February 26, 2021

fromGlennGreenwald/Substack:  Democrats' justification for silencing their adversaries online and in media -- "they are spreading fake news and inciting extremism" -- is what despots everywhere say.

fromReason:  It is now clear for all who have eyes to see that the tyrannical governors of New York and California have botched major aspects of the pandemic response.

fromNewsmax:  Jonathan Turley drew parallels between censorship of conservative views today and the Cold War's Red Scare, when those suspected of being communists and other political dissidents were targeted.

fromAmerticanThinker:  Today's politicos are savvy, even though rarely smart, and know they cannot take a wrecking ball to the Constitution through direct action. Fighting them requires a different target.

fromTownhall:  How are they able to keep the lights on? It’s simple coal and gas. The two sectors the Left wants to ax from our production capacity.