March 6, 2021

fromCATO:  No matter how much some judges may dislike jury nullification, letting them lie to juries to prevent the conscientious acquittal of a defendant is unconstitutional. 

fromEpochTimes:  In the academic world, conservatives are not up against an ideology but rather a group anxiety bolstered by an academic echo-chamber.

fromLibertyPen/YouTube:  Professor Sowell challenges leftist theories for statistical disparities with his usual tools, facts and reason. 

fromBabylonBee:  A simple reminder that many a truth is spoken in jest. 

fromReason:  The tech billionaire isn't alone among the mega-wealthy in getting piles of money from government at all levels, say the authors of Welfare for the Rich. 

fromZeroHedge:  Another cancel culture backfire. If one needed an indication of just how absurd the left's decision to cancel Dr. Seuss over 'racist images' is - look no further than Amazon's Best Sellers list.