenge. Because the U.S. Supreme Court has treated the power to "regulate commerce…among the several states" like Silly Putty since the New Deal, explaining why it cannot be stretched to cover the health insurance mandate is harder than you ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Abolish Drunk Driving Laws

Tyranny wrapped in pretty paper. Police roadblocks are an effective means of trolling for fineable offenses and combatting that pesky Constitutional obstacle, probable cause. Like anti-terrorism laws and the TSA, drunk driving laws provide law enforcement with a mandate to arbitrarily violate individual liberty.

Gene Healy: Nixon's Wage And Price Controls

Another tale of executive power and the damage done. Remember "TARP," "Too Big to Fail," "Government Motors," "pay czar," the buzzwords of the Bush-Obama era? They reflected a disturbing trend toward presidential interference in economic life. Forty years ago this week, President Richard Nixon showed us just how dangerous unchecked executive power can ... MORE

James Valliant: Ayn Rand's Critics

Ayn Rand is hot right now.  Sizzling hot.  As government grows more intrusive, and our freedom shrinks, her novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, are selling at an unprecedented clip.  Given today’s headlines, it is easy to see why. Less easy to understand is the remarkable level of ignorance about Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. Can anyone doubt the truth of ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Social Degeneration, Part One

Facing reality. Someone at long last has had the courage to tell the plain, honest truth about race. After mobs of young blacks rampaged through Philadelphia committing violence -- as similar mobs have rampaged through Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee and other places -- Philadelphia's black ... MORE  
Social Degeneration Part Two                     Social Degeneration Part Three

VIDEO: The War on Walmart

Whose afraid of cheap groceries?

Walter E Williams: Ominous Parallels

Repeating the folly of the past. People are beginning to compare Barack Obama's administration to the failed administration of Jimmy Carter, but a better comparison is to the Roosevelt administration of the 1930s and '40s. Let's look at it with the help of a publication from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and the Foundation for Economic Education titled "Great Myths of the ... MORE

Ron Ross: Why President Obama Is Painful To Watch

A political trip to the dentist. If someone looked at your face while watching President Obama make a speech or hold a press conference, I'll bet it would reflect pain and discomfort. Your facial expression might be described as a grimace. There are a number of reasons for that kind of reaction. It might not even matter whether you are liberal or conservative. There is much  ... MORE

Thomas Bowden: Importance Of The Obamacare Litigation

What’s at stake in the Obamacare litigation? Much more, we are being told, than the viability of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act itself. What hangs in the balance, conservatives proclaim, is nothing less than the future of constitutionally limited government in America. Back in January, Judge Roger Vinson held that Congress exceeded its constitutional authority by  ... MORE

VIDEO: Ayn Rand - Reason Requires Capitalism

Ayn Rand shows how the path of reason leads to capitalism.

Phyllis Schlafly: Get Government Out Of Our House

And leave the light on. If Congress can't repeal the law that banishes the Edison light bulb and forces us to buy Chinese-made bulbs we don't like, voters will ask, what was the use in electing a Republican House? Not only are the majority of Americans in favor of abolishing that obnoxious law, but even a majority of House members voted to repeal the current law, yet that ... MORE

Jonah Goldberg: Wake Up And Smell The Tea

Tea Party downgrade? Not hardly. Is this a wake-up call to Washington?” NBC’s David Gregory asked Sen. John Kerry (D., Mass.) on Meet the Press, referring to the S&P downgrade. “Well, it’s a partial wake-up call. I believe this is, without question, the tea-party downgrade.” Shortly after pointing fingers and assigning blame, Kerry went on to lament how Republicans insist on ... MORE

VIDEO: The Recipe For America's Destruction

Whatever else, call him correct. More than 50 years ago, John Birch Society Founder Robert Welch foresaw those forces that plague America today.

Rick Barrett: Feds Push For Licenses To Drive Tractors

Proposal will treat tractors like big rigs. Tim Strobel has been driving a tractor for 20 years, so he's a bit puzzled that federal officials are kicking around an idea that could ultimately force him - and anyone else operating farm machinery - to get a commercial driver's license. Yes, the same kind of license that interstate truckers must have to operate their rigs.  ... MORE

VIDEO: Obama's Bottom Line - Credit Rating Downgrade

excerpts from the President's speech that simplify and clarify.
excerpts from the President's speech that simplify and clarify.

