October 25, 2021                                             

fromAlt-Market:  If the covid vaccines were a generally benevolent program that actually “followed the science” then there would be no need to pile drive the public with an endless barrage of vax propaganda.

fromAmericanGreatness:  One man’s anarchy is another’s road to justice.

fromAmericanGreatness:  If America is governed by consent of the people, we must ask are the people clamoring for a more heavy-handed IRS? Or, we should check our premises.

fromJonathanTurley:  How to make a full-sized scandal vanish in front of an audience of millions. This week marked the anniversary of one of the greatest political tricks in history: the disappearance of Hunter Biden scandal.

fromUSAWatchdog:  The point now is to demoralize people and to really silence us.  That’s what’s going on with sicking the FBI and DOJ on parents, and that’s what’s going on with the fake news propaganda.

fromAmericanGreatness:  A town hall looks more like a display of elder abuse. Not funny.
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