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Rituparna Basu: It's Time To Unplug Medicare's Third Rail

Time for a financial reckoning.      This election Paul Ryan and other Republicans dared approach the third rail that is Medicare, and Democrats upped the voltage, branding Republicans every chance they got as wanting to “end Medicare as we know it.” But whatever you thought of Ryan’s particular proposals for Medicare, and whoever you voted for, there’s one    ... MORE

Voters Kick The Fiscal Can Down The Road

by David Davenport.     After all the money (a campaign spending record exceeding $2 billion), hard work, negative campaigning and wall-to-wall advertising, Americans have voted to kick the can down the road.  They don’t want to take their medicine yet.  They want to continue to live in a suspended reality where government can keep growing and spending ... MORE

Onkar Ghate: A Liberal Ayn Rand?

Maybe liberals should think a little more long term. It's no secret that the right is awash in Ayn Rand. Tea Partiers carry signs like "Who is John Galt?" and, astonishing for a novel published 55 years ago, sales of Atlas Shrugged topped 445,000 last year. All of this has prompted researchers like Yale historian Beverly Gage to wonder, "Why is there no liberal    ... MORE

Paul Ryan: U.S. Shouldn't Interfere With Medical Pot Laws

by Kristen Wyatt and Nicholas Riccardi.      Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told a Colorado television station that he thinks the federal government shouldn't interfere with states that have legalized medical marijuana. Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman, told KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs that he personally doesn't approve of medical    ... MORE

Barry Farber: The 'Polls' That Tell The Real Story

Why Obama loses handily.    A few weeks ago, I predicted an Obama defeat by a wide margin. Many of you responded with typical scorn and rage. Not all of you. Some of you reacted with pity – and one or two of you, devoid of political passion, even offered to give me the medication such a dire condition obviously required. Now that my out-on-a-limb lunge ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Entitlement Reform

The young, not the elderly, should be alarmed.  For those of us who like to believe that human beings are rational, trying to explain what happens in politics can be a real challenge. For example, that segment of the population that has the least to fear from a reform of Medicare or Social Security is the most fearful — namely, those already receiving    ... MORE

Omar Ghate: Ayn Rand's Appeal

The real question is why her appeal isn't greater.   Paul Ryan is Romney’s pick for Vice President and now Ayn Rand’s name is on everyone’s lips. Many on the left are pillorying Ryan as an unrealistic “ideologue” because of his Rand connection. Many on the right accede, quickly trying to set aside Ryan’s admiration for "Atlas Shrugged" as youthful     ... MORE