William Kristol: Fear The FED

FED continues to stack house of cards. A businessman and investor for whose judgment I have the highest regard sends this email about yesterday’s Fed announcement: “It is impossible to overstate the danger posed to the long-term stability of our country by current Fed policy, which has reached what one can only hope is the apogee of misplaced confidence in their ability to    ... MORE

Jacob Feldman: Government Consumes American Earnings

Americans work so politicians can spend. Each year Americans for Tax Reform Foundation authors the Cost of Government Day (COGD) report which measures the number of days worked to pay off the annual burden of government spending and regulation. In 2011, Americans have to work 224 days (through August 12) to support the government Goliath. For the third ... MORE

John Stossel: A Government That Kills

More dangerous cars have been mandated.  President Obama has declared that auto companies' fleets must average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, almost double the current 27.5. Standing at his side when he made the announcement were executives from the Big Three automakers. The New York Times reported: "It is an extraordinary shift in the relationship     ... MORE

VIDEO: California Politicians vs Gun Rights

How Fear, not fact, informs the gun rights debate.

Ira Stoll: Obama Gets A Blank Check For An Endless War

Where is the press? Where are the protests? The Obama administration is on pace to have more American soldiers killed in casualties related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than the George W. Bush administration did in its first term. Already, hundreds more American troops have been killed in Afghanistan during the less than three years of the Obama administration than during ... MORE

W. James Antle, III: Downgrading The Constitution

The downgrade that began the crisis.   Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner dinged Standard & Poor's for "terrible judgment" in downgrading the federal government's credit rating. Less genteel liberals offered less flattering assesments. "[I]t's hard to think of anyone less qualified to pass judgment on America than the rating agencies," opined Paul Krugman. "The people  ... MORE

Peter Ferrara: Obama Downgraded, Tea Party Vindicated

Only the national debt was stimulated. President Obama achieved the historic downgrading of America's credit rating the old-fashioned way. He earned it. He came into office with federal spending already near an historic peak, with a percent of GDP at 20.7 percent and having increased by one-seventh during the Bush years. One year earlier Bush had joined with then House Speaker ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - New Road To Serfdom

Ryan Young & Jacqueline Otto: The Big Repeal

In 1787, there were four federal crimes. Now there are over 4,000. The Code of Federal Regulations runs over 157,000 pages. America is overlawyered and overregulated, and the economy is suffering for it. Congressmen from both parties recognize this. But reform eludes them. It isn't necessarily their fault. Congress's institutional structure is geared   ... MORE

C. J. Ciaramella: Citizens Under The Microscope

TSA rolling out new "behavior detection officers." Passengers flying through Boston’s Logan International Airport will notice the security screeners are chattier than usual, but it’s not an improved customer service policy. On Tuesday the Transportation Security Administration began a test-run at Logan of its SPOT program, which stands for Screening of Passengers by Observation  ... MORE

Warren Meyer: Why So Many Licenses?

2011 Milton Friedman Legacy for Freedom Essay. Milton Friedman was always a more-than-able educator about the dangers and internal contradictions of socialism. But he also recognized another danger to capitalism and freedom, from the most -- rather than least -- successful corners of the economy. He said: "With some notable exceptions, businessmen favor free enterprise in general but are opposed to it when it comes to     ... MORE 

THE DAILY CALLER: The Great $50 Billion Flub

Obamacare cost estimates hide up to $50 billion per year.  Federal payments required by President Barack Obama’s health care law are being understated by as much as $50 billion per year because official budget forecasts ignore the cost of insuring many employees’ spouses and children, according to a new analysis. The result could cost the U.S. Treasury hundreds of   ... MORE

VIDEO: Nanny Of The Month Winner For July 2011

Busybodies minding YOUR own business.

Walter E Williams: Ignorance, Stupidity or Connivance?

The high cost of fueling envy and resentment. President Barack Obama has called for a luxury tax on corporate jets as a means to generate revenue to fight federal deficits. The president's economic advisers ought to be fired for not telling him that doing so is unwise and counterproductive. They might have already told him so, only to have the president say, "Look, I know you're  ... MORE

Mike Riggs: Moody's Sounds The Alarm On Student Loans

Student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt. A growing chorus of economists and educators think that the higher education industry will be America's next bubble. Easy credit, high tuition, and poor job prospects have resulted in growing delinquency and default rates on nearly $1 trillion worth of private and federally subsidized loans. Now the ratings agency ... MORE

VIDEO: Robert P Murphy - Free Trade

Heidi Harris: The Rat In Obama's Maze

Is someone leaving the building?  It goes without saying that President Obama has no grasp of even basic economics. Perhaps he should read Thomas Sowell’s excellent book of the same title, for starters. And it also goes without saying that everything he’s done since taking office has made the economic situation in the nation worse, whether you’re looking at actual job  ... MORE

Rich Lowry: Government's War On Lemonade

Beware those conniving grade-school entrepreneurs. There’s no more poignant symbol of American childhood than the lemonade stand, evocative of long, lazy summer days and pie-in-the-sky entrepreneurial dreams.  It inevitably was a subject for a Norman Rockwell print, with a brassy kid confidently hawking cups for 5 cents each. If Rockwell were to update ... MORE

