February 27, 2021

fromReason:  "Everything has been criminalized," says the Supreme Court Justice, as he pushes to keep the Fourth Amendment relevant.

fromRutherfordInstitute:  Government today flies is a transmogrification of the founders' vision: a representative government that exists to protect and preserve the life, liberty, property and happiness of its people.

fromReason:  Americans are increasingly monitored, and COVID-19 health concerns aren’t helping.

fromMilitaryTimes:  The war machine gets a reboot, as Biden reestablishes the endless war political strategy in the post-Trump era. The generals are smiling.

fromLibertyPen/YouTube:  From a 2007 C-Span interview, Naomi Wolf warned of the dangers to democracy and individual liberty being confronted today.

fromRutherfordInstitute/YouTube:  How to get the people to walk in lockstep with the police state.