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May 19, 2016

Rhode Island governor signs executive order to seize guns

fromConservativeDailyPost: Gina Raimondo’s overreaching order allows law enforcement officers to take guns away from those in “red flag” cases.
2nd Amendment Assaults

Socialist Seattle deploys another tax against employment

fromConservativeDailyPost: Seattle's idiotic tax on workers put the tyranny of local government on full display.
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market

House passes another violation of the Tenth Amendment to federalize criminal law

fromConservativeDailyPost: This time they deploy a hate crime bill to codify cops as above the average citizen.
The Government is Not Us     Police State America

The Protect and Serve Act could make the fight against police brutality more difficult

fromPaste: Pimped by police unions, that was the whole idea.
Police State America

California cities are free to regulate gun stores out of existence

fromConservativeDailyPost: A "sanctuary" from the 2nd Amendment liberty? More setbacks in the Golden State as the Supreme Court declines to take a case about city zoning.
2nd Amendment Assaults

Why regulations are another elite war against common folk

fromTheFederalist: Regulation creates unforeseen issues, which are papered over by more regulations. Eventually what we’re left with is a 20,000-page bill destined to fail.
Regulation Nation

Walter E Williams: Historical Ignorance

Principals have always held the right to fire agents.      The victors of war write its history in order to cast themselves in the most favorable light. That explains the considerable historical ignorance about our war of 1861 and panic over the Confederate flag. To create better understanding, we have to start a bit before the 1787        ... MORE

Online Gambling Ban Intrudes On State Sovereignty

by Katie McAuliffe.   Restore our 10th Amendment. Federalism was not the Tenth Amendment to the constitution for an arbitrary reason. Maintaining checks and balances on power, including the relationship between states and the federal government, is fundamental to American governance. Further, the closer a government is to its voters the ...  MORE

Oklahoma And Nebraska Turn On The Tenth Amendment

by Jacob Sullum.    Politicians and their fear of liberty. At the end of last month, seven Republican members of Oklahoma's legislature, including five of the most conservative, publicly criticized that state's Republican attorney general, Scott Pruitt, for trying to reverse marijuana legalization in Colorado. "Oklahoma has been a pioneer and a   ... MORE

Nullification: A Powerful Weapon In The Fight For Liberty

by Patrick Taylor.   We are faced with increasing federal tyranny these days. Most Americans seem unaware or ambivalent about the federal reach into their lives. Most do not know just how invasive it has become. Sitting at my desk, I can see printers, pens, lamps, diplomas, books, a clock, my laptop, and little knick-knacks. All of these items are   ... MORE

Ann Marie Banfield: Federalism & Common Core Standards

Will children save the Tenth Amendment?     Will federalism get its due in the next generation? Given what's been happening in New Hampshire, one might think so. The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution expresses the principle of federalism: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor      ... MORE

Nullification of Oppressive Federal Laws Is Catching On

by John F. McManus.     Earlier in 2014, the Kansas state legislature enacted a law stating that some federal gun control regulations would not be obeyed in Kansas. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder immediately notified Governor Sam Brownback that this new state law was unconstitutional. He cited Article VI of the U.S. Constitution,     ... MORE

Supreme Court Hides From Montana Gun Rights Issue

by Bob Unruh.        The High Court just says no to Tenth Amendment. Contending it is “fruitless” to expect that the federal government would rein in its own “lust” for tyranny, the instigator of a years-long conflict with Washington over the Interstate Commerce Clause says the battle is over. At least for now. Gary Marbut, president of the Montana     ... MORE

Rob Natelson: Struggling With Nullification?

Jefferson and Madison understood the rightful remedy. Does a state have the right to nullify federal statutes the state considers unconstitutional? This depends largely on how you define “nullification.” It also depends on what you mean by “right” and what kind of document you understand the Constitution to be. In other words, it      ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: A New Year And Old Problems

Caring is not a matter of words.        Whenever we stand on the threshold of a new year, we are tempted to forget the hazards of prophecy, and try to see what may lie on the other side of this arbitrary division of time. Sometimes we are content to try to change ourselves with New Year's resolutions to do better in some respect.         ... MORE

VIDEO: Mike Maharrey - Nullify The NSA

A brilliant strategy to deal with the unconstitutional tactics of the NSA.