May 18, 2021                                             

fromEpochTimes: If the Green New Deal becomes a real deal, whether through Congress or by executive fiat (apparently Biden’s preferred strategy), gas shortages and skyrocketing prices at the pump are just the beginning.

fromNewsweek: "Cancel culture," "identity politics," "intersectionality" and other woke movements have endangered the freedom of speech, the right to dissent and the due process of law. Freedom should not give way to intolerance.

fromReason: Whether drivers actually possessed illegal narcotics made no difference. Karma gave an "alert" indicating the presence of drugs 100 percent of the time during roadside sniffs outside vehicles.
The War on Unapproved Voluntary Exchange                                    Police State America

fromAmericanGreatness: The High Court upholds the unambiguous language of the Fourth Amendment. Small displays of common sense should not go unappreciated.
2nd Amendment Assaults                                          Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

fromAmericanThinker: Once the election was over, so was the need for the perception of crisis.