April 7, 2021

fromMises:  In a country where the traditional definition of virtue has “evolved” and the search for metaphysical truth has largely been sidelined, millions of Americans seem to believe that there is no higher truth than the Science and that there are no more virtuous citizens than those who deferentially submit to the experts and the societal planners.

fromNationalReview:  By keeping its television production operations centered in Atlanta, is CNN consenting to voter ID (known as "Jim Crow-on-steroids" to some historical illiterates)?

fromGlennGreenwald/Substack:  A family in Oakland just suffered a horrific crime in their home -- one similar to but far worse than one I had recently -- and deserves much help in recovering.
The Government is Not Us                       Police State America

fromAmericanThinker:  The lie that George Floyd was murdered by racist police officers has made its way around the world several times over, leaving countless violent riots and more than $2 billion in property damages.

fromFoxNews:  Mainstream media "news" once again identified as deceptive propaganda.

fromDailyMail:  Beth Colgan, a UCLA law professor, told The Los Angeles Times that it would be shocking if a judge had allowed the FBI to search every box in the sealed warrant.
The Government is Not Us                       Police State America