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The Fourth Branch Of Government Is Out Of Control

by A. Barton Hinkle.   The unelected tyrants. America has witnessed a massive shift in government authority, says George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley—one that "has occurred without a national debate and certainly not a national vote." That shift has led to the de facto creation of a "fourth branch of government containing   ... MORE

Feds Spend $450K To Help Indians With Climate Change

Taxpayers scalped, weather or not.         The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to spend up to $450,000 in taxpayer dollars to teach Native American tribes in the Great Basin region ”climate adaptation plans” for their hunting, fishing and gathering activities. “Due to climate change, the natural landscapes are becoming       ... MORE

William F. Jasper: Why More Bundy Standoffs Are Coming

The war on the west will continue.      The federal government’s over-the-top police action against the Bundy family ranch is an ominous portent of more to come, as rogue agencies and their corporate/NGO partners attempt to “cleanse” the West of ranchers, farmers, miners, loggers, and other determined property owners.       ... MORE

VIDEO: The REAL Bundy Ranch Story

The day free American citizens stood down their heavy-handed government.