May 17, 2021                                             

fromActivistPost: Under the guise of a welfare crackdown, Australia moved 25,000 people onto a cashless card system that restricts non-essential purchases. 

fromFreeBeacon: Parents describe Loudoun County as 'ground zero' in the fight against woke indoctrination.

fromReason: With so many states choosing to legalize marijuana, it's easy to forget how draconian the penalties for possession can still be.

fromEpochTimes: The environmental policies are based on the politics of redistributing social power and wealth.

fromMises: Self-driving cars would liberate us from many of the dangers of the road and free up time in which to work or enjoy ourselves on a ride. The price? An unprecedented level of government control.
The Government is Not Us                                           Regulation Nation

fromRealClearMarkets: There is simply no evidence that destroying human rights controls a virus.