October 23, 2021                                             

fromBrownstoneInstitute:  "These self-frightened elites seem to think they can now remedy their lack of credibility with those living outside their grim prison of angst by simply amping up the volume on the scare machine. "
Indoctrination and Censorship                                                                        Regulation Nation

fromNYPost:  Consider that so far this fiscal year, more than 132,000 underage migrants have been taken into federal custody — a 64 percent increase from 2019, and a nearly 300 percent increase from last year.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption                                                 The Government is Not Us

fromPostMillennial:  The ACLU has expressed the opposite of its founding principle for a long time now. They have sacrificed their core free speech principles to become just another knee-jerk of the left.

fromTheFederalist:  If we can't agree that young girls being raped at school is an outrage, what can we agree on?

fromNYPost:  Both the audience and their questions have been throughly pre-screened. Any resemblance to a non-scripted event will be coincidental.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption                                              Media Bias on Parade

fromNYPost:  The Biden administration has gifted more than $80 billion of weaponry to the Taliban and has promised them plenty more "humanitarian" cash. America's humiliation deepens on a daily basis.