March 8, 2021

fromWallStreetJournal:  The Democratic Party wants to mandate ballot harvesting and limit voter verification in order to control future elections. 

fromTownhall:  The left has some comparative advantages in its war against liberty and tolerance. Chief among these is their boundless imagination for making things up. 

fromAmericanThinker:  Without any real effort to address the inequities of this rigged system, an angry, messy politics will persist and very well become messier over time. 

fromTheFreeThoughtProject:  Because there is no government facility in the area and the good samaritan was arrested, there will be no more animals rescued in Petoskey. 

fromTownhall:  Today the world's largest Che mural (the same image eBay proudly merchants in 5,400 different forms) adorns Cuba's Ministry of the Interior, the headquarters for the Cuba's KGB- trained secret police. 

fromLibertyPen/YouTube:  Canada has taken the authoritarian move to institute ideologically-motivated language in an effort to thwart the reality of biological science. The implications are discussed.