August 2, 2021                                             

fromRutherfordInstitute: We have lingered too long in this strange twilight zone where ego trumps justice, propaganda perverts truth, and imperial presidents rule by fiat rather than by the rule of law.

fromIssuesInsights: The misery index is up, so is inflation, pessimism, and financial stress. Illegal border crossings and murders are way up. And, cases of COVID-19 — the disease Biden said he would slay — are increasing again.

fromNationalReview: Exporting death the Democratic Party way, at the American taxpayer's expense.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery                                            The Government is Not Us

fromNYPost: Despite evidence from the CDC that breakthrough infections among the vaccinated were “rare,” the latest information also suggests Delta can spread just as easily among the jabbed, the report warns.

fromReason: Reason has joined a new legal effort seeking to force the government to unseal warrants justifying the FBI's seizure of more than 600 safe deposit boxes.

fromAlexBerenson/Substack: "Since the beginning, Covid has been both a political godsend to the left and a big business. But I’ve assumed that sooner or later the public health mandarins and their water-carriers in the media would have to admit the truth. Yet they won’t."