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Dec 28, 2018

The self-destruction of US farmers

fromCreators: Agriculture was a crown jewel of America's export economy. Then President Trump happened. He launched his "easy-to-win" trade wars, and our trading partners hit back right where the farm belt hurts.
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market

Mom Arrested, Jailed for letting 7-year-old watch his 4-year-old brother at home alone

fromReason: State says not enough supervision so it puts mom behind bars. Ironically, the kids were watching the movie "Home Alone" when the cops showed up for no good reason to disrupt their lives.
Police State America        Regulation Nation

Michelle Obama ends Hillary Clinton's run as most admired

fromGallup: (Not from the Onion or CNN) This certainly has all the signs of Russian tampering. 
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

⇨ Let’s make free speech the great cause of 2019

fromReason: From state bans to corporate censorship, free speech is in trouble.

VIDEO: Police State America - The Persecution of Michael Flynn II

fromReason: What is happening to Michael Flynn could happen to anyone deemed a political enemy of the establishment.
Police State America        Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

Marijuana legalization means safer borders and less smuggling, study shows

fromForbes: As more states have moved to create a legal supply chain for marijuana, less cannabis is being smuggled over the U.S.'s southern border.

Katie Kieffer: Next Time, Try Rogaine

How to not share the hair.  “Desperate” is not disguising a bald spot with spray paint or treating a thinning scalp with Rogaine; desperate is murdering over a lock of human hair—and unemployed Americans are growing desperate. Despite Michelle Obama’s claim that her hubby unleashed a “huge recovery,” the only visible recovery is on    ... MORE

A Student's Campaign To Dump Michelle O’s Lunch Dictates

by Kyle Olson. Meghan Hellrood is determined to make her point about the new skimpy lunches in her school. The D.C. Everest High School senior is organizing a boycott of the new “healthy” lunches required by federal regulations that were championed by First Lady Michelle Obama. After posters announcing the boycott were taken down, she was      ... MORE

Michelle Obama's Stupid & Tyrannical Snack Rules For Kids

by Victor Skinner.   School nutrition experts in Nebraska are struggling to comply with new federal snack regulations championed by First Lady Michelle Obama. “I think we’ve gone too far, too fast,” Diane Zipay, director of nutritional services for the Westside School District told “And I don’t think it’s a real-world environment.    ... MORE

Windsor Mann: We Should Ignore Michelle Obama

Why listen to an unelected busybody?        Last month, Michelle Obama took an "unusual" step, The Washington Post reported, "by delivering White House remarks taking issue with makers of frozen pizza and french fries." I'll say. One scours in vain the speeches of Martha Washington and Eleanor Roosevelt for proclamations about     ... MORE

John Stossel: Eat Without Fear

Don't be afraid of your food.        It's easy to scare people about what's in their food, but the danger is almost never real. And the fear itself kills. Take the panic over genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Ninety percent of all corn grown in America is genetically modified now. That means it grew from a seed that scientists altered by      ... MORE

FOX: 83% Think Government Spending Is Out Of Control

Seventeen percent are in denial.     More than eight in ten American voters (83 percent) think government spending is out of control, according to a Fox News poll released Friday.  That’s up from 78 percent who said so in 2010 and 62 percent in 2009.  Some 11 percent think spending is being managed carefully. The poll also finds almost all voters rate     ... MORE

Jeff Stier: Obesity Police Launch A Needless War

The relentless effort of regulators to reduce options. If there’s agreement about anything in our hotly-politicized environment today it is that while we work to find sensible and principled solutions to real-world problems, we also need to do a better job coming to consensuses. But when it comes to addressing obesity, the most prominent public   ... MORE

Obamas Cost America Far More Than Royals Cost Britain

Is it hate or envy toward the rich?   US taxpayers spent a staggering $1.4 Billion (yes, with a B) on the Obamas according to author Robert Keith Gray in his new book Presidential Perks Gone Royal! Compare that to only $57.8 million the Brits shelled out for their royals and you have to ask what is going on with President Obama. Now word comes that he and  ... MORE

GALLUP: Michelle No More Successful Than Barack

Obesity is up in nearly all age groups since 2008.   Americans in nearly every age group today are more likely to be obese than those same age groups were four years ago. Obesity is up the most among older adults. For example, 14.4% of 84- to 87-year-olds are obese today, up from 12.2% in 2008. Obesity remains most prevalent in middle age.    ... MORE

Rich Lowry: The Party Of Government

Democrats have one true allegiance.     At the Democratic National Convention, the Charlotte host committee knew its audience. “Government,” the narrator says in a video produced by the committee for the opening of the convention, “is the only thing we all belong to.” The Obama campaign quickly disavowed the video. But it captured all  ... MORE

Greg Beato: Michelle Obama Shrinks Your Snickers

King-sized no more. In 1998 a Colorado handyman got swept up in an avalanche that buried his snowmobile and left him stranded in a blizzard. For five days and four nights, rescue teams struggled to locate him. Luckily, the Snickers bar he had in his pocket was a king-sized version. Every one of its 510 calories helped him survive his ordeal.   ... MORE