April 8, 2021

fromRutherfordInstitute:  Now that the government has gotten a taste for flexing its police state powers by way of a bevy of lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, contact tracing programs, heightened surveillance, censorship, overcriminalization, etc., we may all be long-haulers, suffering under the weight of long-term COVID-19 afflictions.

fromTownhall:  For a uniter, President Joe Biden has a remarkable knack for figuring out new and destructive ways to divide Americans. His latest attempt to further split us falls back on one of his favorite themes: race. 

fromAmericanThinker:  The transgender movement is well known for shaming, harassing, and silencing all those feminists who have a rational, objective critique of the normalization of gender dysphoria.

fromEpochTimes:  He said it does not matter that Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and others are not the only ways in which to distribute speech as long as their power to do so is unequaled.

fromReason:  Did January 6th provide tyrants the pretense they need to trample the liberty of political opponents?

fromAmericanGreatness:  The myth of Biden the healer, and Trump the cruel divider, got Biden elected. But the fantasy that Biden had the answers to problems that Trump created is a far greater delusion.