March 7, 2021

fromCreators:  The First Amendment is rarely enforced on college campuses today because colleges have largely become places of left-wing orthodoxy 

fromQuillette:  Whether or not lockdowns are justifiable on public-health grounds, they certainly represent the greatest infringement on civil liberties in modern history. 

fromPragerU/YouTube:  Lockdowns have never been done in a free society. Never forget, when government gets bigger, the people get littler.

fromEpochTimes:  Alan Dershowitz said that Americans who subscribe to all political viewpoints—including liberals—should be pushing back. 

fromReason:  The national eviction moratorium and Arizona’s business restrictions were based on dubious assertions of authority. 

fromAmericanThinker:  If the left gets their way, Americans could very well be in danger of losing their right to own firearms and use them for their protection.