July 31, 2021                                             

fromGlennGreenwald/Substack: The only unanswered question answered about January 6 -- how embedded was FBI in the groups that planned it? -- is notably off the table.
Police State America                                                                      The Government is Not Us

fromReason: Because adults can't evaluate risk, kids continue to suffer the most from COVID policy, despite suffering the least from COVID.

fromCreators: We at The American Spectator call it "Kultursmog," and it is the only kind of smog of which our friends on the left approve. Actually, they not only approve of Kultursmog, but they contribute to it.

fromTheFederalist: The sheer similarities and differences between the treatment of the 2020 rioters compared to the treatment of the January 6 riot rioters are shocking.

fromBuckSexton: Mask mania is making a comeback. Democrats’ favorite cloth fetish mass hysteria was on a short hiatus while they tried to induce every person in America over the age of 12 to get a vaccine shot this past spring.
Regulation Nation                                                                                  The Government is Not Us

fromMises: All the propaganda that whitewashes the Cuban dictatorship is based on two lies: the nonexistent “blockade” and the allegedly excellent “public health.”