Liberal Victory: Dependent Class Reaches 45.8 Million

Democrats increase voter base.  Nearly 15% of the U.S. population relied on food stamps in May, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The number of Americans using the government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) -- more commonly referred to as food stamps -- shot to an all-time high of 45.8 million in May, the USDA reported. ... MORE

Taxed Out New Yorkers Fleeing The State

from Newscore. Taxed-out New Yorkers are voting with their feet, with a staggering 1.6 million residents fleeing the state over the last decade. For the second consecutive decade, New York led the nation in the percentage of residents leaving for other states, according to the report by the Empire Center for State Policy. The population loss is "the ultimate barometer of ... MORE

VIDEO: Thomas Sowell - Class Warfare Fallacies

Matt Welch & Nick Gillespie: War Of Debt-Ceiling Analogies

Politicians quibble while real disaster looms. A funny thing happened on the way to a resolution over raising the nation’s credit limit: The most basic definitions of easy-to-understand words such as “spending,” “increase” and “budget cuts” went out the window faster than Anthony Weiner’s political career.  The debt ceiling, which has been set by Congress since 1917, is   ... MORE

Taxpayers To Fund Obama Campaign Swing

Prudent political spending in tough economic times. President Barack Obama’s upcoming bus tour through the Midwest states typically viewed as swing states during presidential election years will be paid for by the taxpayers, the White House says. Obama will start the tour on Aug. 15 and will talk about strengthening jobs and the economy, the White House announced on  ... MORE

Art Bailly: How Much Tyranny Will Americans Accept?

An American's right to travel vs the TSA.   The Transportation Security Administration needs reform. For those unfamiliar with their track record, here are some of the more recent controversial things the TSA has done: A 95 year old woman was supposedly required to remove her adult diaper before being cleared for flying in June; In May, an 8 month old child was   ... MORE

Obama Administration's New Job-Killing Regulations

Hundreds more in July alone. It's hard to take President Obama seriously when he talks about job growth being a "top priority." Soon, Obama will embark on yet another "jobs tour" where he will talk a lot about the need for job creation, but back in Washington his bureaucrats will be drafting more job killing regulations. During a Senate GOP caucus lunch this week, a report was  ... MORE

VIDEO: Cop Overrules Freedom Of The Press

A 30 year cop makes up the law as he goes to insulate police from media scrutiny.

Aaron Klein: Some Can Appreciate The President's Efforts

Obama gets thumbs up from the Communist Party. It may be early in the campaign season, but the Communist Party USA already has seen fit to endorse Barack Obama for the 2012 election. While noting he is disappointed with "some aspects" of the Obama administration's domestic and foreign policy, Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, threw his support  ... MORE

Wendy McElroy: Security Theater Adds A New Act

Coming soon: The Interview. “Where are you going? What is the purpose of your trip? Where will you be staying? Who will you see there? How do you know them?” Anyone familiar with international travel will recognize such questions as a particularly unpleasant aspect of being “processed” by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Soon Americans ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Feeding The Monster

G. Murphy Donovan: The American Animal Farm

Political ideology that would make Orwell cringe. George Orwell wrote his famous Animal Farm allegory about the corrupting potential of socialism in 1943. The novel was not published for two years because the liberal Bloomsbury establishment did not want to offend the new Labour Party majority in London or Stalinist allies in Moscow. After WWII, Orwell ... MORE

Shikha Dalmia: Expanding the State By Executive Order

Obama's top four power grabs. Candidates never keep their promises once in office. But even by the unlovely standards of his political peers, President Obama has pulled a rather impressive switcheroo from the anti-Bush to Bush-plus. He ran on a platform to undo President George W. Bush’s legacy and restore government accountability, even signing the pledge from the ... MORE

VIDEO: Positive Rights vs Negative Rights

Walter E Williams: Cruel Laws

With friends like government, who needs enemies? What does it take to be able to own and operate a taxi and earn $30,000, $40,000 or more a year? You need to purchase a used car and liability insurance. Compared with other businesses, the startup cost to become a taxi owner/operator is modest; that's until you have to come up with money for a license. In May 2010 ... MORE

Iain Murray: Time To Promote Economic Climate Change

Steve Wynn is right!  Among the long string of bad economic news from the last few years, there is something to celebrate: The political consensus in Washington that government could keep on growing at no cost to the growing economy has finally broken down. The size and scope of government is now the defining issue of our time. It is a welcome debate. However, it has   ... MORE

Mark Steyn: 'Life On This Planet' Is About To Change

More change than hope ahead. That thoughtful observer of the passing parade, Nancy Pelosi, weighed in on the "debt ceiling" negotiations the other day: "What we're trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today." It's always good to have things explained in terms we simpletons can understand.      ... MORE